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I really enjoyed this chapter, something about writing horny evil psychotic woman just makes me happy, especially when it involves tiny helpless woman. Am I a psycopath? Maybe.





My life was quickly turning into some kind of perverted comedy, as if my entire life was becoming one fat fucking joke. Kidnapped by some psychotic woman named Devin, trapped in her panties like some sort of sex toy as I was firmly pressed into the warm embrace of her moist lips.

I’ll admit I had become completely terrified, the thought of being picked up like nothing more than an object and forcefully taken away by some apparent sexual deviant to God knows where was absolutely frightening. What was worse, is that I did know where I was going… Though I had been screaming muffled cries against the folds of Devin’s pussy, I was still very clearly able to hear the airport clerk say the words ‘Miami’... As in Miami, Florida!

“Oh fuck… Feeling you squirm down there is getting me bothered…” Devin moaned to herself, not necessarily meaning to speak loud enough for me to hear. After dropping off her checked bag, she was heading towards the TSA checkpoint for her screening. She quickly got in line, which was a bit long but appeared to be moving rather swiftly.

Devin continued to browse her instagram, biting her lip as she tried to avoid the naughty thoughts that came with having a tiny little woman stuck in the folds of one's vagina. Her juices were collecting at a steady pace, as she became wetter and wetter whilst I struggled in the depths of her lingerie.

It was quickly becoming a sauna in there, as I felt the soft flesh of her lips growing hotter and hotter, as I was becoming soaked in her juices as I slipped about in my attempts to grab onto any damn thing that could help me regain my control. I’ll admit I might have even been crying, but could you blame me? Feeling helpless was terrible enough, having that be the result of something akin to this… That’s a nightmare.

“Let me out of here!” I shouted, though screaming only allowed for her succulent juices to slip into my mouth. I coughed and sputtered at the taste of her fluids, though admittedly they tasted oddly satisfying. By all means she smelt incredible, her scent was utterly intoxicating in and of itself, but that wasn’t going to give her a pass for being one evil daughter of a bitch. I just wanted to be free of this woman, but oh boy was I completely unaware of the adventure she was about to take me on.

“Place all physical belongings in a tote, and separate all electronic devices!” Shouted a TSA agent as she motioned and navigated all of the travelers, including Devin who was next in line alongside another man.

“Does my watch count as an electronic device?” The man asked the TSA agent.

“No it does not,” the agent responded.

“What about my nose trimmer inside my backpack?” The man asked.

“No… Only laptops, tablets, phones…” The agent responded.

“What about a toy phone?” The man asked curiously.

“What?” The agent was confused.

“A toy. Toy phone? Would that be an electronic device? It makes noises and stuff when you dial the numbers,” the man explained, “also I have a debit card with a chip on it, is that electronic?”

“Sir, for the love of all that is sane, are you retarded?” The agent asked, fed up with the man's nonsense.

“Yes, I was diagnosed by my pediatrician,” the man answered, “how did you know?”

The agent facepalmed, “sir… Just put your items in a tote and we’ll figure out the rest, got it?”

“Does the scanner thing emit radiation? I am very sensitive to radiation and other electronic signals,” the man expressed concernedly.

“No, it is completely organic,” the agent lied, “no signals, radiation or anything. Now will you please proceed?”

The man smiled and nodded, heading quickly towards the scanner as Devin rolled her eyes and began to place her belongings in the designated totes. She separated her electronics and her belongings, before turning to the agent with a question.

“My sandals are difficult to remove, may I?” Devin asked the TSA agent with a seductive look.

The agent rolled his eyes, “they’re open toed, proceed.”

Devin giggled with approval as she sent her totes down the line and proceeded towards the body scanner. As she strode over to the scanner and the awaiting agents flagging her over, she made a purposeful effort to grind her thighs together in an obvious effort to torment me.

