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Story Notes:

I upload here for convenience, but the PDF and IMO better version can be found on my DA: https://www.deviantart.com/macsquizzygts/art/Even-Angels-932714067

Almaya looked at the ground quizzically, a slight breeze tousling strands of her straight blonde hair. Around her, but mostly in front of her, there were hundreds and hundreds of strange square and rectangular crystal things. Almost all of them smaller then her big toe. Between these objects there were isles speckled with white and yellow lines, sometimes dotted, sometimes not. Although her dainty feet were far too wide to take up just one or two of them. Several of those boxes were crushed beneath each foot and the grey land itself cracked and heaved under her weight. She blinked her piercing blue eyes at the scene before her, “Oh my...” The Angel’s sweet, innocent voice could’ve soothed even the most cold hearted tyrant. “Where exactly have I found myself?”

Though she may be an Angel in title you would never know it from her appearance. A thin silk loincloth struggled to hide her naked crotch from view. The strip of white fabric hung just above her knees and was barely wider than her pussylips. With every movement one could almost catch teasing glimpses of her flower. A slightly wider piece of fabric pretended to cover her butt, it was longer, hanging just past her knees, but would barely be wide enough to cover her cheeks if stretched taut. Which it, of course, wasn’t. And for a woman of such fortunate endowment as she, it meant the fabric mostly only hid her crack and nethers from view. The garment may not have been elegant, but it at least protected her modesty… technically.

Her top was hardly any more discreet, though it wasn’t entirely the fabrics fault. Sporting a pair of breasts that looked at least as large as her own head, there was probably nothing Almaya could wear that wouldn’t catch attention. Still, a tube top was, perhaps, a bit much. The springy fabric hugged her ribcage just fine, but it was utterly overwhelmed by the sheer mass of her breasts, which jiggled with every movement. Ornate swirl and wave patterns adorned the tube top in golden thread, bringing that much more attention to her assets and slim waistline, as if they needed any.

The delicate high heeled sandals that adorned her feet sported a narrow three inch heel that towered over nealy all the structures around her. With a sole of perhaps a half inch of cork, moulded comfortably to her baby soft pads. Finally, secured with a crisscross of thin golden straps which complemented the white insole. The shoes gleamed in the sunlight as she lifted her right foot to gently probe more of the strange boxy crystals. To her astonishment, they crumbled to bits at her slightest touch, throwing up fine clouds of sparkling dust as they did. “Oh my, they’re so fragile!” The angel’s voice seemed concerned, and a little disgusted. Hundreds if not thousands of tiny specks had already been swarming amongst the cracked earth around her feet. But this sent many more of the tiny moving things scattering. Some were brightly coloured, some were longer than they were wide, and the most numerous were barely specks of dust. They moved so sluggishly, yet they seemed clearly perturbed by her.“What manner of creatures are these? Perhaps… some form of… insect?” She mused. Unbelievably, as she looked further ahead of her, they hid in those crystals as if they believed they offered some sort of protection. Yet at her feet she saw more of the boxy things crumbling around her from little more than her unconscious shifts in weight. She continued lazily probing the land, popping structures and flattening swarms of the various scurrying things, wondering how such a pathetically weak species even survived to begin with. Until a dreadful realization wormed its way into her mind. When it finally hit her, Almaya covered her mouth with both hands in distress. “Oh dear, this isn’t where I’m supposed to be at all is it?” The Angel stepped back roughly with devastating consequences. The heel of her right sandal piercing a large, wide crystal before the quakes ripped the entire area apart. “Oh I’m in <i>so</i> much trouble now, aren’t I?”

