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“I wonder what you taste like.” She licked her lips while moaning seductively as she leaned her smiling face in closer towards her tiny tied-up victim. Her beauty mesmerized him, and he seemed to be in a trance as she came closer. She suddenly stopped inches away from his face and he felt her warm minty fresh breath exhale through her mouth to stimulate his fully erect cock. She noticed and let out a gasp before she spoke to him “you seem happy to see me, hey, it's not polite to stare.” She said as she lifted her hand and gently poked him in the stomach with her large index-finger. He tried to show no reaction and turned his head away from her. “Is this your first time being naked with a woman?” She asked with a giggle.

“Too scared to talk? Awww, don’t fear me, listen, I hated the others, so when the shrinking virus got them; yes, I enjoyed crushing them to satisfy my need for revenge and arousal, but you are cute, I really like you, trust me, we can be good friends, or perhaps, more than friends.” Her tongue slowly darted out beneath his cock and gently moved backward and forward to pleasure him. He moaned out with surprise, and she felt victorious. She finally got his reaction, but it was not enough; she wanted more. She leaned in and closed her lips around his cock. She enjoyed the taste of him and took in his scent with every inhale. The intense warm wetness and constant movement caused him to moan out as she continued to pleasure him. She knew he was about to cum.

She suddenly pulled back to tease him, wait for him to calm down, suck his cock until he was about to cum, and pull back again. She did this many times until he was desperate and begging her to finally force him to cum. “No! You will cum only when I allow you too! Until then, I will keep teasing you to the edge and pull back. A fitting punishment for running away from me earlier when I found you tiny. You should know that I believe in rewarding good behavior, too, so if you behave and obey your giantess owner; I promise to respect you and treat you well. I am a woman with needs, and I did have a crush on you before you shrunk. I would prefer to have a good relationship with you. But how I treat you from this point is entirely up to you. I will give you a choice. Do you want to stay with me, or do you want me to free you and let you leave me unharmed?”

He was silent, time passed, and she appeared disappointed. She started to become self-conscious and question herself. He really had no feelings for her at all? Had she gone too far and damaged their potential relationship by saying and doing this?  She started to think of how best to untie him. Suddenly, he screamed out “I LOVE YOU! I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU! I AM YOURS!” This emotional outburst caused her to smile as she felt her heartbeat faster. He committed to their relationship now. “I love you and I will always be there for you but first, let me help you with this.” She said as she leaned in closer and closed her lips around his cock. He moaned out without restraint while knowing that she would finally release him. She continued to pleasure him until she felt his cock twitch and he screamed out while his muscles involuntarily spasmed during his orgasm. A big load of warm cum shot out of his cock and onto her tongue as she continued to suck him. It was the longest orgasm he ever had that continued to shoot out cum every few seconds until he was sexually exhausted and breathing heavily as his giantess girlfriend continued to pleasure and play with him all night.


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