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Story Notes:
Commissioned by gnomo111:https://www.deviantart.com/gnomo1111/
The night was lit with hundreds of blobs of light, Some large, some small, some narrow and long, some round and fat. Cities of all sorts of shapes, sizes and states of slumber across the country. Stretching from coast to coast. until, on the west coast of the land, they felt a pronounced rumble. It wasn’t enough to stir most of them at first. Some thought it was their imagination, or some normal tremor like they’ve had before. The second, however, did not give many time for contemplation. Multiple municipalities vanished beneath some terrific impact. Many more disintegrated from the shockwave that rippled from the epicentre. Spewing up gouts of lava through glowing cracks.

The whole world began to wake at that, as a quarter of a minute later another, similar concussion claimed the lives of millions more. The molten rock lit up the sky over the horizon, giving a glimpse of something absolutely incomprehensibly huge. But very few had much time to guess what it was before their region was flattened, too. A slow, staccato'd corridor of death was being cut through the country from one coast towards the other. It took only a few minutes more for the cause to come into plain view as the rising sun illuminated its next target just before it struck. A young woman’s foot, pale, clad in a white strappy high heeled sandal, cracked the planet’s crust where it stood. Following up her smooth, strong legs it was hard not to notice the sheer voluptuousness of her thighs and hips. Clad in jean booty shorts so tight they were practically painted on, her wide hips swayed proudly as she took another apocalyptic step. A bare midriff showed off her toned stomach, and a white halter top displayed her generous assets with a good amount of cleavage. Wavy brunette hair draped down over her shoulders, and mousy blue eyes looked upon the world with delight.

She came to a stop at the coastline, her body stretching so high into space that she could see plainly to the next continent. By now every news station was broadcasting her to the world and many were calling it doomsday. She blew a kiss at her microscopic audience and giggled. Then, she began to strip. Slowly and sensually, as all the military force in the world was mustering to attack. Swinging her hips and playing with her hair before lifting her top off, revealing a lacy pink bra of nearly transparently thin fabric. Tossing her shirt behind her flippantly, burying surviving clusters of humanity, she continued the show with her shorts. Swaying and rocking, she turned on her toes, grinding the world beneath her further to put her shapely round ass on full display. Winking back at her audience over her shoulder as her panties came into view. The dark line of wetness was impossible to ignore as she let those shorts drop to the torn land. Turning around she fondled her tits with one hand while tracing over her panties, biting her lower lip. One sauntering step entered an ocean that couldn’t even wet her toes. Tsunamis washed out in all directions as she catwalked towards the next coast. Now the screams really began, not that she could hear them. She undid her bra on the way and simply allowed it to fall from her body wherever it may. The same was not so for her panties, pulling off the knot on the side, she carried it lightly in pinched fingers. Stopping with her toes towering over the coast, clouds unable to reach even their bottoms, she dropped it, annihilating multiple cities instantly under the dainty sodden fabric. Her shoes were left behind as she stepped onto land.

More settlements squished beneath her soft soles, commenting the sensation of bedrock caressing her feet with a pleased hum as cities crunched under her toes. Striding inland a couple steps she stopped to survey her playground. She sighed with lust as she looked upon all its life, unaware of the incredible military attack launched on her feet. Carefully, she moved forward with spread legs and got down on her knees, Wiping out the entire contingent in the process. The populace beneath her could only see hazy walls of flesh and the glow of lava as her body became their sky. A giggle rocked the land, crumbling entire sections of metropoli effortlessly. Her pendulous, soft breasts, tipped with nipples taller than any mountain were too high in the sky for weapons to reach, until they weren’t.

“Mmmmm... squishy.” She cooed. feeling nothing at all of the hundred million souls who perished beneath her soft moons, but delighting in the knowledge of it, and subtle sensations of bedrock conforming to her body. She looked down on the surviving cities beneath her face, and licked her lips teasingly. Her pink fleshy tongue scraped over them, their neighbours, and all the small towns in between, in a single lick. Nothing was able to penetrate the thick layer of saliva, it was merely their dissolving essence that danced on her taste buds as more desperate attacks went unnoticed on her tits. “Mmmmmmmnnn~” She hummed, the vibrations simply disintegrated every vehicle, body and structure in the region, before she swallowed audibly. “You always taste so good!”

Rising back to her hands and knees, positioning herself, she slowly rolled her prodigious ass onto a small country and then some. Spreading her legs, placing them nearly on either side of the whole continent. A vast central corridor dense with humanity sprawled out between her thighs. Tiny flickers lit up the sensitive skin on the lowest parts her pussy. Being all the worthless militaries of the world could reach. Even there, their most devastating weapons weren’t strong enough for her to notice, as her fingers slid down to her waxed cunt. And with a deep moan, she closed her eyes and began gently kneading her clit. And as she did, the people of the world witnessed something even more terrifying.