She contemplated bringing forth her wings, but, if the creatures are this fragile, doing so would surely kill a great many. But she couldn’t simply stand here where she could do more damage to these life forms. She looked around, trying not to twist her feet. Thankful that a clear area was only a few steps behind her. “Oh dear, I’m sorry creatures, I will be as careful as I am able.” she said as she twisted slowly to take her first step. “Please get out of my way. I don’t mean to hurt you.” She held her foot over another part of the street, specks scurried from all angles to clear the area, “Wow, thank you... ummm… <i>what?</i>” She said, horrified as she saw huge swarms leaving the structures. There were so many, thousands and thousands. They just kept streaming out. The entire lane was clogged with them, “Oh I think I’m going to be sick…” She waited for a few more seconds for the specks to evacuate, but, they continued. She felt her heartrate rising, “I <i>hate</i> bugs...” she sqeaked squeamishly. Being surrounded by so many insects was too much for her. She felt the strange ground shifting under her foot. “H-how many are there?” she squeaked anxiously. She pulled her foot back beside the other, squishing a huge mass of creatures as she did. Which did little to stem the vast carpets of them clogging every isle around her. Anxiety started taking over, she began breathing heavily, feeling faint, “I’m sorry, I can’t…” She said as she glowed with a brilliant white light, vast shimmering wings appeared on her back with a sudden explosion of power. Scattering ethereal feathers everywhere. Almaya flapped her great wings, annihilating the area around her in a single beat. It was more than simply wind that flowed from those wings, pure divine force ebbed through them, providing the true lift she needed as she lept into the air. Subsequent flaps tore up the earth itself with ease as she fluttered outside of the bug nest. Her shimmering wings dissolving into glittering sparkles as her feet touched down on the outskirts.

Almaya took a minute to catch her breath and calm herself down. The area she had just left was completely devastated, thousands upon thousands of insects must’ve perished without even a chance to understand what had killed them. She felt a little remorse for it, even if they were just bugs. She hoped that fact would keep her from getting into too much trouble if they were the pets of a Goddess. “Oh I really <i>hate</i> bugs… but I don’t understand, did I open the gate wrong?” She materialized a luminescent parchment and began reading it to herself. “No, that doesn’t seem to be the case… On no! Did the gate malfunction? Oh dear, what if I can’t return?”

“The gate didn’t malfunction Allie” a female voice spoke in a somewhat annoyed tone, though the source could not be seen.

“But… this cannot be the right place Caiora!” Almaya griped.

“Sure it can, what does your writ say?” The voice replied, matter of factly

Almaya scanned it again, “It says, that I am to appear on a mortal world and inform it’s people, the humans, that their world has been noticed by the Goddesses and favourably so…” Almaya unrolled the document further, “It further states that, due to this planet’s mortal status, I am permitted free reign over it and its people for as long as necessary, no damage or loss of life resulting from my visit up to and including… <i>total annihilation!?</i>... shall be penalized…? Caiora is this correct? I’m confused.”

“Yep, seems good on my end.” she responded nonchalantly

“I see… but, where are all the humans? I was supposed to appear near one of their settlements but instead I appeared in the middle of this fragile... insect colony.”

Caiora could be heard snickering, “Insect… colony…? Could you… could you go into more detail Almaya?”

“Caiora this is serious!”

“I know, I know I’m sorry, it’s just, *cough*, you say you found an <i>insect colony</i>. Could you go into more detail about it?”

“Well… It isn’t like any insects I’ve seen before, they build their nest out of these strange, small, cube and rectangular structures. But despite their appearance these structures are incredibly fragile, barely a touch and they collapse.”

Caiora started laughing.

“Caiora!” Almaya complained.

“I know I know I’m sorry! It just, sounds ridiculous, y’know? Umm, Almaya, can you… <i>describe</i> the insects themselves? Did you see any?”

“Well... yes, more than I could count. The area was so thick with them I couldn’t even see the ground in some places. There were several types in fact, some were long and thin, somewhat like an ant but quite a bit smaller. Some appeared to be small, colourful beetles, less than half the size of the ants, barely a grain of sand really. Oh! and there were lots and lots that I swear were smaller than dust. They were all very slow, and delicate, but these ones were especially sluggish. I, well, I must have killed tens of thousands of them when I unfurled my wings.”

“Okay, okay Almaya thank you” Caiora was audibly struggling to hold back her laughs, “Now, I just want to confirm with you, you were supposed to appear near a human settlement, correct?”