Her massive thighs grinding together only made my abode a living hell. All of the sticky fluids that had secreted out of her pussy were now being rubbed all together in flesh and myself combined. My ears, nose, mouth and other nooks and crannies were completely coated in her orgasmic fluids, and I knew for a fact this bitch hadn’t even reached an orgasm yet! How could one woman get THIS turned on by someone like me in their panties!?

As Devin continued to rub her thighs together in an attempt to break me, I felt her lips beginning to fold and rub over one another as I began to slip inside partially between the two giant, soft mounds of flesh. I felt as if it was swallowing me up, savoring the taste of my body as I felt my clothes being ripped apart at the force of the woman’s strength and powerful thighs.

“NO! PLEASE! STOP! YOU’RE HURTING ME!” I screamed with all of my vocal strength, but it was all for naught. The loud nature of an airport easily drowned out my pathetic cries for aid, as I felt myself beginning to slip into what felt like horny jail, no meme intended. Before long my body was engulfed entirely, her fluids acting as a slippery lubricant which only made it worse for me as I was devoured by this woman’s vagina.

‘Oh… I felt that!’ Devin thought to herself, clearly able to tell that her snatch had swallowed it’s tiny, delectable little morsel, ‘I cannot wait to board the plane… She and I will have so much fun!”

Devin entered the body scanner, spreading her legs apart and lifting her arms over her head with her elbows bent as the scanner spun and did its thing. Of course nothing alerted the machine, and it cleared Devin to proceed. Devin exited the scanner and grabbed her belongings as they came through the x-ray, before winking at the TSA and continuing on towards her gate terminal.

The commotion down her private regions had seemingly died down, but she didn’t think too much about it as she focused on heading towards the airport Starbucks, so she could get her white chocolate mocha with three shots of espresso, a dash of cinnamon, lite whipped cream with two percent milk, hot, a few shavings of almond nuts and a shot of hazel to boost. She was as basic as any white bitch went.

After ordering her abnormally annoying coffee order she began to head to her gate terminal nearby. She sipped her hot beverage with joy, before finding an open seat and sitting down before crossing her right leg over her left as she browsed her phone whilst continuing to enjoy her mocha.

Meanwhile, poor little me had been getting it pretty rough. Being swallowed alive by a woman’s pussy was pretty exhausting alone. I had basically surrendered to this woman’s body as I felt myself just inside the entrance of her vaginal tract, where the light was void and darkness befell me. The scent of her womanhood was overpowering, and I simply rested awkwardly inside the tight confines of this space as I sobbed quietly out of embarrassment, fear and uncertainty.

I couldn’t hear much of the outside world anymore, instead I was hearing the strange and diabolical sounds of Devin’s organs and digestive system as they operated at full capacity. I’d never heard so much of a person's body before in my life, and this was absolutely revolting to say the least. It was about to get worse however, as the tight confines began to restrict me unannounced.

As Devin had crossed her right leg over her left, she unknowingly constricted my already limited confines. I felt the flesh all around me begin to squeeze my tiny figure, taking the little oxygen I had left and causing me to gasp and struggle for air.

Devin’s eyes lit up, a gleam in her eye as she felt the sudden commotion down below. My struggles had sent a series of shutters up her spine, as I began to mistakenly pleasure her from the inside of her own cunt.

‘What the fuck is she doing down there!?’ Devin thought in a panic, not wanting to cause a scene as she became immensely horny and bothered, her forehead starting to sweat a bit as she tightened her grip on her coffee cup.

I was suffering heavily. Her fluids were starting to build up again, seeping out of her like jet fuel out of an airplane. I wanted to die, not really but you get the point. I started pushing outwards with my hands, kicking with my legs, doing anything I could to create space that was squeezing me like a plush doll. The more I struggled however the more she seemed to squeeze her thighs together, I suddenly realized she was getting turned on. It seemed I was making the matter worse.

“ALL ABOARD TO MIAMI!” Shouted the airport clerk over the telecom as everyone began to head towards the gate terminal.

