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Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't have a sequel planned for this one, but if you like this story and let me know, I'll write one.


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I stood in my living room playing XBOX with my best friend Richard. We only played with one control, because I could not handle one alone. You see, while Richard is your average sized 17 year old kid, I am only about an inch and a half tall. I was born that way, everyone was dumbstruck, no one knows why it happened, yada yada ya, the point is I am small, and have more than gotten used to it.


Anyway, back to the important part of the story. I was on the XBOX controller, doing a sort of DDR dance on the colored buttons while Richards thumbs swung around me manipulating the controller. Small talk was going on as usual in between various commands.


“Melee, quick quick! Hah! In the nuts! Good shot!” exclaimed Richard “Speaking of good nutshots -Jump!- some drunk idiot almost castrated himself with a bottle rocket the other day -Switch weapons!- can you believe that? He got real close to never getting laid again! Reload! C'mon man, reload!”


Richard paused the game and looked down at me. I was crying, thinking about how I'd never get laid, I was just too small. This wasn't the first time Richard had seen me cry over this. When we were in Jr. High I did the same thing, and he tried to help me out by tossing me up some girl's skirt while she was sitting at her desk. The girl freaked, and instead of getting some I got suspended and all three of us got detention. Later in Freshman year, I tried an internet relationship. I never told the girl about my size but kept it going for about three months (and let me tell you, typing at this size is a bitch) when she decided she wanted to meet me. The second she saw me she ran away screaming (bit of an overreaction if you ask me). There just seemed to be no hope for me, I broke out of my melancholy reverie to the sound of Richard's voice.


“Hey man I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean it like that!” I only continued sobbing, and failed to notice Richard light up with sudden inspiration. Normally when he gets this look I run out of fear of what will happen, normally. “Look man, let's head over to my house, I know just what to do to help you.” With that I was picked up off the controller and we left.


Richard set me down in his room and left for a while. I could hear talking in the distance and assumed he was on the phone...or crazy, sometimes I couldn't tell with him. He came back in the room with a big smile on his face. “Great news buddy! I, The Greatest Friend Who EVER Lived, have arranged to get you laid! Haha!”


This stunned me. Richard hadn't tried anything like this since Jr. High, needless to say, I wanted to know more. “By who?”


“Jasmine!” Richard exclaimed in excitement. This news shook me, and I proceeded to tell him so.


“But Jasmine...” I began “is your girlfriend...are you okay with this? How the hell did you get her to agree??”


“Well...” Richard began, I knew this was going to be bad. “She doesn't exactly know. I was afraid she might not like the idea and refuse, so technically she's coming over to fuck me, but I'm going to find a way to get you into her vagina and she never has to find out!”





“You're a fucking idiot! What if Jasmine finds out! She'll kill you and probably never speak to me again, what the hell were you thinking!”


“Hey man! I'm doing this for you! We've been friends since we were kids and I just thought I'd do something nice for you!” Now it was my turn to feel like a dick. Richard had gone out of his was to do what he thought was best for me. Stupid, stupid Richard...Now Jasmine is a beautiful girl don't get me wrong, but this felt like a sort of violation. Of course I was going to say yes, my best friend would be happy and I would get laid (in the technical sense) it was a win win.


“Okay Richard, you're right, how's this going to work?”


“Great I've got this all figured out, don't you worry! First I'm going to leave you on my bed, then when Jasmine and I start having sex get as close to us as you can. Then, I'll pull out for a sec and pretend like it was an accident. Get inside of Jasmine then.” Wow, Rich did have this all planned out. I was placed in a discreet location on his bed and then we waited for Jasmine to show up.


About 20 minutes passed and she arrived. Richard went to answer the door and in the distance I heard a loud “Hey Jazz!” and then silence...


Minutes later Richard's door burst open and he and Jasmine stumbled in, their lips locked together. 'He sure got to that fast!' I thought to myself as the door was slammed shut and their kissing continued.


I had met Jasmine before and she at least acted like she liked me. We talked whenever we were around and she asked me a lot of questions about being small. What set this apart from other occasions, was that she had no idea I was here. Somehow this fact made her especially gorgeous as I checked her out.


Jasmine was particularly tall for a girl, measuring about 5'8”. She was 16 and a Jr. in High school. She had beautiful, almost Arabic features to her face and had naturally tan skin. Her black hair ran in gentle curves along her shoulders and framed her vivid green eyes. My own eyes trailed to her torso. She was wearing a light blue tank top that adhered nicely to her slim figure and fair sized breasts. Around her waist was wrapped a white and black plaid pleated miniskirt. I was too far away to see her panties, but close enough to see her long slender legs leading into the skirt, looking smooth even to a man of my stature. My gaze was broken as they fell together onto the bed.


Jasmine laid on her back and spread her arched legs wide open for Richard. Her skirt fell back and I was greeted to a view of her white thong with little pinstripes on it. Richard wasted no time in grabbing the waistband and sliding the panties off his girlfriend. It was at this time I saw my first vagina (other than the internet of course) Jasmine was neatly and completely shaven, and her pussy was pink and puffed up from her arousal. Already a slimy clear fluid was soaking it.


This beautiful scene was rudely interrupted by Richard who, after shedding his pants, was exposing his cock. The most disturbing lesson I learned this day was that my best friend, whom I had known since I was a kid, was hung.