“Yes, well, <i>in</i> a human settlement to be precise.”

“And where did you end up?”

“In this... bug nest... place... I <i>told you!</i>” Almaya was getting quite frustrated.

“It’s okay Almaya I’m just following procedure.” Caiora said, unconvincingly, unable to hide her mischievous amusement “And nothing… nothing went wrong with the gate on your or our end that we know of, correct?”

“Well, no, I suppose not.” Almaya reluctantly admitted. Though Caiora’s amusement was getting on  her nerves.

“Now, just to confirm one last time for records. Almaya, you were supposed to appear inside of a human settlement, and ended up in what you describe as a ‘fragile insect colony.’ No miscasts of the gate are reported on your part and no abnormalities are detected on our side either.”

“Yes, yes that <i>is</i> what happened.” Almaya sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Okay Almaya… now… I want you to think about what you just said. I want you to think <i>really hard</i> about what you just finished reporting to us, okay?” Caiora was clearly enjoying some sort of joke at Almayas expense.

“I’m not <i>crazy</i> Caoira! That’s what <i>happened!</i>” Almaya snapped.

“Okay, okay, just… gimme a second here… Almaya, what do humans look like?”

“They look like <i>us!</i> They look <i>exactly</i> like us! At least… that’s what I was taught in school. Are you even listening to me?”

“I am, I am, I’m sorry it’s just such a bizarre, crazy circumstance, y’know? Ok, Almaya, I’m going to need you to do something, okay? This is <i>very important</i>, I need you to go back to the insect colony and get a good, close look at them. I need you to get right down there on your hands and knees and look at them as closely as you possibly can, okay? We need a detailed description of every feature you can see.”

“Okay...” Almaya replied hesitantly, “If I must...”

She strolled back to a less damaged part of the colony. An area filled with strange rows, grids and even some circles of the tiniest structures she’d seen yet. It looked like two or three might fit under her pinky tip. A cluster of the dust sized insects were fleeing the area. Almaya carefully got down on her hands and knees, she still couldn’t make anything out about them, but she noticed one poor speck all on its own far behind the main group. Focusing on the tiny thing, Almaya ever so slowly laid herself down on the ground. Multitudes of tiny structures crunched beneath her prodigious breasts. She kept her eyes locked on that one speck as her chest rolled towards it. A gentle sigh of pleasure escaped the Angel’s lips, it felt good, <i>surprisingly</i> good, to feel the ground itself crack and splinter beneath the sheer weight of her soft tits. And seeing the tiny mite struggling to escape her boobs on the fracturing earth was more than amusing. Her bust finally stopped spreading barely a centimeter away from that little thing, the ground had heaved into a ridge, getting little bits of dirt in her cleavage, that little speck nearly became one of them. For some reason Almaya couldn’t help but feel aroused watching how absolutely helpless that worthless bug was before her. Without even thinking, she rolled her chest over more tiny things to prolong the sensation while staring at it, avoiding crushing it so she could watch it struggle against the quaking ground in the shadow of her breasts and face.

<i>T</i><i>his</i><i> woul</i><i>d</i><i> fe</i><i>el</i><i> even better if </i><i>my</i><i> </i><i>shirt</i><i> wasn’t in the way. </i>She thought, then coming back to her senses, Almaya realized that up close like this she could make out many more of its features. She spoke softly, trying not to disturb the poor thing too much with her voice, “These tiny ones, they appear to have four appendages, only two appear to be legs, the others are on their upper body, their head is… is…” Almaya’s eyes went wide “Caiora… these… are <i>these</i>…?” But Caiora was losing control laughing, the laughs and giggles of a few other girls could be heard in the background.

Almaya’s face went beet red. “Caiora stop it! How was I supposed to know!? Stop laughing!” She quickly scrambled to her feet and backed away from the terrified man, or at least his, and many others, splattered remains after such reckless movements.