She began to grow.

They watched in horror as her hazy behind stretched towards them. The unstoppable wall of flesh bulldozing cities by the dozens as her moans and sighs thundered from above. Her body stretched in every direction, her ass expanding over entire regions at a time as groups of cities found themselves smeared under her expanding, drenched sex. Those trying to flee at the coast found themselves overtaken as her cheeks breached the sea, crushing the entire continent under her plump butt as she pleasured herself. Her whole body continued to grow across the water until, finally, she felt something amiss. Pausing a moment, she opened her eyes to find out what it was, Where was the planet? She could still feel it under her. Looking down, she moaned when she realized what happened.

“Oops.” She said as she noticed her new size, her hips nearly as wide as the whole planet now. “So~rry peo~ple...” She cooed cutely, rolling her butt side to side, squishing nearby landmasses beneath her with glowing chunks of crust flying off into space. The planet was nothing more than a comfy beach ball for her ass to play with after all. Across the world, buildings ripped from their foundations, oceans surged over screaming masses, and land broke as the earth rocked back and forth on its axis. Saving the rest of the world from being totally wiped out when she stopped. The damage was rather mild, relatively speaking. A few billion people still lived in largely intact cities, mostly between her legs. The drooling maw of her cunt threatening the shores of a continent, or rather, several. Unbeknownst to her, entire navies had been washed inside her pussy and were firing uselessly at, or at least towards, her walls in a mad panic while she was focused on how horny the sight of the tiny patch of dirt made her.

She growled as her fingers entered her depths, ending the navy, “I really need to cum.” She moaned as she continued working herself in and out. On the ground, people watched her in the distance. Her pussy and legs were impenetrable walls that framed the horizon. Thunderous wet sloshing echoed around them mixing with her moans and sighs. Her motions rocked their land, cracking pavement and buildings, hampering those mad enough to still try fleeing. Then her tone shifted, a sudden shudder rolling through the earth, women screamed louder knowing what this meant. Rhythmic shivers ran through the ground, building in intensity to a fever pitch as her voice did the same. She moaned deeply and loudly, and with a shuddering clench, an immense wave of fluid burst from her insides. Her squirt was a wave across the horizon rising higher and higher as she continued to shudder, gushing more and more liquid in an unending flood.

There was simply no hope, the sheer distance gave them time to watch their demise approach, feel her shuddering body and hear her moans and gasps of pleasure as her body emptied its lust on them. Until the thin leading edge made landfall, washing through the first outlying cities. Swallowing the suburbs like they weren’t even there, crashing into the commercial and warehouse districts, bursting windows moments before the full weight of the tide overwhelmed the reinforced concrete and washed away the entire building like fine grit. Raised highways collapsed pouring vehicles into the river on the way to the dense central core, tearing through gridlocked streets, tossing cars, buses and trains like toys as the lower ten floors of the office towers were blasted clean through, people and furniture pulped out the opposite side. The skyscrapers not even getting a chance to lean over before their foundations were stripped and they dragged along with the flow.

After those cities were dead and forgotten the true mass of her pleasure arrived. An impossible tsunami swallowing mountains, clouds, even planes as more lust gushed from her depths. That mass simply flowed over the densest sectors of the mightiest structures humanity ever produced like smooth, flat land. Its sheer weight crunched the bedrock along its path, magma extinguished instantly as the flood tore the crust apart and carried it along with it, and yet she still squirted more. In one region, people were shocked and confused when, suddenly, the wall of love water sank beneath the horizon, the land in front of them flexing upwards, giving them a macabre view of the warping earth and everything shattering upon it heading towards them before they were tossed by a sudden jolt as well. Only the quick and alive realized that the crust had been ripped free and was floating on top of the tide like a leaf in a river.

And like such a dry, brittle leaf, it quickly began crumbling and breaking apart. Intact towns and districts falling through holes in the land, dragged and disintegrated under her flow. The destruction spread quickly until everything was underwater, mixed in as just some detritus. The volume she squirted could not be compared to something as pathetic as an ocean, it would make more sense instead to compare all the water on earth to a portion of her squirt. As she came down from her orgasm, the liquid continued to spread. The continent between her legs was long submerged, but the destruction was far from over. The oceans rose, simply replaced by her juices, rapidly drowning all coastal cities and then the landmasses themselves. In only a couple minutes, the entire world had drowned.

The giantess came down from her ecstasy, nudging herself free of the planets gravity. Looking back at it she smiled at its rippling, dead surface. Stretching in the depths of space, “Hnnnggg... That was a really nice break.” she said to herself, “Awwww...nothing left for me to play with while I study?” She pouted to the dead rock, “Guess I’ll go find some more...” she said, before vanishing in a flash of light.
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