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Author's Chapter Notes:


The great goddess of the stars looked out amongst all those who called themselves her enemies, her eyes glowing with power, her mind was filled with rage. These tiny men who believed themselves strong and mighty, these insignificant little pests who believed themselves her equal, these little solders now had to be destroyed. She had warned all of them, and not one listened and now they needed to be punished.


The cosmic ships wrapped in steel drew ever closer to the massive Titan, each had their massive cannons aimed at their enemy. They would not give an inch, and that would be their downfalls. 


The devourer clenched her teeth as she bore witness to the sheer Arrogance of mortals. 


Devourer: ["Unforgivable."] (Seething with anger.)


Space began to tremble as power burst to life from the Devourers giant body, power capable of destroying all matter that existed. Her eyes grew brighter as energy rivaling the power of a hundred stars came to life, seeping out of her irises. 


Devourer: ["Begone Vermin."]




Beams of white light shoot out from the Space Goddesses eyes. Beams capable of  burning whole entire worlds. The beam of energy left destruction where ever it past, destruction and death.


Kuga Addah, Grand Commander of the Broken Armada stood unwavering on the front deck of his ship as he watched the utter annihilation of his solders. 


The cosmic void of darkness was filled with massive explosions, each explosion represented a loss of a thousand lives and yet Kuga Addah would shed no tears, he would not feel even a little bit of sadness. It was an honor to die for this noble cause, this holy war. 


Grand Commander: "We have to divide her attention! Release The Farraxin fleet." 


Solder 20-30: "Yes sir." 



The great Titaness of the void was surrounded by the fiery remains of burnt still. Her eyes where set ablaze by solar fire as her mind was filled with the thoughts of all those she had killed. She could feel their anger, their hatred for her. She bore witness to their sadness, their pain and yet she did not shed a single tear. She had no pity for those who dared to attack her. 


The Devourer looked out amongst the fleet. She had already destroyed hundreds of thousands of ships and yet their where still thousands more left. 








Devourer: (Surprise.) ["What?!"] 


Small explosion erupt all throughout the behemoths body, explosions that glowed with a bluish flash. 


Devourer: ["Whats happening?"] 


The Giant Celestial couldn't help but be confused as small balls of blue light assaulted her body. Each explosion contained small specks of energy that only served to feed her unbridled appetite.  She could tell that these explosions weren't coming from the fleet of ships before her. The attacks were far weaker and a lot faster. 


Devourer: (Squints her eyes.) ["I have to look closer.] 


She focused her cosmic vision on her surroundings. The great void eater whose form radiated with explosive power. She saw them, flying past her her body with great speed. They where as small as dust, these tiny ships of metal. These ships were much smaller than the warships that surrounded the great goddess on all sides and yet their speed and move ability was far greater. 


Devourer: (Annoyed.) ["Pests!"]


The Devourer swipes both her hands past her face and as she did tiny balls of fiery smoke appeared all over her hands. 


The Behemoth moved her body in a wild frenzy as she swatted the annoying fleet with her hands, little did she know at the moment that her wild movements caused the tiny ships to explode all against her body. Tiny explosions erupted all throughout her body, this included her face, stomach, chest, arms, legs, feet, and hair. 



Ivaz Greedvolt was a solder apart of the Broken Armada and like all those who had found themselves on this hellish crusade his planet of Thupra had been destroyed. Millions were killed leaving only a handful of survivors left. Many of those that Ivaz called kin decided to travel the cosmos to look for a new planet to call home. He was the only one who burned with enough anger, who seethed with enough hatred to look for revenge, even though countless lost souls had warned him against such actions, against calling forth the wrath of god. 


Ivaz didn't care about the cowardice of his people and had very little reason to refuse the chance to join the Broken Armada. He had worked hard all throughout his career of being solder and now he was apart of the Farraxin Fleet which was an elite unit of advance combat pilots. The best of the best flyers in the whole armada. This opportunity allowed him to come face to face with the exact same monster that had destroyed his planet. 


Ivaz remembered the day he had lost everything. It was the day of crimson sun, the day of boiling seas and the day of falling sky. That day so long ago the heavens shook with force as al things where about to come to an end. So many years had passed and now that he was flying before this cosmic goddess he really couldn't believe how gigantic she really was. 


FF-Captain: "All solder, all solders fan out, keep appropriate distance from her body." 


FF-Solder 13: "Captain we can't just keep defending and dodging!" 


FF-Captain: "We have no choice, our mission is to buy time for the rest of our comrades!" 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "The captains right, we have our mission we have to succeed!" 


FF-Captain: "Turn all of your weapons up to the highest level and continue the attack."


FF-Solder 1-50: ""Yes sir!""


The battle in the void seems to last forever  as countless explosions erupted all throughout the Devourers body, explosions belonging to minuscule attacks that left not a Blemish on the goddesses thick skin.  


The goddess of the stars looked out amongst the tiny ships that where attacking her with unending determination. She could see the tiny beings who would dare call themselves her enemies, they were smaller than a speck to her and yet they possessed such mighty resolve. Such a thing was almost commendable, if it wasn't so annoying. 


The Devourers attention was no longer focused on the main fleet, no these tiny little ships held her full attention. 


Her body burned with white light as a wide smile appeared on her face. 


Devourer: "Begone fools." (Brings both of her hands together.) 


The dark void of space faded into the a blinding light as waves of energy expanded in all direction with the Devourer in the center. 


The cosmos grew chaotic as powerful waves destroyed all in their path, waves feeler with a massive will to destroy, and soon as time passed all grew still with darkness. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Oh god how many casualties did we suffer?" 


FF-Solder 15: "30 of our solders have been destroyed and ten are unresponsive!" 


Ivan couldn't help but grit his teeth upon hearing such a report. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Damn her!"


Ivaz clutches the Triggers to his ships guns. He would not hesitate, he would not rest, not until he had destroyed these cosmic monsters. 


With these thoughts flooding his mind Ivaz noticed something that made both of his hearts skip a beat. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Captain! Watch out"


The massive planet eater opens her mouth and reveals a massive cavern of fleshly darkness and a small ship flying towards the hungry maw.


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Captain No!" 



The goddess of the void with a smile noticed how she had destroyed so many of the tiny mites that had dared to attack her. She would never allow such weak beings to destroy or defeat her. 


10 tiny ships were flying all around her body and yet only one had caught her eye.  She caught sight of it zooming past her face, always trying to stay within the corner of her eye, or even hiding behind her golden hair, and yet she still caught sight of the minuscule ship 


Devourer: ["What do we have here?"] (Amused.) 


The Devourer could feel tiny energy blasts explode against her cheeks, nose, and chin. Using her cosmic awareness the massive goddess bore witness to a tiny mortal inside the ship, her smile grew ever wider as she saw the desperation in the little microbes eyes. She could tell that this bug was using every last weapon in his Arsenal and yet not one could even hurt her.


The Titan could feel that she had used so much energy and feeling the coming hunger an idea had come to her mind. 


Eyes filled with excited anticipation the Devourer opens her mouth wide as she angles her massive face in front of the tiny little ship who continued to attack her. She continued to feel the small little attacks that where filled with desperation, she could fill tiny explosions against her massive tongue and feeling such things only made her hungrier. 


The Devourer slowly closes her mouth as she feels the tiny ship struggle against her inner cheeks and without even a little bit of hesitation she gulps the tiny ship down her throat. 


The devour could fill a tiny speck of energy  surged all throughout her body. It wasn't enough and as her eyes fell on the rest of the microbes that surrounded her she could only thought one thing. 


Devour: "I hunger."

Chapter End Notes:

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