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Author's Chapter Notes:


In the depths of space the Broken Armada floated before the being they believed to be their most hated enemy. The Goddess of the cosmos, the eater in the void, she who was responsible for the destruction of so many worlds, today was the day, justice would be served, today was the day that god would die.


Grand Commander: “All forces ready the blasters, set them all to full power!” 


Solder 1-20: “Yes sir!!!” 


No solder held even the slightest bit of hesitation or fear as they followed the commands of their Commander. This was what they lived for, it was this moment that gave their lives purpose. The battle, the war that would decide the fate of the cosmos.


The Grand Commander Kuga Addah stared at the cosmic god who filled the entirety of the screen. He could see that this mighty being showed little interest and no concern when it came to their presence, their threats fell on depth ears as the Devourer of worlds looked at them as if they themselves where bugs. This he believed to be her weakness, for their was no greater danger than to underestimate ones opponent. 


Grand Commander: (Smiles) “All forces ATTACK!!!” 



She who was the embodiment of cosmic  mighty gazed down at a whole fleet of star ships, each wanting nothing but to do her harm, to end her very existence. To her they where to small to pose a threat and deep down she was annoyed that such weak beings had the audacity to take her attention away from her one true prize but despite her rising anger she decided to ignore the annoying pests and turn her attention back towards the sleeping boy who’s name was a complete mystery to her. For a reason unknown the massive Titan felt drawn to the mortal who lived on the blue specked sized planet and at this moment she was in contemplation on whether or not to end the planet entirely.


Devourer: [“What should I do?”]


Deep in thought the living mountain of living divine flesh feels something warm pop all around her back. Quickly turning around the massive goddess see tiny explosions encompass her upper chest, arm, hair, and even face.


With her cosmic awareness she could tell that these explosions where the result of a few tiny ships crashing into her skin, they all gave in against her divine flesh with no struggle What so ever. In the end all that was left of these ships where the small pieces of metal and broken technology that know drifted in the inky depths of space.


Looking inside her minds eyes she could see all the memories of the lives lost against her massive body, she could see their purpose, and she knew their most desired wish. The destruction of her kind… this thought put a small smile on her face. Their dream was foolish and suicidal and as she faced the broken Armada and tiny explosive attacks surrounded her entire body, her thoughts did not change. 


She could destroy them all for their insolence and disrespect, these tiny little specks of waist and yet as she gazed within the tiny ships and saw the faces of all those inside, she thought back to the words spoken to her by the boy she had met on the tiny blue planet from afar. If what she was feeling was actually guilt, would she add to these feelings with more death and destruction. Her mind was made up, she for the moment would show mercy, with that thought in mind the cosmic goddess sends her thoughts towards all who called themselves her enemies. She would speak to these bugs and try for the first time in her immortal life  to reason with these beings.



Grand Commander Kuga Addah saw how hundreds of his ships exploded against the skin of the cosmic giant. He cared not for the men he loss, for all of them knew the risks, no what truly mattered was that she had finally decided to turn and face them. The mighty being decided to recognize them as her opponents. 


Grand Commander: “So you finally decided to recognize our presence Huh? Well good because I would hate to kill her with her back turned.” (Laughs)


Kuga Addah smiles with excitement, for the battle had just begun and justice still had not been served. 


Unknown: [“STOP THIS.”]


Grand Commander: (Shocked) “What’s that?!” (Quickly Looks around the ship.) 


From within his mind Kuga Addah could hear an overwhelming voice that threatened to overload his very senses, and as he looked at his crew he could tell that all of them heard the same thing. Kuga Addah knew who was the owner of such a powerful voice, it was not hard to guess, for only one being could speak with such power. 




Grand Commander: (Anger)  “What!”




The Grand Commander watched as the goddesses eyes glowed with threatening light as she ushered in her warning. Rage echoed through his whole being as he listened to the goddess speak with such arrogance.


