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Author's Chapter Notes:


She floated amongst an ocean of stars this goddess of massive splendor, this eater of worlds and consumer of stars had only one thing on her mind one Objective to be completed and as she made her way towards the blue planet filled with abundant life giving energy and nourishment she felt a small sliver of excitement deep from within her huge chest. 


Power coursed through the Devourers very being, waves of energy clung to her divine flesh. Fully charged with this energy the grand destroyer could destroy whole entire planets with ease and force countless stars to explode, with such cosmic dominance no power could stand against this titan and yet despite her power and rank this monolith of cosmic might was solely focused on a planet the size of a small glowing marble, a planet so fragile that she could blow it away with her tiniest movements if she wasn't carful. 


The Devourer found the whole situation Ridiculous, and what's more the very fact that she felt that she needed the help of a mortal smaller than dust seemed to irritate her even more. But she needed relief from these feelings, a way to ease all her doubts and questions. Using a mortal was so far beneath her true, but if doing so would provide her freedom from all troubles than she would do so. 


She gazed down at the little mights on the minuscule world and it was then that she had witnessed large groups of people going throughout their daily lives, and amongst these sentient dust particles she had found the little boy she had seen  Before, the boy that she need, the boy who had the answers to her question. She would get her answers, and then she would devourer this world and feed on the life energy it produced.


Devourer: ["It time to begin."] 


The Goddess of the cosmos closed her eyes and cleared her head as she focused on the little planet light years away from her current position. She couldn't get to close less she makes her mighty presents known to the Minuscule beings below, and that wasn't an option, for she wished for her actions to go unnoticed.


What was about to be done had never been done before but deep down the Devourer of worlds knew what needed to be done. She would create an avatar of herself to walk amongst the little creatures. This was necessary, for her power was far to great for the planet to withstand, this was the case even in her weakened state. Even if she where to shrink her main body her powerful presence would still Pose a problem for the whole world. Her body couldn't be anywhere near the planet but her mind could. 


Waves of energy exploded to life all around the massive Titan as she focused her very being for the first time on creation instead of destruction. Soon like a collapsing star the energy began to collapse down to a single point the size of a dust particle. Inside this small partial of energy that rested in the middle of the Devours massive palm, energy was being transformed into matter. Bone mixed together with flesh and blood was being constructed until finally what lied on the surface the the goddesses palm was a tiny human body that mimicked her appearance down to every detail, the only difference was the size of this human avatar was the size of a germ compared to the Devourer and yet still the great goddess looked at her work with pride.


Devourer: (smiles) ["Now I can begin."]


Night fell over the northern town of Chilswell as people young and old found themselves in their homes resting for the coming day.


Running down a dirt covered road 14 year old Conrad Ehmer rushed home in all haste, for his curfew was 10:00 and right now it was 10:05.  


Conrad: "Crap, Crap, Crap! Dad is going to kill me for sure!" 


The sight of buildings and houses were soon replaced by wooden trees and open fields as Conrad continued to make his way home. The town of Chilswell was a town covered in many woodland areas and acres and acres of farmland. Conrad for all his life had lived on one of the farms that occupied these lands. This kind of life was hard but deep down Conrad knew that it was honest work.


Conrad ran past the tall trees leading into the woods and as he did the ground began to rumble under his feet. 


Conrad: "What's Happening?!" (Stops running.) 


To the city of Chilswell earthquakes were rare but they did happen from time to time, but as Conrad felt the vibrations under the ground he couldn't help but feel that this earthquake was different and soon without warning a blinding light shined brightly through the woods.


Conrad: (shielding his eyes from the light) "what the hell is that?" 


It lasted only a few seconds but soon the light that seemed to chase away the darkness finally faded into shadow, all that was left was Conrad who continued to stand still in bafflement.


Conrad continued to look within the darkened woods, he had to make his way home but the more he looked into the wooden depths. His curiosity only grew stronger and soon without thought Conrad found himself walking into the darkened woods. 


He saw nothing but the trees and wildlife that occupied the forest in al directions. He felt nothing but the cool night air that stroked his body gently, and yet Conrad continued to step forward.


Conrad soon stops walking as he found himself in an open area filled with grass and surrounded by tall trees. This place located deep in the woods was a place illuminated by moonlight and right in the middle of that sacred light, to Conrad's surprise stood a woman with long blonde hair and pure smooth skin. To Conrad she was the picture of perfection and the longer he looked at this woman covered in divine beauty the more she seemed so unreal. 


Th woman covered in moonlight and held the beauty of a marble statue  to Conrad's surprise began to move her head side to side viewing her surroundings as if she didn't know where exactly she was and soon her eyes and Conrad's met and as she acknowledged Conrad's existence the woman showed a smile, a smile that almost brought Conrad to his knees, and soon as he opened his mouth he found himself able to say a few words. 


Conrad:  "Who are you?"

Chapter End Notes:

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