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Hair that flowed like silk in the night air, skin that shined with a sliver elegance as it bathed in moonlight, and a toned body that could only belong to an athlete that had trained all their lives, to Conrad this naked woman possessed all of these things as she stood before him in all of her splendor. Conrad could barley control his raging heart as new found feelings erupted from within.


Conrad: (Blushing) "Who are you?" (Looks down) "And why are you naked?!" 


Conrad watched as the strange woman looked at him, confusion evident on her face, almost as if she didn't understand what he was saying. 


Devour: "%}>{!#|%%}" 


Conrad: (Confused) "Uh, I'm sorry but I can't understand you." 


Conrad listened as the Naked beauty spoke a language he didn't recognize. He was positive that this woman couldn't understand him and this of course represented a problem.



The cosmic god who had devoured planets, who had made love to blazing stars, and snorted countless moons and comets for millennia now stood before a small boy she could kill with ease, hoping for an answer that would solve her problem, and yet their was one problem, this mortal, this boy couldn't understand her. This befuddlement caused the Devour to feel an irritation, she hadn't felt in a long time, an irritation so strong that she had half a mind to destroy the whole entire planet and forget about her problems all together, and yet as she looked at the young boys face she found herself rethinking her actions.


She spoke words of the old tongue, a language as old of as the universe itself, a language unrecognizable to lesser creatures. As a goddess larger than planets she rarely ever needed to use words, she would use her mind to communicate whenever she found it necessary and yet in her current situation she found such ideas unwise.


Devourer: ["I have no choice"] (Raises her finger towards Conrad's forehead) 



Conrad watched the woman lift her right hand and saw how her index finger glowed with a silver light. She lifted her glowing finger towards his head, and honestly Conrad was debating on wether or not he should back away or stay completely still.


Conrad: "What are you doing?" 


Conrad could feel the cold touch of the woman's finger against his forehead and at that time he felt like his whole entire body was being probed, as if his very soul was an opened book that this person could read at her Leisure. He could feel his  very presence being dominated by an unknowable power and by instinct he knew it was a power to be feared.


Devourer: "Can you understand me now boy?"


To Conrad her voice was gentle and yet was so feeler with authority that Conrad for a split second reverted his gaze. The strange language she was speaking awhile ago was gone, what replaced it was perfect English.


Conrad: (Excited) "Oh wow! I can totally understand you now." (Walks closer to the woman.)


Conrad: "So who are you lady, and while are you.." (blushes) "naked?"


Conrad couldn't help but steal glances at the woman's perfect figure after all he was a young man. 


The woman follows Conrad's gaze and looks down and finally acknowledges her nakedness, and without delay returns her gaze back to Conrad with zero embarrassment as if the whole situation was completely natural.


Devourer: "Worry not about who I am, and when it comes to the garments you people wear, such things mean nothing to me." 


Conrad: "Oookay"  


Devourer: "I have come before you for an explanation mortal." 


Conrad watched as the woman stepped closer to him, and soon she was only an inch away from his face. He did his best to look away, trying to show this strange woman respect but every now and then Conrad found himself looking at the woman's ample bosom.


Conrad: "Explanation for what exactly?" 


The woman focuses her eyes on Conrad 

as if she was in deep thought.


Devourer: For as long as I could remember I have done whatever it took to survive, destroyed so many lives to persevere my own." (Looks down at the ground.) "I was happy with this life for quite awhile..." 


Conrad: "Uh, so then what changed?" 


Devourer: "You, you all changed me, infected my mind with unnecessary thoughts!" 


The woman looked at Conrad with an unknowable hatred that took Conrad by surprise.


Devourer: "Now you will tell me the reason I am feeling these things, and how I can make it stop," 


Conrad took a step back as he heard the woman standing before him speak in a threatening tone. 


Conrad: ["I just wanted to go home, and now I might be getting into a fight with a naked woman."] 


Conrad didn't know if he was the luckiest man on the planet or the unluckiest all he did know was that this woman wasn't one to be trifled with and yet knowing all of that didn't change a thing, he still had a curfew and still had to go home. He had no time for this woman's craziness. 


Conrad with little to no care walks past the naked woman blocking his way, the woman who had refused to give him her name and who acted as if she was so much better than everyone else. Such a woman held beauty that would probably drive any man insane, and yet her attitude wasn't something that Conrad had time to deal with.


Devourer: "Hey! Where do you think your going!" (Watching as Conrad walks away.) 


Conrad: "I'm going home to my family. It's quite late out, and I'm going to be grounded for a long time if I delay any further.



The Titan in human form watched as the human boy she needed walked off towards his home not giving her a second look. Her anger started to rise as she clenched her fist in rage. 


Never before had a lesser being ever ignored her in such a way this boy had done now. Such disrespect was unacceptable for someone of her status and as she looked at the back of the boy in question all she could think about was crushing his mite sized body between her finger, and destroying his very planet in the most humiliating way possible.



Conrad while continuing to walk down the Stoney path leading to his house, looks back at the naked woman still standing in the middle of the road behind him. Conrad could see the look of anger and disappointment that decorated her face and for a moment felt bad for the woman. 


Conrad: (Sigh.) "Look lady I'm a simple farmer I'm not good when it comes to emotions and feelings. (Scratches his head in irritation.) "But if your story is true, then maybe, just maybe what you are feeling is guilt."


The devourer looked at Conrad, her anger replaced with shock and confusion.


Devourer: "Guilt?"


Conrad: "Yea you know, you feel bad about hurting people."


The cosmic god had destroyed over a thousand civilizations and therefor she had heard this word many times. Many times this same word was spoken in many tongues but it still had the same meaning. 


Devourer: (Raises her shaking hands.) "No that can't be true." 


Conrad: ("Shrugs his shoulders.) "Maybe it Is maybe it's not, either way I wish you luck lady. (Begins to walk away once again.) 


Devourer: "Wait!" 


Conrad stops walking and turns towards the Devourer. 


Devourer: "If what you say is the truth, then how, how do I get rid of these feelings?" 


Conrad looked at the desperation in the Devourers eyes. 


Conrad: ["what kind of answer is she expecting me to give?] 


Conrad: "I can't really tell you that. The truth is, what ever guilt you are feeling, you have to find your own redemption. (Walks away.) 


The Devourer watched the boy she hardly even knew walk away until he had disappeared into the night. She stood their  along that dusty road seemingly staring at nothing, her mind clouded by her thoughts 


Devourer: "Could it be true, am I really feeling such a miserable emotion for these tiny creatures?"


As she pondered these questions in the depths of her mind, her body began to turn translucent and like a specter from beyond, began to completely disappear.


The great eater of worlds found herself back in the middle of the cold void of space, within her gargantuan imposing form. The great goddess looked out into the dark depths and could see a small speck that shined blue a thousand miles away. The planet that she wanted and craved she could now have. 


With such desires filling her mind their was one more that refused to be ignored. The thought of that boy, the thought of his brown eyes and hair, his senseless pride, it all began to intrust her more than she thought possible. 


Devour: "I didn't even get his name..." 


Solder 1: "Captain we have found her sir." 


Captain: "At last! Where is she, that monster of cosmic terror." 


Solder 2: "She seems to be in a unnamed solar system Captain." 


Captain: "No doubt about to feed on another helpless world!" 


Solder 3: "What are your orders sir?" 


Captain: "Fool do you even have to ask, all ships get ready to attack!" 


All Solders: (Smile, tears in their eyes) "Yes  Sir!!!" 


Captain: "Today is the day of our revenge, today the Broken Armada will kill that monster!"

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