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Author's Chapter Notes:



Bilxies: "You are going to do what?" 


Bilxies looks at the queen that stood before him, who's eyes where steady and calm. They where eyes that Bilxies had seen many times on the battle field, eyes that belonged to veteran solders who where willing to do anything when it came to fulfilling their duty, and that was what made Bilxies so worried. 


Queen: "Using the bomb of Thevione I should be able to give you and my son time to escape. (Holds the bomb at chest level.)


Bilxies: "You can't you... you will..." 


Bilxies found it hard to say the word that assaulted his mind, he couldn't believe that he could do nothing against the gigantic goddess that was chasing them through the cosmos. 


Queen: "I will die, and you two will live." 


Bilxies: "No! My queen please let me carry this burden please, think about your son." (Grabs the queen's shoulders.) 


Queen: (Looks at her son passed out in her arms.) "I am thinking about my son, the road ahead will only be more dangerous, my son will need someone like you by his side, protecting him." 


Bilxies bows his head in disgrace, he could not die for his king, and now he couldn't die for the woman he called queen, was their any greater dishonor?


Queen: please look at me Bilxies. (Lifts up Bilxies head with her right hand.) 


Bilxies: "My queen please..." 


Queen: (let's out a small laugh) "Even in the end you will not call me by my name." 


Blixies: (Blush) "Scele." 


Queen: "their we go."


Looking at his queen Bilxies could feel his heart burst out of his chest.


Blixies: "Scele I... I've always..." 


Queen (Scele): "sshhuusshh!!!!! I already knew." 


The Queen turns away from Blixies and walks towards the huge opening in the back of the ship bomb in hand, the opening that was covered by a energy forcefield.


Blixies sensing that time was near walks towards the control council of the ship. 


Queen(Scele): "Protect my son." 


Hearing Sceles final words Blixies for a quick second deactivates the forcefield that was keeping everyone alive and upon reactivating the powerful barrier looks to see Scele blown into the vacuum of space. 


Blixies knew that Scele would not last long in emptiness of space.


Blixies: ["I always love you."] 



The Devourer watched the small speck of a woman right before her eyes floated in the cold vacuum of space. 


The minuscule little speck was dying fast and yet the Devour watched as her eyes still held a fearless courage.


Devourer: ["What could this little woman possibly do?"] 


The great titan coming ever closer to the little queen, with the help of her cosmic awareness could see a microscopic metal ball in her hands a metal ball that contained a large amount of energy, energy the goddess craved but as her gaze returned to the fleeing ship traversing the cosmos her desire returned to the occupants inside. She could have easily saved the little speck floating to her death, but that would require energy, and their was one thing a Devourer never did and that was waste energy. 


The giant Immortal was about to return to her task, capturing the tiny ship and yet as

She began to move after the ship she could feel warmth coming from below, coming from the tiny woman herself or more specifically the nano sized ball in her hands. 


Looking down the Titan noticed how the little woman began to glow with chaotic energy, energy that rose without control. 


Devourer: "what is...." 




The dark void of the cosmo was shrouded by a blazing light that was almost as bright and powerful as a small star. Their could be nothing but destruction for all those who touched that energy, nothing but death. 



The small Kraadhoit ship raced away from the raging energy that seemed to consume all of space. Bilxies knew that the ship would never be able to resist such a massive power. 


It didn't take long for the cosmos to regain its former darkness, and as the energy finally dissipated Bilxies sits back into the captions seat with tears in his eyes. 


Bilxies: "She's dead, that monster is finally dead." 


Bilxies voice shakes with grief as he rubs his eyes with his hands. 


Bilxies: we're finally...." 


Bilxies looks into the Holographic screen and shakes with disbelief. On the screen before his very eyes was a body that was bigger than any planet, stronger than any star, and more divine than any god. The Goddess was alive and was approaching at unbelievable speeds. 


Bilxies: "Nooooo!!!!!!" 


Bilxies: (looks down at the monitor) "The hyper drive is ready!" 


Bilxies feared as the goddess drew ever closer and quickly slams his fist against the hyper drive button. 


Bilxies: "jump!" 


The Kraadhoit ship shakes with power and expeditiously disappears into the void.



The Devourer watched as the little ship disappeared into the infinite dark void of space. The little micros that she chased after, the micros she needed had escaped. 


The goddess clenched her fist in exasperation, as she looked into the great nothingness.


Devourer: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"


The colossus screams into the void as a humongous amount of energy spills out into the cosmos, energy stronger than a solar flare, she no longer cared about wasting her energy. The feeling in her chest, the feeling of emptiness and longing, she still did not understand why she was feeling such things, and it irritated her that now she may never know. 


Devour: "They got away."

Chapter End Notes:

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