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Lost in thought she floated amongst an ocean of stars. She thought about her time on earth, her time with that boy with brown hair. It had changed her even further, she just didn't know how. 


The Massive Goddess of the stars focused her cosmic gaze into the far away depths, where a blue speck shined in the darkness. The blue planet so infused with life that it's energy would satisfy the hunger of any devourer. It was a treasure hidden by the cosmos and it was all hers for the taking and yet the gluttonous Titan made no move against it, instead she watched and observed the boy she just met, the boy who had finally made it to the place he called home and who was currently sleeping in his bed, leaving all problems and hardships of the actual world behind.



Into the further sectors of space thousands of ships fly through the cosmos, each carrying a myriad of different alien species, all where solders that held one purpose, revenge. They where the Broken Armada and all held one goal. The destruction of the cosmic gods called Devourers. 


He stood in armor as black as the starry sky's. The Grand Commander of the cosmic fleet. 


Grand Commander: "Are we ready to begin the operation?"


Solder 1: "Yes Commander. The solders are all ready and in wait."


Grand Commander: (Sits down on his thrown.) "Connect me to the solders." 


Solder 3: "Yes sir." 


It took only an Instant for the Grand Commanders image to be shown on every ship under his command. Thousands of solders looked up at their leader with tears in their eyes, for today was the day that history would be made. 


Grand Commander: "The time has finally come, brothers in arms. The time for our wrath to be realized." (Clenches fist in anger.) "We have all suffered by the cosmic hands of the dark gods, our planets destroyed, Loved ones lost, and we who where made into nothing but refugees without a home. Let this day be our day of retribution!!!" 


He spoke words of hatred as he bathed in the cheers of his people. They who cared very little about life existed for one reason, a reason that they believed most holy. 


Grand Commander: "We may die, we may not live to see the greatness our deeds will create. But the truth is that none of us are guaranteed long lives, and this higher cause is worth all of our lives." 


No solder held any hesitation or fear as they looked at their leader, only a silent calm that harbored a maddening eagerness for battle. 


Grand Commander: "All Force Advance forward! Let the attack begin!" 



Her eyes never once left the small blue sky  planet that floated light years away from her Current location, or if one where to be more specific her massive glowing eyes never left the sleeping face of the boy she had met earlier. This devourer of cosmic space never before had such things like dreams, nor did she ever have to close her eyes and sleep, all she needed was the energy the cosmos itself provided and yet as she looked at the contentment that shined brightly on the residence of the tiny planet from afar, the very idea of sleep sounded nice.


Devourer: ["Guilt... Could it really be something like that."]


Unknown: "Monster..." 


The Devourer turns her head as a noise echoes through the cosmic void, and what she saw was something that barely made her Bat an eye. To the naked eye they appeared as nothing but small specks of light that floated in the darkness but to the eyes of the Devourer they where so much more. Lined up side by side a whole Battalion of warships floated before her face, warships that numbered in the thousands. 


Such a large fleet had the power to effortlessly destroy countless planets and moons, and yet despite their power, the cosmic Titan looked at such feeble creatures with little to no interest, and without wasting anymore of her time refocuses her massive gaze on the blue planet from afar, completely ignoring the small fleet.


Unknown: "Hear me cosmic devil for you are in the presence of the Grand Commander of the Broken Armada Kuga Addah!" 


Hearing the little voice the almighty Devourer still paid no attention to the little specks that hovered before her.


Grand Commander: (Annoyed from being ignored) "You barbaric savage how dare you not give me and my men the respect we deserve, the respect that you and your foul kin owe us! Well it matters not, look away if you must, it will make all that much easier to destroy you devil!" 


Hearing such threats the Devourer shifts her gaze back to the fleet with a gaze that still shined with boredom but at the same time held a small bit of interest, for not everyday was a being as mighty as her so brazenly challenged. 


Grand Commander: "Today is the day that the so called Cosmic gods know death!"

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