Grand Commander: [“Does she really think that she has won this battle? No this disgrace will not go unpunished.”] (Clenches his fists.) 


Grand Commander: “All hands ready the second wave, it’s time to show this monster a glimpse of our true power.” 


Soldier 5: (Looks back at the Commander.) “Grand Commander you don’t mean…”


Grand Commander: “Yes I do, release the Etherion Charges.” (Smiles.)


For a moment the Grand Commanders words hung in the air, for everyone knew that the release of such weaponry was a sign of no return. 


Solder 1-20: “Yes sir.”



The small attacks had come to an end, for no more tiny explosions touched the Devourers massive body, instead all their was, was a cold calm stillness all throughout space. 


The Cosmic Titan looked at the small and pathetic attack force with a cocky smile on her face. 


Devourer: [“It would appear that these insignificant little pests know their place after all.”]


Once again like many times before the great Goddess of the cosmos reigns supreme and this time unlike so many other, she was able to stop her enemies using nothing but her words. She truly was amazing. 


The truth of the matter was that these little fools, as annoying as they where, where able to feed her, if only a little, for the thing that devourers loved more than anything was energy. The energy of stars, blazing comets, and even blaster fire, all could feed her, but her favorite kind of energy, loved above all others was the energy created from planets themselves. 


With her warning spoken, and after showing her dominance, the devourer began to once again turn and face the tiny blue planet from afar, but as she turned something caught her massive eyes, something amazingly small and glowing an emerald green and their wasn’t just one but thousands that flew towards her body with great speed. 




The Inky blackness of space lights up with a emerald hue as wild energy is unleashed, energy that threatened to destroy all matter within its range.


It was from within this barrage of chaotic power she continued to exist, Uninjured, as a bright excited smile appeared on her face. The body of the Titan was bathed in massive explosions, explosions accompanied by powerful shockwaves. Her arms, face, breasts, legs, feet, toes, and even her crotch was bathed in explosive fury. The great Devourer couldn’t remember the last time she felt such excitement. 


Devourer: “And here I thought you all where my enemies, but the truth is that you are all my toys.” (Speaks out loud, her voice destroying even more ships.)


Her massive body tingled with excitement as she thought about all the fun she would have. She looked down at her body that quivered with a blazing lust, she watched as tiny speck sized bombs exploded against her skin. Her heart beat began to increase as for once she wouldn’t kill for survival, she would kill for pleasure.


It was then, when her mind was clouded by such desires, a tiny glowing speck soars past her face, completely missing its mark. 


Devourer: [“Uh.”] (Turns her head in surprise.) 


The Devourer watched as the small speck filled with energy flew towards the far off distance, and it was then when the massive goddesses eyes where open. The small bomb that had missed its target was now headed towards the tiny blue planet that rested in the distance. 


Devourer [“NO!”] 


All thoughts of pleasure had disappeared from her mind. Her mind was in panic as she thought of the young man who she had met earlier. He would die and all answers would be lost, her plans would be ruined, and even worse the planet that held such massive reserves of energy would be forever out of her reach. This could not be aloud.


Paying no heed to the armada before her, the great consumer quickly turns her body around and reaches out towards the fleeing explosive. Her body created solar winds that could make the mightiest stars shake in fear, and as she moved she could feel the explosive deaths of hundreds of ships against her legs and feet, her very toes claiming countless lives. She did not care, only one thing mattered.


The Devourer stretched her hand as far as she could, and as her massive fingers fell in range of the tiny bomb the great being closed her hands incasing the emerald explosion inside a fleshy prison. Her hand steamed from extreme heat. She bore no pain and yet she couldn’t help but think about how foolish she had acted, deciding to show mercy to those who wished to do her harm. Her gaze turned back towards the tiny fleet. Eyes blazing with energy only one word came to mind as she stared down such insignificant beings, who dared to show their fangs to their betters.


Devourer: “Destroy.” 

Chapter End Notes:

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