Rich positioned himself in front of Jasmine, and plowed his cock into her. It was like watching a freight train disappear into thin air. Jazz gasped as he entered her and when he pulled out again his cock was covered in her slime. I watched them go about this for about five minutes, the feeling in my pants telling my motivation would not be a problem, when my opportunity was finally presented to me.


Richard's cock slid completely out of Jazz and he began to kiss her passionately. Taking advantage I made a mad dash for Jasmine. I ran underneath one of her arched legs and stopped at her crotch. From the way she was laying her tight anus was facing me. I jumped and grabbed her sphincter, an involuntary squeeze forcing my arm up her ass. I pulled it out and jumped again and my hands barely reached the bottom of her pussy. While I was scrambling up to her entrance I noticed Richard moving. His massive torso glided over her body as his face filled my field of view. Seeing me he smiled and then moved his giant fingers toward the pussy I was balancing on. Placing a finger on either side of me, he spread Jasmine's pussy open, making me lose my balance. Richard simply had to blow air onto my teetering form and I tumbled inside of his girlfriend.


I fell into the bottom of Jasmine's pussy with a splat. The spongy, yielding material cushioning my fall and soaking my hair. I lay there just taking in the view. Not too far in front of me was a ceiling of the same spongy material I just fell on. Tilting my head back and looking in the direction I was pointed I could see Jasmine's internal walls carry on for a short time before all disappeared into darkness. Pulling my gaze back to the entrance I just fell through I saw Richard's jaw moving, I could only assume he was licking her clit. Since I had Jasmine's pussy all to myself for the moment, I decided to explore.


As I stood up inside Jasmine I could almost reach my full height. It seemed the sex had left a little more room inside Richard's girlfriend than I had expected. I began walking. My feet sunk uneasily into the ground and every once and a while I would trip and have to grab one of her internal ridges to keep from falling. My head soon bumped into an especially bumpy and spongy obstruction. I had never made love to a girl before but I had a pretty good idea what this was, and I knew Jasmine would be pissed if she found out I was inside her, but something in me snapped, and I was powerless to resist latching my body onto this spot and massaging it for all my worth.


After about five minutes of this massaging Jasmine had her orgasm. Her pussy squeezed me all over and then she bucked her hips, rocketing me into her. I slid deeper inside of her until I bumped into her massive cervix. I began masturbating furiously and not long after I began to spurt my load all over Jasmine's vaginal walls, her cervix sputtered a hot and incredibly sticky fluid all over me.


I laid down, basking in the glow of Jasmine's orgasm. I picked up a handful of the white fluid and tasted it. “I could get used to this,” I said to Jasmine, not that she would hear me “If Richard's not careful, you're going to have a tiny man living inside of you.” and of course Richard, stupid, stupid Richard picked that exact moment to change my mind.


With a sudden force I was slammed against Jasmine's cervix. A short time later and it happened again. I turned to see my assailant and got my face slammed against Richard's cock. He was plowing Jasmine, and I was still inside of her! The hard thrusting continued for about 10 minutes, one particularly bad thrust sending my left foot all the way up to my knee through the tiny hole in her cervix. Soon after that Richard blew. He slammed his dick right up against Jasmine's cervix (and me) and sprayed hot semen all over me. After a few more lazy humps he pulled out of Jazz, and I was left violated and alone.


Fun time was definitely over, I knew it was time to get out of Jasmine before she went home with a stowaway. I grabbed my trapped leg and yanked it out of Jasmine's cervix, fluid spewing after it. I fell from her cervix into a puddle of Richard's cum. Gross. Scared and crying a little I crawled my way back to Jasmine's entrance, careful to avoid her G-spot this time. When I reached her outer lips and they were closed. I pushed on them and they wouldn't budge! Jasmine had crossed her legs on the bed, I was trapped inside of her! I put a hand against a vaginal wall and felt her pulse, steady. It felt like Jasmine had fallen asleep, I was going to have to wait for an opportunity to escape.


About an hour later I had my chance as Jasmine awoke, getting ready to leave. She opened her legs and arched them to put on her panties and I jumped clean out of her and landed by her ass. She put on the panties and sat up right on me, her damp pussy lips kissing me through the material before she stood up and began to talk to Richard.


“It was the weirdest thing Ricky,” Jazz said as she turned around to grab her things. Richard looked around frantically and upon seeing me, gave a huge relieved sigh. Jazz continued “When you were eating me out it felt like there was a little, I dunno a little bug or something massaging my g-spot...”


“Oh!...Really?” Rich said with a nervous air in his voice.


“Yeah, but the funny thing is, please don't think I'm weird, it felt really good. I'd love to feel something like that for real.”


“Oh...Really?” it seemed that Richard was a bit stunned.


“In fact,” Jasmine said biting her bottom lip and smiling “you know your little friend, the tiny guy?” Richard nodded “could we...you know...do something with him sometime?”


Richard blinked, then blinked again, regaining as much of his composure as possible he said “Oh!...Really?--I mean, Yeah! I'll ask him and if you want to have him all to yourself all I ask is that I get to watch!”


“Ooooh baby! Or maybe, maybe I could stick him inside me and we could go out to dinner or a public place and you can watch me react to all of his squirming in my pussy!”


“Mmm, sounds like a great idea baby.”


“Oh thank you Richard!” she said kissing him on the cheek “you're the greatest guy ever!”


I'll say.

Chapter End Notes:
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