‘Damn the timing…’ Devin thought to herself, grabbing her purse and standing up swiftly as she rushed towards the terminal. She was close enough and was able to beat everyone else, nearly slamming her boarding pass into the hands of the clerk in an attempt to speed things along as she felt herself losing control of herself.

I finally felt relief as the pressure eased up, however the fluids weren’t slowing down as Devin had likely reached a point of no return. At this point I started trying to push myself downward to escape her innards, hoping to get back into her panties at the very least where I’d be safer.

Devin felt me trying to slip out of her though, and I supposed she didn’t like that. Devin quickly squeezed her thighs together as the clerk examined her boarding pass, and I felt myself losing oxygen once again.

I tried to scream but her fluids kept pouring into my mouth with every attempt. I was unable to move at all now, as Devin practically suffocated me. Was she trying to kill me!?

“Go on ahead ma’am,” the clerk gave Devin the go ahead.

Devin swiftly went down the terminal and towards the plane entrance. She practically sprinted into the airplane, catching the flight attendant and the captain off guard a little as they gave her odd looks. This was a high class plane, and Devin had ordered the first class seats that had complete privacy screens and curtains, and the best part was the seat could retract backwards into makeshift cots.

Devin slipped inside, tossed her purse to the floor and quickly closed the curtain as she sat down and leaned back. She began to breathe heavily, sweating profusely as she became intensely horny.

Other passengers began to board, passing Devin’s private seat unaware of the horrors that lay beyond. Devin cranked her seat back a bit and spread her legs, biting her lip as she lifted her panties up to get a view inside. At this point enough pressure had eased and I began to feel myself slipping out of her as her fluids lubricated my entire body.

I fell back onto the fabric of her now soaking wet panties, coughing and sputtering as I gasped for fresh air. I lifted my head weakly, seeing the light pouring over me as I saw the evil grin of this psychotic bitch. She had an insatiable expression, almost as if she wasn’t done with me yet.

“Please… Please let me go… I’ll do anything…” I begged, though I’ll admit I wanted to curse her in vain. I knew it would not do me any good however.

“I’m sure you would, darling.” Devin giggled humorously, moaning seductively as she kept her voice down to avoid drawing attention from the cabin as more passengers continued to board the plane.

“I must say… I was half tempted to cram my fingers inside of me and enjoy myself, but I’m not sure how fragile you are quite yet,” Devin admitted, “seems you survived this far though… Perhaps you’ll last long enough to satisfy me.”

Tears began to well up in my eyes at her words, as I finally started to accept the fact that she would never let me go. “Why… Why are you doing this…” I cried, trying not to let my emotions show, but I was failing miserably.

“Because you’re an insect,” Devin said truthfully, “I can literally do anything I want to you, and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop me. It’s empowering, it’s sexy… And frankly you turn me on unlike any of the toys I have back home!”

Devin reached inside of her panties and plucked me out, dangling me in the air in front of her face as I became a bit light headed. This would have been a good chance to scream for help, but I guess I was so defeated I didn’t think anyone would hear me anyways as I looked this woman in the eyes with an expression of complete and utter fear.

“Aren’t you going to cry for help?” Devin smirked wickedly, “or have you finally learnt your place as my little toy? You and I are going to have fun in Miami… Ever been?”

“Please… Don’t hurt me! I don’t want to die!” I was becoming emotional, unsure of what chaotic oddities this woman was into. She had already made it clear that at some point I may return within the confines of where I had just been freed… The thought of returning inside of her snatch was terrifying. I couldn’t begin to imagine what other extremities she might put me through.

“Believe me, I have no intention of killing you,” Devin assured, “however… I’ll need to perform a series of tests to see just how… Durable you are.”

“What… What kind of tests…?” I asked fearfully, my imagination overwhelming me.

“I’m not sure… Yet.” Devin eyed me up and down, as if looking over my body. “You dress like a person, but you’re not a person. You are a toy now, and toys have no need for clothing!”