“I’m sorry Almaya, I’m so sorry but this was just too funny. I seriously didn’t know that you didn’t know what humans really looked like. It was just too funny listening to you <i>seriously</i> call them insects. Oh man, Almaya, this is so funny!”

“But I’ve been killing humans Caoira! I was just supposed to read them our announcement but instead I’ve killed so many!”

“Yeah, yeah it’s no big deal, that’s kinda what they’re for.”

<i>“...What?”</i> Almaya asked, stunned. “You mean… I really <i>won’t</i> be in trouble for this? Even though I haven’t even read the writ to them yet?”

“Almaya, all mortals are our toys, they <i>literally</i> exist for our amusement. That’s what they were created for. And humans are the lowest of the low. I <i>know</i> you learned this in class.”

“I-I did, but, I didn’t realize the rules were so… <i>liberal</i>…” Almaya replied, confused, “I… suppose that’s why I am permitted free reign over them then...”

“Yeah, yeah go nuts Almaya, do whatever you want.” Caoira said nonchalantly.

“Oh… yes.” Almaya responded nervously.

“Their world is yours for as long as you please, or until others feel like playing there. Which from the sounds of it, won’t be too long. Then you’ll have to share. So have fun, bye bye!” The connection with Caiora suddenly ceased before Almaya could even open her mouth. Almaya swallowed hard, turning back towards the partly shattered city. Humans swarmed everywhere, but she no longer felt any fear now that she knew they weren’t <i>actually</i> bugs. In fact as she looked upon the destruction she’d so effortlessly caused she felt kind of <i>excited</i>. She knew humans were small and weak, she’d learned all about it in class. But she didn’t think they were <i>this</i> pathetic. It was more than a pleasant surprise, it was a dream come true! But she was still a little confused. After all, what was even the point of her assignment? Caiora made it sound as though she could simply ignore it, exterminate their whole world if she wanted, and leave without even introducing herself, and she would face no reprimand for it. Humans or no, that can’t be right, can it? Surely there’s <i>some</i> importance to her mission here… isn’t there?

Taking a deep breath, Almaya walked back to the outskirts. She felt no fear, no qualms at all about walking into their battered city now. Absentmindledly crushing a couple neighborhoods underfoot as she went, before she stopped in the midst of a swarm. She felt powerful, in charge, sure of herself. For a moment she thought this was it, this was her time to shine, to finally break through her timid shell. All that confidence evaporated the moment she began to unfurl her parchment. Mortal or not, they were still thinking, feeling beings, and tens of thousands of them were about to hear her speak.

She cleared her throat and put on her best official voice, “Hello, dear humans, I, Almaya, am here to inform you that your realm has gained the notice of the almighty Goddesses and they look favourably upon your humble world.” And that was it, her job was officially done, that wasn’t so bad. As she rolled up the parchement she realized that the whole thing did seem a little silly, given the circumstances. But now came the next part, though the writ <i>said</i> she would not be punished for any destruction, She still felt uneasy about what she’d done. What the message she conveyed truly meant was that a bored Goddess called dibs on this world, if not this whole universe, for their idle amusement, and that no other was allowed to use it without their permission. The mortals didn’t need to know who, why, or what any of that meant, just that it was so. She couldn’t shake the feeling that Caiora was playing a prank on her, trying to get her in trouble with a Goddess on her first day. Almaya shivered at the thought of something so incalcuably powerful being cross with her for wasting even a little of their new playthings. There’s a variety of ways to interpret how ‘necessary’ her actions were, after all. Better to be safe than sorry.

She clasped her hands in front of her waist nervously, her face flushing with redness, “I apologize for my earlier transgressions against your people,” She spoke meekly, twisting the toe of her right sandal into the debris, looking away from the onlookers guiltily, It was probably for the best that she didn’t know that her voice was shaking buildings and causing minor damage across the city, “I was unaware of your true… <i>nature, </i>as mortals.” She smiled as warmly as she was able, feeling all their eyes on her body.“A-as mortals your purpose is to service divine beings in whatever way they… <i>we...</i> desire.” She stammered, trying to choose her words carefully. “I... should... <i>probably</i> elaborate on what that means shouldn’t I? Ha ha...” She laughed timidly, “<i>We</i><i>llllll</i><i>ll</i>… many divine beings, they… they umm...” There was no chance of keeping her composure with so many mortal eyes watching her, she could feel them all over her body, and knew what she must look like to them. “Some of us- of them... <i>us</i>... enjoy… <i>playing</i> with… lesser beings.”

