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- Domination

- Mouth Play





“Wait… So you’re telling me that you nabbed a woman, that fits in the palm of your hand, from the airport!? And she is at your fucking house, right now!?”

Devin smiled with satisfaction as she kicked her feet up onto her coffee table, resting into her soft couch cushions and she held her cell phone up to her ear. “Yup! If you don’t believe me, you should come over and check her out. She’s a cutie, that’s for sure!”

“I don’t know, Devin…” The woman said over the phone with concern, “this seems… This seems a little messed up, if you’re telling the truth.”

“Sofia, get over yourself,” Devin scoffed as she rolled her eyes, “the little thing even told me herself, there isn’t anyone that even wants her! I basically did her a favor by taking her with me! Someone else would have eventually, might as well be me!”

“Where is she right now?” Sofia asked curiously.

“I ordered a sub and some cookies, she’s chilling on my bed right now. The adorable little thing is all tuckered out,” Devin giggled heartily, “now are you going to come over, or not? Just make sure you give me some time to have my fun with her first, I want to break her in before I introduce you two.”

“Break… Break her in? What is that supposed to mean!?” Sofia asked.

“I’ve been grooming her,” Devin revealed, “at the airport I was pretty harsh. I made her think I was going to torture her the entire flight!” Devin laughed as if she thought this were funny. “Instead I let her sleep in my purse the whole flight, and when we arrived home I played some good cop, bad cop yuh know? I just need to get her to be obedient, then she’ll do whatever I say. Forever!”

Sofia was silent for a moment, almost as if she had to process what she was hearing. “Devin… That is extremely cruel. I mean… She’s still a human being, isn’t she? I don’t know, this seems wrong…”

“Tell you what, you come down in an hour and you can see her for yourself,” Devin suggested, “that gives me time to see what she’s worth, and then you can determine if you still think an insect like her is human or not. Deal?”

“Alright… Alright! I’ll come down in two hours, I have some errands to run first,” Sofia agreed hesitantly, “I know you’re having fun with this, Devin, but for the love of God… Don’t make her miserable, can you promise me that?”

Devin rolled her eyes again, “yeah, yeah. She’ll be fine, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Devin hung up the phone, tossing it aside as she let out a short sigh of frustration. She looked at her feet, wiggling her unpainted toes as she pondered what to do with her new, little toy. She smiled, biting her lip as all of the devious ideas coursed through her mind.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you… You cute, little thing!” Devin promptly planted her feet back onto the ground, standing up and heading towards her bedroom where she had left me after our meal.

I had been alone on her bed for over ten minutes, hearing the distant chatter beyond the closed bedroom door. I suppose I should have attempted to escape, or maybe explore my options, but instead I found myself laying on the comforter in despair.

What if I tried? Would it matter? I didn’t even know where I was, and how would I even get out of the state? When Devin brought me home with her, it sealed my fate. My freedom had ended the moment she had snatched me from the airport floor. I knew this, I couldn’t deny it. My face was red, eyes sore from the sobbing. As I heard the door to the bedroom open however, I did everything in my power to hold the tears out of fear of angering this woman.

Devin had a smile spread across her lips as she strode over to her bedside, her eyes penetrating me seductively from above. I slowly sat up, and looked up at her with uncertainty. She had fed me, and allowed me to drink from a plastic bottle cap. Once she had calmed down, she had actually been quite gentle with me. Was it a ploy? Was she just trying to get me to comply? I was mixed with so many feelings, my joke of a life had seemingly turned into a nightmare instead.

“Is it comfortable?” Devin asked abruptly, leaning forward as she hovered over me.

“Wh… What?” I wasn’t sure exactly what she was talking about.

“My bed,” Devin giggled harmoniously, “is it comfortable?”

“Oh,” I shied away from her constant gaze, “I… I suppose…”

“So, so timid,” Devin giggled again, “you are utterly adorable. Are you always going to be this sad? I was hoping you’d start to lighten up by now.”

“I… I’m sorry…” I apologized, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I wasn’t sure of anything, actually. I was afraid to say anything that might upset this woman. I had already been tortured by her during the airport fiasco, and she had nearly lost her temper when I broke down only an hour or so ago. Now she was acting kind, and gentle. I was completely, emotionally confused and distraught.

Devin rolled her eyes, but with a teasing, satisfactory smile pursed on her lips. She slowly turned her hips and sat down on the bed beside me, and I had to back up anxiously as the sheets caved beneath the weight of her ass. I stared up at her nervously, her smile growing even wider than before as she shook her head at me gently.

“I know we got off on the wrong foot…” Devin cooed, “and you might think you don’t have the freedom to express yourself anymore. Let me assure you, that is not the case.”

Devin took her left hand and placed it on the comforter with her palm facing up. I was confused for a moment, but as I looked up at her with hesitance she motioned towards the palm of her hand with a never ending smile.

