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       “So remember to feed the dog, do your homework and try to make sure that she doesn’t bring any guest home. Last time she invited over a quote on quote ‘FRIEND’ I ended having to buy a new mattress.” Alex’s mom placed a crisp 20 in his hand for dinnner and planted a kiss on his forehead before closing the door behind her. The  lanky 19 year old sighed as he headed to greet his grandma. He turned the corner into the living room and was immediately landed face first into his grandmas tits as she squeezed his body against her own. “Hello My baby !”  Alex pushed back against his grandmas freeing himself from her grasp.”What’s up Granny I’m glad you came.” you choked out clearly blushing. “Awww your so sweet Alex. I’m surprised you dont have a girlfriend yet, your such a strapping young man.” Alex held his arm to hold in his emotions.” Well its just that I’m not really looking into dating right now you know ? I’m just focusing on my studying and getting grades right now.” Alex replied bashfully.”Now Now Alex you dont got to be so modest. Trust me if you were back in my times you wouldnt be able to keep the ladies off of you. She gave a hearty laugh as she made her wash to the couch next to her belongings. Alex on the other hand doubted her statement considering his current situation. 

       Alex was a mild tempered young man who didn't have any interesting interests or hobbies. All through his life as far as he could remember he was just a wall flower that just existed. He was no means bad looking but he also wouldn't win any awards for it. The only thing that was really unique about him was his height. As a kid he had always been the tallest in the class up until about 5th grade when his height slowed dramatically. After that it basically stopped completely 2 years later at 4’7” which made him the shortest person just about anywhere he went. “Hello Alex are you okay ?” His grandma asked snapping him out of his thoughts. “Oh, uhh yeah I’m fine grandma. Did you need help with something?” “ Yes sweetie i just wanted to know when my son and his wife would get back.” “ Uhmmm,, they didn't really say when they’d be back or anything but i have a feeling its going to be awhile.” Alex said rather apprehensively. He knew that his mother absolutely despised his grandmother.

       They had never been able to get along even before his mother became her in law. Constantly butting heads as Alex’s grandma always thought her son could do better. His mom did anything to avoid interactions with her which was difficult up until a few years ago when Alex’s grandfather drank himself into a relatively speaking early grave. While others mourned the man they once knew, Alex's grandma shocked everyone when she decided to sell her home and take the sum of money that her husband's life insurance had paid out to get breast implants and travel the world. Since then she had made it a habit to drop by every now and then between excursions. Never staying longer than a few days and even bringing gifts and trinkets back from her latest adventure. To be honest though Alex didn't mind his grandmas visits as she was never really a bother. Though her outward personality led her to crave company never failing to mention her latest fling in excruciating detail. She even had Alex set up and show her how to use dating apps to be able to connect with others easier. While he did find it odd that he was helping random guys bang his grandma long as she wasn't bothering for a couple hours he didn't care.

      ‘Ding-ding you have 1 new message’  Alex pulled out this phone checking his notifications. [ Hey Alex. Are you up to get sushi right now? Tristen coming wby?]  Alex’s grandma kicked off her shoes and slouched into the couch further” is that a girl honey?” Clearly egging him on.  Alex chuckled “Not exactly. It's just my friends asking if i want to hangout .” “Ohhhh sounds like fun Alex. You should go.” “I don't know grandma you just came. Are you sure you’d be comfortable being here all by yourself” “ Please Alex i can take care of myself you dont have to worry about me. Go have fun, enjoy yourself.” Alex returned a smile as he sent texted his friends to pick him up. Suddenly Alex’s grandma perked up and before rummaging through her mountain of luggage. “Oh Alex honey I almost forgot to give you this. I know how much you like strange and unique foods and such so when i saw this while rummaging through this little hole in the wall type place out in the middle of nowhere i knew i just had to pick it up.”

       Alex stared in bewilderment as his grandma began to pull out a small velvet pouch that was tied cloed at the top with a gold colored drawstring and decorated in ornate symbols of the same color. “ The man selling them said that they were prank candies. Something about using these on people you dislike or revenge? I’m not quite sure what he said since i wasnt able to hear him that well.” Alex walked over to his grandma accepting the strange gift. “ Thanks grandma, I really like it but i have to get ready. My friends are going to be here soon.” “ Of course dont let me hold you up honey. I’m not to brag but grandma has a hot date coming too.” Alex gave a hesitant laugh as he went to his room. 


       Alex locked the door behind him as he entered his room. He placed the gift on his dresser as he changed clothed to go out. *DING* Alex turned to his phone as a text popped up. [ Going 2 be late. Tire popped ] . Placing the phone down he once again picked up the velvet pouch from his dresser. Loosening the drawstring let out a pleasant fruity smell as it began to open. A peek inside revealed what looked like regular fruit hard candy. “I hope these weren’t expensive. It just seems like the salesman just repackaged store brand” he plucked one i out tossing into his mouth. It didn’t taste any different or unique. “I mean its not bad but maybe grandma should be more cautious about scammers. Alex placed the pouch back on his dresser and began to scroll through social media on his bed as he waited for his friends. As the candy got smaller and smaller Alex couldn’t help but feel his eyelids get heavier. It wasn’t too long before he was asleep.

