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- Brief sock scene (used sock, no odor, no feet)

- Gentle scene(s) yes I know shocker for this story





The knocking at the front door alerted Devin promptly, who was in the kitchen making a sandwich since she found herself still hungry after her previous, sexual escapades. She quickly applied the mayonnaise before quickly tightening the lid and placing her top slice of bread into place before making haste towards the door.

“Coming!” She announced, approaching the front door promptly with nothing more than her laced panties and a long, white t-shirt covering her body.

Upon opening the door Devin met eyes with her friend Sofia. Her friend was about the same age as herself, and was of mixed asian descent. Sofia had chocolate brown hair that extended just past her shoulders. She had hazel eyes, and plush lips. Unlike Devin, she was pretty full figured, but not overweight. She wore slim black flats, tight black leggings and a white crop top that exposed her belly in full. Quite the eye catcher to say the least.

“You’re late!” Devin teased, “I’ve been so excited to show her to you!”

“Right…” Sofia was quite hesitant to see the tiny, blonde woman that Devin had snatched from the airport. She found the overall idea rather crude and inhumane, but she was willing to hold her judgement for the time being.

“I had so much fun with her earlier,” Devin said as she walked towards the kitchen while Sofia closed the door behind her and followed hesitantly with open ears.

“Yeah? Why is that?” Sofia asked, walking over to the living space and sitting down on the couch as Devin walked over to her with the sandwich on a plate. Devin set the plate down on the coffee table and sat near Sofia on the couch.

“Well first I got her off with my tongue, holy fuck it was hot!” Devin bit her lip as she recalled the act, “but then it was my turn to get off, I slipped her into my asshole! Feeling her squirm inside of me was the hottest experience, ever! Best orgasm I’ve had in years!”

Sofia’s eyes grew wide in shock, “you… You put her up your asshole!? Like what? A butt plug?”

“I guess so, except she was all the way inside of me,” Devin cooed, “I swear Sof’, you got to try it!”

“I… That sounds a bit cruel, doesn’t it?” Sofia asked with concern.

“Oh she is fine,” Devin assured, “she only cried for like ten minutes when I let her out, she’s currently sleeping in one of my used socks in the hamper. I wasn’t really sure where else to put her, and my purse seemed harsh after all the pleasure she gave me.”

“So, is she human? Like… You just took her off the airport floor?” Sofia was struggling to come to grips with her friend's behavior. She had always known Devin to be rather prude and sexually driven, but she never imagined her friend would go to such great lengths for her own personal pleasure. Especially at the expense of a poor, tiny woman who had no say in the matter.

“I mean she looks human, except she’s fucking tiny!” Devin responded, “she can’t be more than four… Maybe five inches? I haven’t taken a measuring tape to her so I’m not sure to be honest.”

“Interesting…” Sofia thought about everything that Devin had told her, “can I… See her?”

Devin gave her friend a devious smile, “I thought you’d never ask!”

While the two had sat on the couch and talked about the tiny, blonde woman in Devin’s used sock in the dirty hamper, that is precisely where I had been for a prolonged period of time much to my own dismay. Devin seemed to think my sobbing had only lasted for ten minutes, but that was because she had tossed me in her sock and into the hamper to ‘punish’ me for being a ‘cry baby’. A detail she decided to withhold from Sofia.

The sock was comfortable, I’d have to admit. The smell wasn’t that bad either, so I couldn’t really complain. It actually smelled like vanilla, probably a lotion that Devin applied to her feet that soaked into her socks. I did manage to get a little bit of rest, but after the horrendous nightmare I had endured inside of Devin’s anal cavity, I had been quite scarred emotionally and mentally.

Every time Devin began to grow soft, she would remind me abruptly that she was in charge. She would remind me that I was nothing more than her toy, her slave. It was cruel, and I cried endlessly over it. My mind was fractured, blame going in multiple directions. I blamed my parents, and then I blamed myself. I even blamed that uber driver, Rachel, for not escorting me inside the airport upon request.

No matter who I tried to blame, I would only end up blaming nobody at all. How could I possibly blame anybody for the despicable acts of a random stranger? It wasn’t like anybody could have seen it coming, I certainly hadn’t. Nonetheless, I laid on the fuzzy surface of the inside of Devin’s used sock and sulked myself into oblivion. I was thinking of trying to plead again, when Devin returned, but I feared that I might upset her.

Suddenly I heard the loud voices of Devin and another entering the room, as I sat up only to feel my sleeping abode abruptly shrinking as Devin grabbed the sock and lifted it up along with me in it. I could barely react before I felt myself tumbling sideways, light washing over me before I landed on the blondes fleshy palm. She abruptly enclosed me in her fist, as I felt myself being carried back to the living room.

My heart began to race, her friend had come over. Was she as evil as Devin? Were they going to tag team me in cruel and unnatural ways? The thoughts coursing through my mind plagued me to no end, and I already felt tears welling up in my eyes even though I thought they’d long dried up. Before long I was dumped unceremoniously onto the hard surface of the coffee table.

“Well, there she is!” Devin stood tall as she peered down at me, Sofia at her side with wide eyes.