<i>Just spit it out Almaya, come on, what kind of Angel are you?</i> She scolded herself, the weight of all their eyes on her was making her feel nauseous. “So... umm... be ready for anything!” The tone sounded like it was meant to inspire, and it did, but maybe not the adventure and excitement Almaya was going for. She couldn’t do it, she couldn’t admit to them that they were probably all going to end up as slaves, food for an eldritch pet, free real estate for far more valuable mortals like fey to expand to, or many other terrible fates. Whatever they chose to do with them, their extinction was certain, it was just a matter of how long it would be drawn out for. Its all for the best she supposed, such an admission would cause pointless blind panic or simple incredulity. Still, perhaps if she attempted this amends, she could avoid an even worse fate than theirs, like working a day sorting books in the archive department, or doing <i>math!</i>

Some of the crowds seemed to be calming down a little, even moving towards her, she extended her senses, feeling into them, trying to gauge how convincing she was. “Are… are you a Goddess?” she heard a mortal male speak, In truth that question was on many of their lips, but his seemed to ring out louder for her, making Almaya’s heart skip a beat.

“N-no I’m, I’m just an Angel, I’m the lowest of divine beings. I guess I should have introduced myself that way, ha ha!” She spoke casually, using her abilities so that those humans could feel and know she was responding to them specifically even though walls continued to shudder at her tone. Her own words echoed in her mind as she stared down at their city. if humanity was this insignificant to a lowly Angel like her, then as a full fledged a Goddess they’d be... She cleared her throat to get such thoughts out of her head and bring herself back to reality, “I just passed the test this week and your world was my first assignment actually!” Her big smile turned to nervous laughter at the sight of the smouldering debris she’d left in the city.  “But, <i>y’know</i>, maybe one day!” She finished before her mind could fantasize any further. “One moment, I will lower myself so that… that… anyways…” She stammered as she knelt down, sitting on her calves pressing her thighs together with her hands on her lap. Attempting to appear dignified, though that was impossible with her voluptuous features and outfit. “To be honest this is my first visit to a mortal realm <i>ever</i>. I... didn’t expect it to be like this.” She giggled, realizing that how she chose to sit was pushing her bust together, basically flaunting it to her onlookers. On one hand it made her feel powerful, sexy, dominant.

“Can you bring back all the people you killed?” A woman asked, Rather it was the message distilled from thousands of voices, not all spoken aloud but many screaming at her painfully. What she heard was merely the distillation of their intent. Almaya’s face flashed guilt and embarrassment, She felt really dumb for being scared of them, thinking they were insects. She annihilated tens of thousands of them for such a silly reason and got herself into this mess. At the same time the thought made her feel a little warm and proud, a smile crept on her lips before she noticed and suppressed it.

“Uhhh… No, I’m sorry, my knowledge of the divine arts is quite basic. But.. perhaps one of the Goddesses will deign to restore your loved ones, I cannot say for sure. If I was perhaps more educated  I would surely return them and their homes in a heartbeat!” She offered her sincerest smile, she truly felt bad, she’d had no intention of harming anyone that she wasn’t allowed to. Of course another part of her relished the destruction. It made her feel a little h- “B-b-but don’t worry! They are not truly dead!” She blurted out, interrupting her own mind, “Their bodies may be no more but their <i>souls</i> live on! They shall be reincarnated in time, perhaps here, perhaps in another mortal world. And besides you’ll see them again after the Goddesses-” She caught herself at the last moment, her face flushing red.

“After the Goddesses… what?” The collective voice of the crowd asked, gathering in front of her knees, their growing fear was palpable.

