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Author's Chapter Notes:

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The cosmic goddess flies through the cold vacuum of space with an intense look of irritation on her face. The great Devourer with her cosmic awareness search’s through the endless void, she searched for the two microbes that had escaped. Never before had this being of tremendous proportion ever been so willing to chase after such weak and feeble beings, but she needed to find those insignificant specks for only they would be able to tell her about these uncontrollable feelings. 


While traversing the cosmos the Devourer began to think back to the planet she had destroyed. The all powerful Goliath could see a countless memories countless images that were not her own. Images that belonged to the people of that red planet, for this was the risk that every devourer had to face. They called it the inheritance of stone. The memories of the planet where now hers the memories that had been engraved into the the planets surface for eons now filled her mind, memories of Kraadhoit culture, history, religion, family, and even love, all

Embedded itself into her thoughts and as they played through her subconscious the feeling in her chest only grew stronger. 


Devourer: “Uzuno.” (lost in thought) 


The Devourer clouded by memories shakes her head in defiance, what she needed wasn’t useless sentiment what she need was another planet full of energy and life, for after her little outburst of emotion she hungered. She would find those that had escaped her, after all her time was infinite but right now her endless appetite came first. 


The Devourer closes her eyes and spreads her consciousness through the empty void of space, and as she did, the goddess failed to notice that she was headed towards a small space rock floating through the cosmos. 



Novixe and his son have traversed the cosmic void living a life of freedom as treasure hunters. They who had no place to call their home found themselves in top quality space suite while mining a barren rock in the middle of space. 


Novixe: “Hurry boy we have to mine every last bit of this Aspian metal before our suites run out of oxygen.”


Novixe knowing the value of minerals and metals knew that Aspian was a highly desired substance used to craft weaponry and space crafts. It was a metal capable of absorbing a huge amount of Kinetic energy and using that absorbed energy to attack or defend. It was a rare metal and this Baron rock smaller than a moon was filled with it. 


Ihrae using high powered tools to drill into the hard rocky surface of space debris hears a small alarm go off inside of his helmet.


Ihrae: “father something has appeared on the scanners, something big.”


Novixe: “Must be some damn poachers trying to loot our bounty.”


Novixe without delay takes out a small Drull weapon also called a purifying pistol, and his son does the same. Both stop working, both get ready for battle. 


Novixe, gun in hand looks over at his son Ihrae who stands on guard in front of him. Novixe knew that having the occupation of a treasure hunter was dangerous work, the one rule was that nothing belonged to you, and everything not nailed down was up for the taking, the honest truth was that even though they called themselves treasure hunters they where no different than outlaws, and worse case pirates, it was this kind of life that Novixe raised his son in and as he looked at his son Ihrae he knew that their was a chance that this might be the last time he saw his son alive.


Novixe: [“I have no regrets on what I have done, the boy needs to realize that this universe is a deadly place, their are worse things out in these dark depths than pirates and thieves.”]  


Ihrae: “Father look something is approaching from afar.” (Pointing forward into the darkness of space.)


Novixe looking into the distance sees something approaching, something that started to grow bigger and bigger as it advanced ever closer, becoming something to massive to recognize.  


Novixe: “Oh no.” 


Novixe face turns ghostly white as he stares at the approaching mass from afar, only one word could come to his lips. 


Novixe: “Devourer.”


Ihrae: “Devourer? Father what’s that?!” 


Novixe: “The worst monster in the universe. We need to run… Now!” 


Novixe grabbing the arm of his son sprints to their ship, which stood far off out of reach. As they both ran down the rocky terrine Ihrae stares at his father with fear and disbelief, for never before had he seen his father so terrified, his father who was like an unmoving iron pillar of sheer manliness, but as Ihrae looked behind at the approaching titan he could understand his fathers fears, never before had the young man seen anything so massive, her nearing presence alone seemed to be shaking the ground itself. Ihrae’s vision returns to his father. 


Ihrae: “Father what aren’t you telling me?” 


Novixe while running looks at his son with disheartened eyes, he never wanted to have this conversation, not with his son, especially now. 


Novixe: “You know that our planet was destroyed.” 


Ihrae: “Yes you told me that our planets core became unstable, it was because of that instability that the planet was destroyed killing many of our people, including my mother.” 


Novixe: “I’m sorry my son, but that was a lie.” 


Ihrae: “What?” 


Novixe: “Our planet was destroyed yes… but it was destroyed by the dark god known as a devour.” 


Ihrae wanted to cry he wanted to tackle his dad and beat the crapy out of him, he had lied to him all of these years about their planet, about his mother, but as hard as it was he Ihrae decided to swallow his anger.


Ihrae: “what are these monsters, why would they do something so horrible?”


Novixe: “They are known by many names, The Cosmic Eater, Void Drifters, the great consumers, whatever they are no one really knows why they do what they do, they simply leave death and destruction were ever they go.” 


Ihrae: “They? You mean their are more of these monsters?!” 


Novixe: “All I know is that the one which destroyed our planet wasn’t this one.” 


Novixe thought about the past he could almost see the cosmic god in his mind. 


Novixe: The one I saw had black hair, and her eyes where as cold as ice.”


The ground darkened with an ominous shadow stopping both Novixe and his son Ihrae in their tracks. 


Novixe looks up to a skin colored firmament, it was as if the sky itself was falling. 


Novixe: “My god she is going to crash into us!” 


Ihrae: “We’re not going to make it!” 


Novixe takes hold of his sons arm as they both look each other in the eyes. 


Novixe: “My Son, I lov….” 



The great Devourer could barely feel the breaking of stone against her skin and with a little surprise could feel an atom sized piece of energy enter her body. She could see the person the energy came from. He was a small man and his name ran through her mind. 


Devourer: “Novixe?” 


The goddess said with boredom, she had destoryed and killed so many specks, one more didn’t make a difference. She had greater concerns her hunger was growing and that atomic sized piece of energy she received from that speck sized man wasn’t even close to enough to satisfy her.


The Titan reaches out with her mind searching the cosmos with her cosmic awareness, it was then she saw it, shining in the emptiness of space like a light blue pearl. It was the most beautiful planet that the gigantic goddess had seen and looking further the residents living on its surface looked very much like her. Their was only one problem, it was smaller than any planet she had visited before, it was a glowing small dot in the darkness. 


Devourer: “What is this blue planet?”











Chapter End Notes:

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