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This is my second story enjoy and please commit.

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In the empty void of space filled with the blazing heat of stars and jagged cold fragments of meteors, comets soar through the desolate void as a gargantuan  mass levitates through the inky depths, a mass that possessed long brown hair, and unblemished white skin. 


To any regular person this massive body of flesh would be indistinguishable from colossal cosmic Debris bigger than suns and planets, very few could guess that this monumental body belonged to a woman of monstrous Proportion and fewer could ever know the name of such a species that rang with untold fear through the cosmos. The name Devourer. 

Her eyes where closed as she seemed to aimlessly drift through the illuminated nothingness, she who's name was unpronounceable to mortals and who's very being radiated with power, a power ebbing through the passing of time. Their was only one thing a Devourer desired and as the colossus opened her eyes she saw the object of her longing, a small planet that brightened with a red hue. 



She did not smile as she looked at the planet the size of a small hand sized moon that floated a few feet in front of her face. What she was about to do could not be undone by any of the supposed cosmic gods the little mites on this small floating mass believed in, and yet she was going to destroy this tiny planet, she was going to end millions of lives to live, such was the life of a devour, and even though she had partaken in this horrid act more times than any finite being could perceive, for the first time since the beginning of her infinite existence she felt guilt, but why?" 





On the planet Uzuno the once crimson sky was renewed with a color unknown to the inhabitants that roamed the red desert like surface. The color of white skin. 


The Kraadhoits where a species that lived in a harsh heated environment, their skin was a deep shade of red and was as hard as rocks and even though they possessed technology advanced enough to explore the deepest reaches of outer space, they where a species that held a deep connection to their mother planet, and proclaimed it sacred by their almighty god Tetzotl, making colonizing other planets unacceptable by their most fundamental laws. 


These people ruled by a monarch society now looked up in fear at the bringer of the end. Death itself. 




Caption of Advance Guard: "My king the advance warships are ready for battle. We now await your command." 


Inside the grand thrown room decorated and crafted with untold riches that shined like diamonds the great king of kings Urnan sat on a Stygian thrown that seemed to continuously sparkle like tiny stars all around the exterior.


Urnan with a forlorn expression looks at the captain of the Advanced guard Bilxies that kneeled before his thrown.


King Urnan: Oh great Bilxies, you who have drank the blood of the 12 Suns, who has held the heart of the mighty Dradirine Beast, who has received knowledge from the Almighty himself... Tell me." 


The thrown room fills with quite. 


Bilxies: "Yes my king?" 


King Urnan: “Do we have a chance at survival?" 


Tears flow from the kings eyes as the utterance of such weakness taste like vile on his lips.



Bilxies: "No My king... I do not believe that the gods will look kindly on us this day." 


 king Urnan stands from his thrown and steps towards his most trusted servant. 



King Urnan: "Arise my friend." 



Bilxies hearing the calm tone of the man he called king rises from the ground and looks his master in the eye. 


King Urnan: "Will you my brave solder do one last thing for your king?"


King Urnan places both of his trembling hands on Bilxies shoulders. 


Bilxies: "Of course my king." 


King Urnan: Please take my wife and son off world, save them from this terrible fate." 


Bilxies stands in complete bafflement, was the king himself asking him to break their most cherished laws, even worse, was the man he loved like a brother asking him to run away from an honorable death.  


Bilxies: "please my king do not ask this of me." 


King Urnan walks past Bilxies and stands before a large window that overlooked much of his kingdom. Looking up he saw her, a being of untold origin and incalculable scale looking down on his whole entire planet like a goddess about to proclaim her judgement. 


King Urnan: "You must because this may be the end of our sacred planet Uzuno... The fight for our existence has begun."




The great devourer looks at the planet covered in a stable gravitational orbit, and couldn't help but admire the color that eliminated the surrounding darkness of space. It was almost a shame that it had to be destroyed. 


Her mighty eyes transfixed on the tiny planet before her notice something arising from the planets red surface. To the mighty titan the object in question was smaller than cosmic dust, more insignificant than the small stone sized rubble of past planets now forgotten. She herself wouldn't have noticed them if it weren't for her cosmic awareness, and it was because of these god like perception abilities the great devour understood what she was looking at. 


Devourer: "Warships."


An immense smile bigger than a dozen moons appears on the face of the destroyer, this was her favorite part, the resistance of the small microbes that believed themselves mighty, who refused to except their ends. 


Devourer: "Come and be my nourishment"

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