“Oh! <i>Oh</i>… uhh, <i>nothing,</i> don’t worry! I just meant.. umm… when the Goddesses… well… when… wheeeee~nnnnn they <i>resurrect</i> them due to my clumsiness, that’s all!” She was a terrible liar and she knew it, she wore her emotions on her sleeves, on her face, between her l- “<i>Yes!</i> Yes I’m sure to be punished <i>severely</i> for such casual… careless... <i>annihilation</i> of your people!” She tried to sound remorseful, scared even, but sufficed to say, it didn’t quite come out that way.

“But you said they might not resurrect them?” The crowd’s collective voice murmered, the dot sized people shifting like scared forest animals.

“Oh, <i>yes</i>, I <i>did</i> say that... but <i>surely</i> they will resurrect them, I mean they wouldn’t want to waste any-” She caught herself again, “any… <i>lives</i>, you know? Ha ha… After all it was a divine being that so <i>unfortunately</i> removed them from this world. <i>Surely</i> they would want to correct such a mistake.” The crowd was unconvinced and began backing away. “W-w-w-w-w-<i>w</i><i>ait!</i>” Almaya bellowed, deafening most of the people, shattering glass, and even causing a few weak buildings to crumble, “Don’t run! There’s <i>nothing</i> to worry about I <i>swear!</i> <i>Nothing</i> bad will happen!” The hole she’d dug was far over her head but the Angel Almaya was no quitter gosh darnit! She knew full well that was a bold faced lie, but she was simply too timid and <i>nice</i> to stop digging.

“<i>What’s</i> not going to happen, Allie<i>?</i>” Almaya froze at the feminine voice speaking softly behind her, accented by slow, crunching footsteps approaching on her left side. She turned slowly, and a little shakily to see a familiar face sauntering toward her with a devilish look in her eyes,

“Oh! <i>Yasiri</i>… Ha ha… hahahahaha!” Almaya broke at the sight of her best friend striding confidently towards her, hips in full swing. “What a… what a <i>pleasant</i> surprise!” She was practically shivering. “What are, umm, what are <i>you</i> doing here?” The intense sinking feeling weighing in her stomach threatened to drag her to the ground. She was <i>really</i> in trouble wasn’t she? It was gonna be math for sure!

Yasiri squatted down beside Almaya observing the dispersing crowd of humans. She giggled sultrily, “Were you getting their hopes up Almaya? My <i>my</i> I didn’t realize you were such a <i>tease</i>.”

“Well... I... I wasn’t <i>really</i>...” Almaya stammered as Yasiri put an arm around her, pressing their bodies together. Almaya tried to speak again but Yasiri put a finger to her lips.

“Shhh, it’s okay you don’t need to <i>explain</i> Almaya. Just <i>relax.</i>” Her friend whispered. Her deep brown eyes gazing intensely into Almaya’s. She brought her lips right next to Almaya’s right ear, “I think I’m going to give my <i>own</i> introduction, just to be safe.” she breathed before standing up again.

Almaya was speechless, This was it, this was the day she’d dreamed of for so long, and it’s been one disaster after another, and now she was paralysed like the big dumb idiot she was. Yasiri looked <i>incredible</i>, Her outfit was a single piece backless dress. Asymmetrical, the frilled gown hung slightly below her left knee whereas the right side barely went a third of the way down her olive tanned thigh. A slit in the fabric went all the way to the top of her hip, flaunting her flawless leg. The fabric clung around her toned belly, and was stretched tight across breasts that were certainly not as large as Almaya’s but were still more than a handful. The design did nothing to hide the sides of her assets let alone support them, not that they needed any. Ending in a small chain that connected to an ornate choker necklace to hold the whole thing up, leaving her shoulders bare.

Her voluminous brown hair danced in loose curls around her shoulders and upper back. Framing her seductive face. Full plush lips parted slightly in a wanton smile that accompanied the smolder in her deep brown eyes. Her footwear was chunkier than Almaya’s, clear acrylic two inch platform sandals with thick wedge heels and thin white straps that clasped around her calf with a spiderweb pattern on her shin. The earth shuddered and broke with each step, she smirked as she saw the mass of fleeing, screaming people before her, stepping forward onto one of the crowds with a giggle.

