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Story Notes:

Author's Chapter Notes:

Just the BIO'S section

Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Eiren

Age: 30

Birthday: March 14, 1993

Height: 5’5

Giantess Height: 4125 feet

Bio: Elizabeth was born on _ in a small town of 1,500 in South Dakota. She hated every minute of it. There was little to nothing to do in the town except to go to the local pizza hut and get a bite to eat. She heard stories that there had once been a bowling alley but it was closed about five years before she was born.

From the moment she was eight the only thing she wanted to do was leave and never return. She fought for that goal. Watching as the other girls in her school got pregnant or addicted to drugs. Not blaming them for it. What else was there to do? She graduated High School with some of the highest marks of the year in all of SD and was given a scholarship. 

Just as she was about to leave her town behind, the goal achieved, she met Daniel. A newcomer to town who had moved there for the cheap houses in the area. Leaving Sioux Falls behind. He asked her out and they had a perfect date even if it was at a Pizza Hut. They began to see each other full time and as she went to college they decided on a long term relationship.

Neither of them expected it to last but alas it did and soon after she graduated Daniel popped the question and she said yes. Dragged back to her small town but now with someone she loved it didn’t seem so bad at all. On the day of the incident her and Daniel have been together for fourteen years. 

Married for about nine. Their relationship is stronger than ever as they have dealt with some truly hard times but nothing has prepared them for what comes next. 

Name: Daniel Eiren

Age: 32

Birthday: October 31st, 1990

Height: 5’9

Shrunken Height: 20mm

Bio: Daniel is originally from CA but moved to SD when he was 16 with his parents. He hated it from the moment he set foot in the state. It was much too small and there wasn’t nearly enough to do. Coming from Los Angeles he was a culture shock. It didn’t help that he didn’t get along with his parents at all. It was for this reason that at 19 he decided to get the fuck out of dodge and moved to small town.

His parents thought he was crazy and told him he couldn’t do it. He wanted to prove them wrong even more. So off he went, the only thing happy about being the rent prices. That was until he ran into Elizabeth. He saw her walk into the public library and instantly ran inside. Not knowing what his next plan was.

In truth he had never done anything like that before. Usually he was timid but there was something about her. So against every fiber in his being he asked her out and the rest was history.

Name: Abigail (Abbie) Meyers

Age: 26

Birthday: July 16th, 1997

Height: 5’4

Giantess Height: 4000

Bio: Abigail Meyers is the younger sister of Elizabeth Eiren. Abigail grew up knowing that she was destined to be stuck in the small town she called home forever. It's one of the reasons why at the age of 15 she started doing drugs and fooling around. Lucky for her she didn’t get pregnant but the drug problem followed her around. She has been in and out of rehab multiple times but when stuck in a small town what else do you do? At least that is her way of thinking.

She has only been out of rehab for going on a month when the news of men shrinking hits. 

Name: Sasha Leigh

Age: 33

Birthday: December 13, 1989

Height: 5'11

Giantess Height: 4438

Bio: Sasha did not grow up in the town Daniel, Abigail, and Elizabeth call home. In fact she grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Which, even given its small size, is the biggest town in the entire state. She fell into drugs at a young age. 12 or so. Her mother tried to get her the help she needed but it didn’t work and she found herself, not unlike Abigail, in and out of rehab. 

It was during her recent stint that she met Abigail and they hit it off. They kept in touch and it wasn’t long before they were living with each other. 

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