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Author's Chapter Notes:


Ivaz Greedvolt had served many years in the Farraxin Fleet and never before had he been in this kind of situation. 

Tears filled his eyes as he bore witness to his captain being devoured by the gigantic maw of the cosmic monster feared by all. 

Ivaz: "Captain! This can't be!" (Wiping the tears from his eyes.) 

For the first time since this fight began Ivaz felt fear for his life and yet he would not stop. Looking at the Devourers massive face he bore witness to a devilish grin that decorated her lips as if the giant monster was savoring the taste of the Captain who he had served under for many years. This would not stand. Ivaz hardened his resolve as he pushed forward along with the rest of the Farraxin Fleet.

FF-Solder 10: "Ivaz what should we do now?" 

Ivaz: (Surprised.) "Why are you asking me!"

FF-Solder 10: "Everyone knows that your flying skills where second only to the Captain... "You are the logical choice."

Both of Ivaz's hearts began to beat ever faster as a certain realization emerged. He now held the lives of the remainder of the Farraxin Fleet. 

Ivaz: (Takes a deep breath.) "Alright men, what we need to do is buy the Armada more time... GIVE YOUR LIVES." 

FF-Soldier 1-10: "Yes Sir!!!" 


She had done what she was most known for. Devouring the lives of the weak and feeble. Already dozens of ships had exploded against her massive body, already many lives had been consumed by  the chaotic energy that filled the cosmos, and yet these deaths gave her little satisfaction. This battle would only bring forth the starving, the ravenous hunger that all Devourers feared. This battle would have to end soon or only endless destruction would follow. 

Buzzing around the Devourers body like tiny gnats were 10 cruisers piloted by well trained little pilots. The massive goddess looked at these minuscule fighters with little interest, they mattered not. With the memories of the fallen the great Titaness knew who she had to destroy. 

The Devourer turns her attention to the rest of the Broken Armada. Her cosmic gaze reaches out until her mountainous eyes fall on one tiny being dressed in combat armor. That warrior of infinitesimal stature stood way back on the biggest ship in the whole fleet, guarded by the tight steel of his fellow fleet members, he stood to the Grand Commander of the Broken Armada.  

Devourer: (Smirks) ["Grand Commander Kuga Addah.]

She hovered in the inky black nothingness.  Eyes focused and never wavering. Her body glowed and radiated with cannon fire   and yet still she moved ever forward. One target, one small ember amplifying the ever growing fire. 


Grand Commander Kuga Addah clenched his fist in frustration as he witness an unstoppable force destroy so many of his ships. 

Grand Commander: "We have thrown so much at this monster and we haven't even Slowed her down. 

It was maddening to all who bore witness to the truth. These cosmic gods truly could not be stopped. 

Solder 32: "Grand Commander!"

Grand Commander: "What is it!"

Solder 32: "She's coming..." 


The Goddess moved towards the hundreds of ships lined up from afar and without thought extends her right hand towards the entire fleet. 

A massive hand the size of dozen continents reached out for its target. Gigantic planet sized fingers clashed unflinchingly against the wall of ships that stood in their way. 

The Devour could feel the warmth of tiny detonations against her fingers. She could see the the countless memories of the newly slain and yet still she didn't waver. Her divine on only one target, the tiny leader of all these foolish solders. 

Devourer: ["Your mine.]


Solder 23: "Grand Commander we must abandon this vessel immediately!" (Stands up from chair.) 

Solder 15: "Much of the fleet has been destroyed by this monsters most casual movements, we must retreat and think about our next move." 

Grand Commander: (Clenches his fist.) "No! I refuse to flee like some kind of coward!" 

Kuga Addah thought back to the past as he gazed at his enemy who was making her way towards his very location. 

Kuga Addah had heard stories of how the very cosmos was filled with such gigantic monsters. Already in fact did many of his own crew complain about how the very horrid deity facing them this very moment wasn't the actual monster that had destroyed their own planet. This fact mattered very little to Kuga Addah, for he was sure of one thing, this cosmic god, this Devourer was the same beast that consumed his very own planet. 