Behind her Almaya was losing her mind at how hot Yasiri was with her casual display of dominance. Her confidence, her arrogance, her grace, her balance on those heels, all the things Alamaya lacked. Was this really okay, was there really nothing to worry about from destroying them? The guilt, fear and lust mixed together driving her even higher, it felt so good to be <i>bad</i>. “Hello, <i>mortals</i>, I am the Angel Yasiri, I saw that you already met my <i>lover</i>, Almaya.” Had the blonde not been an immortal divine being, she probably would’ve died from embarrasment that moment. Yasiri spoke in an assertive, commanding voice that hid nothing of her intentions or opinion of her audience. “I know she <i>tried</i> to be a good little Angel and keep your spirits up, but <i>I</i> have the joy of informing you that she played a little trick on you all.” Yasiri took another step, purposefully crushing a group of houses under her shoe. 

“I… I didn’t <i>mean</i> to…” Almaya squeaked too quietly for Yasiri to hear.

“You see, we <i>own</i> you now, you are our <i>property</i>, we can do <i>whatever</i> we want with you.” She shot a glance back at Almaya, smiling at her before turning back to the city. “And I do mean <i>whatever…</i>” Yasiri cooed as she began walking slowly around the perimeter of the city, “Today is an extra special day though, because this was Almaya’s very first job. And I want to reward her for it.” Yasiri continued, smiling as she felt the crunch of a mall under her foot. “She’s a little <i>shy</i> though, so <i>you’re</i> going to help me make sure she has fun and feels all <i>sorts’a</i> good!” Yasiri leaned over a crowd of fleeing specks with a smirk and a low menacing voice, “Now what should we do <i>first?</i>” she sneered down at them. Almaya’s nerves finally snapped, she quickly stood up in a huff. Dust billowing around her feet.

“You know what Yasiri, I appreciate the offer…” She started with a nervous grin and her hands up in defeat, “...B-but y’know, maybe this is <i>not</i> such a good idea.”  She said while slowly backing away from Yasiri, oblivious to the many things crunching under her feet as her friend watched her with devious, hungry eyes. “So <i>perhaps</i> we could, uh, <i>reschedule</i> whatever it is you thi-!” Almaya‘s words were cut off with a cute yelp as her heel suddenly pierced deep into the ground.  She found herself falling backwards, loincloth fluttering, and for a moment, time seemed to slow down. She thought about her time in the academy, her dreams of becoming a Goddess one day. The friends she made at school, all her hopes, all her struggles. And then she thought about the disaster that had been the last half hour and for a moment she thought…

Maybe she should’ve just been a secretary.

Her naked rear crunched into more than a dozen skyscrapers as she impacted the earth with more force than a meteor. The land heaved and shattered in a wave of destruction that tore apart the entirety of the citiy’s central business district in an instant. Buildings were blown asunder from the blastwave before the rippling land even had a chance to touch them. Turning vehicles and chunks of office towers into fragemtary shrapnel that obliterated the surrounding buildings, even hitting some far into the outskirts, before the wave of earth finally followed behind. Lit by exploding gas lines the roiling, fractured earth churned and tossed them into gravel before moving onwards to demolish the surrounding warehouses, apartments, and anything else that got in its way. The quakes shook every remaining building in the city to splinters, burying cars and people alike as the earth shuddered and broke. Dust and smoke billowed from every corner of the once proud city as the resounding boom echoed in Almaya’s ears.

She kept her eyes squeezed shut in embarrassment, Listening to the sounds of crumbling death, wondering when the nightmare would end. Taking a tiny bit of comfort that the ground was incredibly soft on her behind and the fall hadn’t hurt at all. Finally, as the sound quieted, she timidly opened one eye a sliver. She could see that the city was no more, she’d fallen squarely in its center, all that remained was torn earth and rubble, her loincloths laying in positions other than that which would cover her... and Yasiri still standing there with a pitying smile. “O-oops…” Was all Almaya could meekly manage as she looked around at the destruction she’d caused with her clumsiness. “I-I guess I, umm, destroyed it all… didn’t I?” She said, defeated. It’ll totally be math, <i>word</i> math.