       Alex woke up dazed and confused. He rubbed his eyes as the grogginess faded and his mind cleared. Weird? He felt awake but things seemed off. As  Alex pushed crawled out from beneath the fabric he became riddled with confusion. The fabric that Alex had thought to be his blanket was his own pile of clothes. He sat there naked on his pillow as he looked out the landscape of his room dimly lit by the streetlight outside. As Alex got up stepping back in disbelief he tripped backwards over a zipper slider. Measuring up side by side next to said zipper he was no taller than a singular tooth. Suddenly his attention snapped to his bedroom door as he heard the handle begin to jiggle and twist. Two giants burst in through the door passionately moaning as they held each other. As the pair became illuminated by the street lamp alex recognized them as his grandma and what must’ve been the guest that she was talking about earlier. 

       “ Are you sure this is okay Sheren?This bed seems a tad small for the both of us..” the young man said as he came up for breathe. “ this will have to for now baby. My son and his bitch daughter put locks on their door and this is the only other bed. Plus its plenty good enough or the show.” Sheren pushed her young lover onto the mattress as she stepped into the light turning her ass towards him as she peeled back her clothes revealing her white creamy backside to him instantly getting him erect. But as his grandma's boy toy was dying to get some ass Alex was dying to get away. As the man slammed down into the mattress the force launched him into the air and straight towards his grandma's strip show. Alex screamed as he landed on his grandma's left asscheek. He couldn't believe that he had landed on his grandma's ass. It had always been kind of a dark fantasy of his to get in her ass. Since as a kid hed purposely get himself sandwiched between her ass and whatever Elise always blaming it on accident. As a teenager he'd jerk off to these memories of being squished by the massive twins. 

       Sheer s ass practically glowed as her lover became fixated by it. Sheren couldn't help but giggle a bit and decide to turn things up a notch as she she leaned onto the drawer in front of her and flexing her thighs, jiggling the twin planets. Alex suddenly found himself in the midst of an earthquake as the flesh below guided him closer and closer towards where the ass cheeks collided. He scrambled to get up but the waves of flesh only pushed him closer to the edge of his grandma’s chasm. As he neared the point of No return he grabbed the cellulite holding on for dear life. Looking beneath him he saw his grandma's asshole flexing rhythmically with her movements. If he was normal size he wouldn't have minded sticking his dick into her hole but at his current size it’s greedy maw could swallow him whole without trouble. He couldn't help but think that he was just an uninvited guest two these two giants. 

       Alex suddenly found himself getting lifted into the air as he was hit by a warm surface. He found himself in a pool of fluid. As another wave of fluid washed over him he realized that he was on the cockhead of his grandma’s lover.  As alex began to fall with the swollen member finding himself face to face with his grandma. He flailed and yelled at top of his lungs to no avail. His grandma was unable to see her grandson on her lovers dick. She playfully pressed her fingertip into the mans cockhead. Alex felt himself lifting with the string of precum as his grandmas finger rose. She purred as the string snapped. Alex suddenly found himself back in the pool of fluid but instead of landing on a hard surface like before he found himself swimming in a sea of precum inside of a large fleshy tube. Alex realized that the mans piss slit had swallowed him. The urethra size dwarfed the young man as it was at least 10ft across to the minuscule home wrecker. Without warning he found himself being punched down into the dick more and more. He could hear the muffled grunts of the two titans as he was sent down further down and squeezed through into the mans balls. 

       Alex was churned with the cum as he the man slammed his balls against his grandmas ass as he went balls deep in her pussy. He could hear his grandma letting out low moans as the man pounded her in here most private parts. Unbeknownst to her her grandson had been along for the whole ride and was was getting progressively turned in hearing the mature woman moan. Soon alex found himself fucking the fleshy tube that connected the mans balls to his urethra. As his heartbeat increased he could hear his grandma come closer to finishing herself as she said “ cum on my tits baby” alex soon found himself launched between his grandmas massive titties. As she came down from her orgasm she stood up to get cleaned up which caused alex to fall from between her tits onto the floor in a drop of cum.he knocked out as he too came down from the wild ride and woke up in the morning on the floor normal sized and naked. He took a shower and got dressed seeing that the couple had been careful to leave no evidence of their escapade. He checked the living room to see his grandma fast asleep on the couch letting out a sigh of relief. He had breakfast and thought maybe decided to keep the candy just in case. END



Chapter End Notes:

I consider this story finished but if I get good reviews maybe I'll make more chapters.

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