Devin lifted me up a little, as I began to dangle over her face. My eyes opened in horror as her mouth opened, her lips parting as her tongue slithered out like a serpent. I wanted to scream, but for some reason I couldn’t find the strength to do so.

The woman dipped me into her mouth, her lips snapping shut around my neck as I felt the sucking sensation of her powerful maw as she began to suck on my body. It was the most intense feeling I had ever felt, and admittedly it felt oddly arousing, though I hate admitting it. Like a strong vacuum, I felt my clothes rip off of my body entirely. She used her tongue to support my body so I wasn’t broken to pieces at the powerful suction of her throat as she inhaled deeply. Before long I felt my naked body, exposed inside of her mouth, as her tongue began to taste my flesh.

“Mmmmmm…” Devin moaned, before pulling me out of her mouth as a ‘pop’ sound rang throughout my ears as the pressure inside of her mouth caused by the suction was released at my exit.

My tits hung out now, my private regions completely visible. I blushed with embarrassment and shame, as I tried to cover myself while she held me at my hips. She smiled wide, opening her mouth yet again to reveal my clothing at the back of her tongue, before her throat expanded and a glob of saliva carried the torn clothing down her throat.


“Mmmm…” Devin moaned again, “not quite tasty, but a little erotic I’ll admit.”

I had no words for her. I looked away as I felt utterly humiliated. Devin giggled again, as the sound of passengers died down as the plane began to fill up. It was nearly time to take off.

“Don’t look so upset,” Devin said, “if you want your clothes back… I can always send you down to get them!”

“What!? No! Please!” The thought of being devoured alive was horrifying, I couldn’t even believe she had spoken such vile words.

“Chillax, sheesh… I was just kidding!” Devin rolled her eyes, “although… I suppose if you don’t behave, it’d be a fitting punishment. Imagine that… Your entire life, all for nothing, inside of my belly… To be withered away into nothing more than nutrients for my body…”

I began to shiver, the description all too horrendous to imagine. The thought of being digested like a piece of food was absolutely sickening, I couldn’t even imagine how that would feel. It would have to be one of the most torturous ways to die I could even imagine, and here she was describing it as some kind of sick kink she’d get off to!?

Devin noticed the look in my eyes, and laughed yet again. “My, it is so easy to inflict fear into you… You’ll be easy to break in for sure. I can’t wait to use you to the fullest extent possible…”

The moment was interrupted as the flight attendant began to speak over the intercom, “thank you for boarding with Alaska Airlines! Please look ahead as we go over the safety precautions in the packet in the slot of your seat. Buckle up and we’ll be heading out soon!”

Devin sighed, “I guess it’ll be a bit of a long flight, but I have no intentions of giving you a second of free time to escape… So I’ll need to store you somewhere…”

“Please… Not in your panties again! Please!!!” I cried, the thought of being in there for more than four hours was horrifying on its own.

“I’ll give you a break for the flight,” Devin promised, “besides… Once we get home you’ll be serving me for the rest of your miserable, little existence. So I think a five hour flight inside my enclosed purse is a fair amount of time to ponder what kind of toy you want to be.”

Devin reached for her purse and unzipped it open, spreading it wide open as she dangled me over the opening. “Will you be a toy that obeys her new goddess? Or will you be the toy that gets crushed beneath my heel for disobedience… You take the time to make that decision, meanwhile I get some shuteye.”

At those final, unsettling words, I was dropped inside of her purse. I hit her lipstick with a ‘smack’ before rolling onto a small pack of tissues. The light faded away as she zipped her purse shut, and just like that I was sealed away for the remainder of the flight.

The ultimatum she gave me was a hard pill to swallow. I could either obey her, and live as long as my body would allow… Or I could rebel, and she’d find some cruel way to torture me until death. The choice was impossible to make, torturous even.


My life… It was over. My servitude... Was about to begin.




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