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Steve, a 19 year old with newly acquired shrinking disorder, is forced to move in with his mother, the lovely 47-year-old Mary, as she tries to help him overcome his new condition.

Rated: G
Categories: Feet, Gentle, Humiliation, Slow Size Change, Breasts, Body Exploration Characters: None
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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
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Published: July 06 2023 Updated: July 17 2023
Story Notes:

So, this is my first (and probably only) story! I'm doing this with the assistance (or I'm assisting it. Depends on the point of view) of a AI, where I'm ''herding it'' to get the story the direction I wanted it to go. Most of the first chapter however, is my own doing.

I'm not ashamed, I'm even proud in fact, to share that this story is heavily inspired on my favorite stories and author from this and other sites. You''ll find that this story features similar concepts and even scenes from those other stories, but I also tried to make my own thing while writing it. Also, I make a few callbacks or references of those works, like character names or chapter names.

I can't promise this will get finished. I'm writting this more as a way to hopefully encourage some new people way more capable than I, to make more stories with gentle maternal giantessess. AND most importantly, to maybe some of my favorite authors to come back to finish some of their stories, kkkkkkkkkk.

Speaking of which, I really hope that everybody knows that I do not personally hold any sexual feelings about any relatives of mine. It's just a sub genre of the giantess fetish that I find very appealing, and since there are so few good stories about the relation dinamics about a shrinking son (or growing mom), I decided to try it out. This story will not feature direct incest or anything sexual between the characters. Most of the more commonly accepted ''hot scenes'' will happen only on dreams probably.

SO with all of that out of the way, here the stories and authors that inspired this one, not on a particular order:

How to Train your Dad - JessaJess99

Origins of a Foot Fetish - V11 and DanceDance1982

A Mother'Son Weekend - Pluto Pedragon

Home Sick - Krunk33

Mother Grows Best - GnomeKid (Giantesscity)

I apologize for any grammar or coherence errors. English is not my native language, but I'm trying. Feel free to help me correct any mistakes. This is a Frankstein of a story already, so I probably will be editing it a lot.

Thank you!

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