“Go on. Get on my hand,” Devin instructed, “I want to show you what I see when I look at you.”

 I slowly walked up to her awaiting palm, cautiously stepping onto it as I used my leg to push myself up. I nearly tripped, but managed to catch my balance as I found myself in the center of the palm of her hand. Immediately I felt my world move and I had to wobble to keep my balance as Devin brought me up to her face carefully, but gently.

She brought me up to her eyes, those piercing, blue eyes. I grew still, my heart beginning to race. I could hear the air exhaling from her nose, the groans behind her lips. Her grin grew even wider, her perfect, white teeth reflecting a shimmering light back towards me. What was this feeling? What was she doing?

“You do realize, you are absolutely adorable?” Devin spoke softly, almost a whisper. Her breath wafted over me like a gentle breeze, the sweet aroma of cherries filling my nostrils. When had she eaten cherries? Did she have a mint? We had a sub and cookie to eat only an hour ago, yet her breath was intoxicating.

“I… I, uh…” I was choking on my words, mesmerized by this woman’s alluring nature. Had she put me under a spell? Suddenly I didn’t feel so afraid anymore, no, I was feeling something else entirely.

“I want you, Allison.” Devin’s soft words penetrated my ears as soft as the wind blew. My eyes grew wide, my body growing still as a rock in the flowing river.

Devin slowly brought me forward, her red, plush lips enveloping my entire body as a soft kiss was planted upon me. My face was buried softly, though I did not resist her embrace. Suddenly her lips parted, her cherry sweet breath washing over me as her tongue slithered out slowly to greet me. In an instant it barely touched the bottom of my chin, a small strand of saliva hanging from my chin down to the tip of her tongue.

“Wh… W-what are you…” I could barely speak, or move for that matter. She had entranced me, how I was unsure. All I knew was I felt at ease, and somehow aroused.

Her tongue then came forward, its tip slowly tasting my face as I became drenched in her spit. It then came down across my chest, and began to prod me in the stomach before I finally lost my balance and had to take a step back to catch myself from tumbling onto my ass.

“Hey! What… What are you doing!?” I was frightened now, as some sense started to come back to me.

“You taste so… Sweet,” Devin licked her lips, savoring the taste of her delectable little cutie.

“Please…” I was growing concerned again, fear starting to take control as I pondered what went through her head, “you… You aren’t going to eat me are you…?”

Devin laughed as if I had told a joke, “eat you!? Maybe you’re a bit more twisted than I’d have thought!” Devin laughed a bit more as she shook her head with amusement, “have you never been with a woman before? It’s called foreplay.”

“F-foreplay…?” I couldn’t believe what I had heard, was she hitting on me? Did she find me attractive?

“Yes,” Devin giggled, “now if you don’t mind, I’m going to rip those clothes off of you and lick that little pussy of yours! I want to know what it tastes like…”

“Woah, woah…” I shook my head frantically, “wait a minute… I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that…”

“Oh please,” Devin retorted, “you’re just as attracted to me as I am to you! Don’t try to play games with me, you know you want it.”

Devin used her free hand and plucked the back of my shirt, ripping my shirt off entirely and tossing the torn remnants aside. She then grabbed my pants, and ripped them off too. I struggled to fight her, but it was in vain. Before I could do a damn thing, she tore my bra and panties off and left me naked in the palm of her hand. I looked up at her with fright, but at the same time a strange sense of adrenaline began to pump through my veins.

“Lay down, it’ll make this easier on both of us,” Devin ordered, biting her lip as she looked upon me like a piece of candy that had been unwrapped.

“I… Please…” I was incredibly nervous, terrified of the very emotions that went through my body. What had originally been an outright invasion of my personal body, was now some sort of twisted seduction. She claimed I wanted this, but was it true? I couldn’t understand my own feelings anymore, all I could feel was utter uncertainty as I stumbled onto my naked ass and looked up at this woman’s lustful gaze.

Devin didn’t waste any more time, using her free hand to do what I would not. She used her index and middle fingers to force my knees apart, exposing my little, pink pussy before her very eyes. The enormous woman practically drooled at the sight of it, my clean, shaven pussy. Her palm brought me forth once more, as her pink tongue slipped out from her lips and towards myself.

“Ah!?” I nearly jolted as I felt the tip of Devin’s tongue strike like a serpent, the strangely fuzzy tip lapping the surface of my pink folds. A strange sensation flowed up through my back, my neck pulling backwards like a nerve had been tugged as my mouth shot open. “Hnng…”

Devin gave a slight, subtle smile as she began to sensually rub my pussy with the tip of her tongue. Her saliva acted as a lubricant while the rough, yet strangely soft taste buds massaged my clit unlike anything I could have ever fathomed. My eyelids began to flicker with excitement, all of the uncertainty now flowed away as immeasurable pleasure overloaded my senses.