Yasiri giggled and got down next to the blonde Angel. “You’re so hopeless Allie.” She said with a smile, “Come on, isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?”

“I… I <i>know</i>… I just… I got <i>scared</i>. They were all looking at me and-”

“And <i>what?</i> They’re just <i>bugs</i> Almaya, they <i>literally</i> don’t matter at all.”

There was a pause, a thoughtful, pained silence before Almaya’s somber reply, “Yeah… bugs…” The blonde shifted a little in the debris around her. “Yasiri… was there any point to my mission here today, or was it all just one big joke?”

Yasiri sighed and snuggled up next to her friend, putting her arm around her. “<i>What</i> are you talking about Almaya?” She asked.

“I mean, what was the point of giving me that whole speech to read if I could just ignore it and destroy their whole world instead? Do the other Divines not trust me or something? I know I’m not the smartest, or the most coordinated, or very observant sometimes, or even confident. But I tried my best and graduated and everything...”

“Oooooohhhh so that’s what this is about.” Yasiri said as she shifted in her seat. 

“I thought if I could just be alone with some mortals, beings that can’t say no and are utterly powerless against me, that I could finally, <i>finally</i> learn to assert myself, learn how to be…” She turned away from her best friend, “more like you...” she confessed, “But… I… I couldn’t do it after all, even with humans being so much weaker than I’d ever <i>imagined</i>, I… I still...”

“Listen Almaya,” The mediterranean beauty interrupted, “I’m gonna tell you something that, well, I’m probably not supposed to yet, but, if you’re feeling <i>this</i> bad about it I guess I have to.” She turned Almaya’s face towards her and looked deep into her big blue sad puppy dog eyes. “The truth is, this mission really <i>was</i> entirely pointless…” Tears started welling in Alamaya’s eyes, “Because this world... is actually your graduation present.” Then they were stunned and confused, like the first time she heard ‘algebra’, she blinked twice in disbelief.


“Yeah, so, I know how much you’ve wanted to dominate mortals, as much as you try to hide it from the others, and we all wanted to congratulate you for passing, so I thought that as a gift I’d work with them to, like, give you a world where you could finally go all out just like you’ve always wanted and stuff. Goddess Taona thought that would be great for your development and decided to claim this one for you. But I guess we didn’t account for how much of a scaredy cat you were.” Almaya’s eyes went wide in hopeful realization.

“S-s-s-s-s-so  that stuff in the writ about no punishement, that’s really true?”

“You really doubted it? Geez you really <i>are</i> a scaredy cat, Allie!” Yasiria said, giving her friend a playful hug, ”Its gonna be just the two of us, playing with this whole world for as long as we please.” The look on Almaya’s face was vibrant, happy, excited and it made Yasiri’s heart sing to see her like that.

“Wow! This is... I don’t even know what to say!” Almaya sputtered, “I’ve wanted to do this for <i>so long</i>, I’ve dreamed of it!”

“I know, I can’t <i>wait</i> to play with these worthless, weak little <i>bugs </i>too.” Yasiri cooed, leaning in closer, “And <i>you</i>…” she breathed in Almaya’s ear, which sent a shiver through the busty blonde’s whole body.

“But… this whole city is flattened under my butt now…” Almaya said, disappointed.

“Hey, I said you get the whole <i>world</i> didn’t I? Let’s just find another one.” Yasiri said as she stood up and offered Almaya her hand.

“O-okay!” Almaya said as she took Yasiri’s hand and stood up. “Lets do it! Oh my gosh I feel tingly <i>all over!</i>” She squeed with jittery excitedly. And with that the two beautiful young Angels sauntered off to find a suitable toy to enjoy themselves with. The first of many.

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