She had taken away his loved ones, she destroyed the rich lands that he had once claimed as his birth right, the majestic mountains that once overflowed with mirth and nourishment were obliterated without mercy, all of this was taken from this commander of the lost and to make all matters worse, this gluttonous beast had taken all of this from him using the most deplorable of methods. His planet, his home, his family and friends were consumed, not by the hungry maw of the giant nor where they crushed by her monolithic teeth. Instead their were swallowed by a massive crotch big enough to consume whole entire worlds, squeezed into ash and fallen ruble by genital muscle  a thousand times stronger that the gravity of the mightiest star. 

Kuga Addah's eyes overflow with tears as the entire ship Shakes all around him. The crew had erupted into chaos as all solders struggle to find their way of escape from the ship. Soon their stood only one on the deck of the ship. 

Kuga Addah stood alone as titanic flesh breaks through the protective metal of the ship and entraps him in a unbreakable prison. 

Grand Commander: "Damn her... Damn her!!!" 


Between her fingers she held him. The source of her annoyance and her ever growing hunger. The Devourer held in between her fingers a being so microscopic and insignificant that even with her cosmic vision she could barely see his diminutive form. This so called commander was so weak that if the titaness was to use even a measly amount of her strength her so called enemy would die. Her power alone was allowing this mite to breath in the ever consuming vacuum of space. 

It was at this moment that the Devourer found herself questioning her certain revelations that had been divulged to her. 

Devourer: ["Is what I'm feeling really guilt, do I really feel sorry for such tiny beings?"]  (looks down at the Grand Commander.) 

Devourer: ["No it can't be. Am I not only following the oldest rules of the universe itself??? The strong devour the weak."]

The Devouers eye seemed to grow cold as a new realization fills her head. 

Devourer: (Smiles.) ["Yes I've done nothing wrong... I've nothing to be ashamed of..."]

The great goddess brings the microscopical warrior closer to her face. She would destroy this man body and soul for his ignorance. His deeds where unforgivable and yet as she brought the unimportant commander ever closer, her mind thought back to the small blue planet that shined with a azure light from afar, or to be more precise the small young man she had met in that small planet a few hours ago.

She remembered his face, the words he spoke, his serious eyes that seemed to stare directly into her soul. Even now she couldn't remember the last time someone had looked upon her with such eyes. 

The memories of the fallen flashed deep from within her head and she found herself asking herself once again... 

Devourer: ["Am I truly in the wrong?"]


Kuga Addah struggled between gigantic fingers that could easily split apart whole entire planets. He moved not an inch as he was left with no choice but to gaze into a eyes so gigantic that he would never be able to see it in its entirety from his current location. 

Kuga Addah: ["Am I going to die?"] 

Kuga Addah stopped his senseless struggle as he witnessed the sudden departure of the Devourers attention. He witnessed what seemed to be the movement of an entire planet as the Giant moved her head ever so slightly. As mighty as she was, the Grand Commander could still see that this mighty beings focus was some where else.

Kuga Addah: ["what is she looking at, am I not worth her attention?"] (Irritated.)


Her eyes once again beamed with longing as she witnessed the sleeping face of the one mortal that held her interest. 

Kuga Addah: "Why!" 

The devourer looks down at the small speck struggling between her fingers. 

Kuga Addah: (Shouts in anger.) "Why does such a planet hold your interest!" 

The Goddess looks at the little microbe with pity. 

Kuga Addah: "Why does that ball of dirt command such mercy!!! Tell me you monster!" 

The mighty Titan said nothing as she thought of that very question herself. It all seemed to illogical to put into words. 

Devourer: (Turns away.) ["LEAVE ME..."] 

The Devourer makes her thoughts known to the little speck within her grasp. 


Her fingers glowed with white light as the tiny commander disappears from sight. Kuga Addah was transferred far off into the galaxy away from the Devourers sight. 

Devourer: ["Its over... It's finally over."]

Chapter End Notes:

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