Next her tongue began to cave inward. It began to envelop my entire body as Devin began to slide the surface of her taste buds across my stomach, breasts and all of my tiny, little form. I could feel the rough, wet buds massaging my nipples which only caused my body to further react in all sorts of unusual maneuvers as I tried to maintain control of the absolute intensity of my captors arousing stimulation.

“Mmmmm…” Devin moaned deeply as she savored every inch of my body. The taste of my tiny, plump tits. The taste of my snatch, my skin. Every part of me tasted splendid, and she also loved the way she made me recoil with pleasure at the touch of her dripping wet tongue.

Finally my face had been engulfed, my form so small that her tongue alone could completely wrap itself around me. I was drenched in her spit, yet it felt incredible as the texture of her tongue massaged every part of my body. A tingling sensation had begun deep inside of me, and now I felt myself reaching a breaking point as I realized I was experiencing what was likely the first orgasm I had ever experienced.

“Oh… Gah… Oh my…” I clenched my teeth, my eyes snapping shut as I let out a gasp, “Ohhhhhh…” I had reached a climax, juices flowing out of my pussy and soaking the part of Devin’s tongue that was pressed against it. I bucked my hips multiple times, allowing the sensation to reverberate throughout my entire nervous system before I had finally fallen flat in her palm. I had to take in a series of relaxed breaths, as the woman’s giant tongue finally slipped away.

Devin made sure to lick up all of my juices as she slipped her tongue back into her mouth, before swishing the collected substance in her mouth as she moaned with pleasure. I slowly looked up towards her, and watched as she swallowed my fluids before licking her lips with satisfaction. I’ll admit, it was the hottest moment I had ever experienced.

“You taste… Delicious,” Devin cooed. “I’m glad you enjoyed our little session, you cute, tiny thing!”

“I…” I swallowed anxiously, “I did…”

“See? I’m not so bad, am I?” Devin slowly lowered her hand back onto the bed sheets, and gestured with her eyes for me to get off of her palm. I slowly got onto my knees, before crawling off of her palm and onto the sheets where I looked up at her as I waited to see what would happen next. Surely she wasn’t done, surely that wasn’t all she had intended to do with me.

“Now that you’ve had your orgasm, will you help me have mine?” Devin smirked down at me.

“Wh…” I shouldn’t have been surprised, of course she’d want me to reciprocate. I hadn’t wanted any of this to begin with, but I couldn’t deny the undeniable pleasure that she had given me. I loved it, every second of it. I still wished I could be free from all of this, but somehow she made me feel as if I was obliged to return the favor. I couldn’t shake this feeling, this feeling of obligation.

“You aren’t just going to leave me hanging dry, are you?” Devin gave me a sarcastic pouting expression, “after all of the effort I went into pleasuring that little pussy of yours? And you’re just going to fuck me over?”

“I… What do you want to…” I was struggling, I was still afraid of her. “What do you want?”

Devin held a finger up to her chin in sarcastic thought. “Hmm… I do love having my butt touched. It gets me going!”

“I… Aren’t I a bit small for that?” I wasn’t sure what exactly she was insinuating.

“Aren’t you too small for everything?” Devin laughed to herself, as she shook her head with amusement. “I don’t even need you to do anything, I just need you to be along for the ride, baby.”

Devin slowly stood up from the bed, and I watched as she began to remove her clothes. I grew increasingly more nervous now, not entirely able to decipher what she meant by her sinister words. I was so confused, unable to understand any of her motivations. So far, she just seemed to be sexually attracted to me, and at my size she could do whatever she wanted with me.

Devin stripped herself completely naked, with the exception of her bra which held her absolutely massive boobs. She turned her ass towards me, her pussy lips slightly visible between the two massive, mountainous cheeks that loomed menacingly above. They were perfectly round, and without flaw. Every part of this woman was extraordinary.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” Devin giggled harmoniously. “Now be a good little toy, and let your master have some fun.”

Before much else could be spoken between the two of us, her ass began to fall upon me like the moon hurtling towards earth. My eyes grew wide as the shadow of this colossus darkened the world around me. My heart began to race, my forehead starting to sweat. She was going to crush me with her colossal ass, and God only knew what would come after that.


I had quickly understood that I was a part of a chain now. Like any chain, there are those who are at the top, and those who are at the bottom. As I watched the moon hurtle towards me at an unprecedented speed, I quickly understood that I was about to be under the bottom… 




Chapter End Notes:


The second part, per my patreon poll, will host Butt & Anal insertion. This chapter ended up being longer than I planned and I didn't want to go beyond 3k words, so instead of lacking in detail I've decided to extend the chapter into TWO PARTS. 

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