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Author's Chapter Notes:

Meet the Giantess. This will updated as more Giantesses show up in the story but for now we start with the four roommates. 

Name: Victoria (Vic) Reigns

Age: 26

Height: 5'4

Giantess Height: 4125 feet

Birthday: October 10, 1997

Bio: Victoria is a strange woman. Ever since she was a child she has loved to torture bugs. She finds it fascinating to see how they tick, how they act, how they squirm, and she would be lying if she didn't say that she didn't enjoy it on a sexual level. Even to this day she will bring a bug home and play with it for hours on end. Enjoying every last minute and seeing just how far she can drag it on before the bug gives out on her. Once done she tosses the bug to the side. No longer having a purpose for it. Other than that Victoria is a normal young lady. She maybe one of the nicest people you have ever met. Just don't be the size of an ant.

Name: Jade Leigh

Age: 24

Birthday: December 8, 1998

Height: 5'8

Giantess Height: 4250 feet

Bio: Jade played baseball throughout highschool and even got a college scholarship off of it. Smart, witty, and a joy to be around Jade is someone that most people would love to meet. She does have an anger problem though. Something her mom blamed her grandpa for her entire life. True or not she doesn’t know as she never met the guy. She has a giantess fetish. Something that she has worked to hide her entire life. Embarrassed of it but unable to stay away from it for very long. How could she? All it takes is to see a cute guy and she is imagining them shrunk before her. A skyscraper leads her to imagine what it would be like to hover over a city, destroying it. This could lead to trouble for the ant sized people that are now in her apartment. 

Name: Alice Maloy

Age: 30

Birthday: September, 12,1992

Height: 5’8

Giantess Height: 4250 feet

Bio: Alice Maloy grew up on the streets. Her mother and father were drug addicts; she never had a stable home. Bouncing from one state to the next. When she was eighteen she ran around and found a new life and it's one she has been building ever since. Alice has a lot of demons pent up that no one knows about and she deals with them by drinking pretty heavily. It isn’t uncommon to find Alice peeing on the carpet or not too far away from the toilet anyway. She is a mess but her roommates love her dearly. She has Victoria to thank for part of that. Alice joins in on Victoria’s games from time to time and finds herself more and more toying with bugs herself. They don’t last nearly as long with her however before they break as Alice can be particularly cruel. 

Name: Sarah Hart

Age: 31

Birthday: March 26,1993

Height: 5’2

Giantess Height: 3875

Bio: Sarah Hart is mean, cruel, and the last roommate. The other three girls hate her but they keep her around because she does help with a lot of things and she is handy as her dad taught her a great number of things so she would rely on herself. 

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