“Wow… She is small,” Sofia held a finger up to her chin in thought, looking down at me curiously, “you didn’t tell me she was blonde.”

“What does that matter?” Devin asked.

“She kinda looks like a mini you,” Sofia answered.

“Really? I don’t see it,” Devin looked at me closely, but shook her head in denial.

“She’s pretty adorable, I’ll give you that,” Sofia sat down on the couch, leaning forward to get a better look at me. It was then that she saw my eyes, swollen red and filled with tears. Immediately she knew that I was in distress, and it didn’t sit well with her one bit. Devin then sat down beside Sofia as well.

“What’s your name, little one?” Sofia asked me warmly, as I looked up at her with terror in my eyes.

“A… A-Allison…” I answered somberly.

“Cute name,” Sofia smiled at me, “why are you crying, Allison?”

I did not answer her, I only looked towards Devin fearfully. I could see the woman give a frown, as she looked down at me with a stern gaze. I swallowed any words I might have, and looked down at the table's surface as I ignored Sofia entirely.

“That’s what I thought,” Sofia grew angry, looking over at Devin with a scowl, “this poor little girl is terrified, Devin.”

Devin rolled her eyes, “she’s a woman, and she’ll be fine. She just needs to get used to her new life, that’s all…”

“She looks barely eighteen years old,” Sofia retorted, “why are you being so callous? Are you really that cruel?”

“She’s mine Sofia,” Devin stated heartlessly, “can’t you just fucking enjoy this with me?”

“Devin,” Sofia sighed as she rubbed her head in frustration, “you’ve been a great friend for a long time. I know everything about you, or did you forget? Does this entire situation not remind you of anything? Anything at all?”

“Don’t do this to me Sof’...” Devin hissed, crossing her arms like that of a child throwing a tantrum.

“Look, you already kidnapped her,” Sofia retorted, “all I’m saying is that maybe for once you could actually be a good person, instead of making a helpless individual feel the terror of God because you have daddy issues to work out.”

“Leave…” Devin stood to her feet and pointed to the front door, “get out. Now.”

“Whatever, I didn’t want to be a part of this anyways!” Sofia promptly stood to her feet, but looked down at me one last time as I looked up to meet her gaze. I could see that she felt sorry for me, but I also had a feeling that she wasn’t going to help me either.

“I’m sorry Allison,” Sofia apologized, “Devin might come off a bit harsh, but I assure you that she’ll take good care of you. Just give it some time, maybe we’ll see each other again in the not too distant future.”

Sofia turned and headed towards the front door, promptly making her exit while closing the door behind her. Devin fumed for a moment, as I looked up at her with fear in my eyes. She was upset, really upset. I was praying and hoping that she wouldn’t take it out on me, and once again I felt tears welling up in my eyes at the thought of what might happen next.

Devin sat down on the couch, leaning forward as she rested her elbows on her knees. She sighed heavily, before looking up at me with a blank expression. After a brief moment of tense silence, she finally spoke up.

“You’re crying again,” Devin sneered, “what are you upset about now? Afraid I’m going to lash out at you because my friend pissed me off?”

I shook my head to answer her, too afraid to speak up.

“I should have just left you at the airport,” Devin buried her face in her palms, “Sofia is right. I’m fucked, I can’t help it. But it is too late now, no way am I letting you go. You probably have rights and shit, hell, you’d probably get me sent to prison.”

“I… I wouldn’t!” I finally spoke up, wondering if this might be my only chance to speak reason with this woman.

Devin looked up at me, rolling her eyes. “Don’t even try. Just fucking accept it already. You’re mine now. I’ll admit, perhaps I’ve been a bitch… If you accept your new life and do what I say, I promise I’ll be easier on you, alright?”

The words weighed heavily upon me, but deep down I knew it was the answer I would get. She was never going to let me go, I knew this now. Besides, what kind of life awaited me in Washington state anyways? Maybe if Devin would treat me a bit better, then perhaps I could learn to enjoy this new life in due time.

And as invasive as it was at the time, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed Devin’s tongue play initially before she tortured me with her ass. As horrific of an experience as it was, I still felt torn emotionally. Was this her doing? Was she still manipulating me? I didn’t know, but I suppose it might not take too long to find out.

“The mood in here sucks ass,” Devin huffed, picking up the remote for her television, “how about we rent a movie and watch it together? I’ll make us some popcorn. Do you like popcorn?”

I nodded solemnly, “I do…”

“Great, do you like romance movies?” Devin asked as she stood up and headed towards the kitchen, taking the plate with the untouched sandwich still on it.

“Sure…” I answered quietly, wiping my dried tears away as I began to calm down now that I realized she wasn’t going to become upset with me.

“Great, I have a movie you might like,” Devin grabbed a bag of popcorn from her cupboard and began to open the plastic seal, “would you prefer to stay on the table? Or you can sit on the couch, or my lap… Up to you.”

“Can I sit on your lap…?” I asked nervously, preferring to be somewhere soft, but also somewhere where I wouldn’t have to fear being sat on by mistake.


Devin placed the popcorn bag into the microwave and hit the sensor button, turning to face me with a hesitant smile, “sure… Lap it is.”




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