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It was almost morning as I woke up, naked and cuddled on my mother's breast. I was very tired, as if I had worked out intensely. My eyes started to open, and the images of the night before came to me. For a moment I thought It was another dream, but seeing my gigantic mother besides me, with her hand almost as tall as me pressing me into her chest, I knew that there was no dream.

With great effort, I managed to wiggle out of my mother's strong arms without waking her up.

I climbed onto her chest and belly, marveling at how gigantic she seemed now. She looked like a goddess to me in the dim light of the early morning. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything my mother had done for me and a desire to pamper her. As a way to thank her for her support, I decided to wake her up with a gentle early morning foot massage. Her feet were almost the size of my entire body, knowing how much my mom love foot massages, I couldn't let this opportunity pass.

As I massaged her feet, I noticed her making small, contented noises before she slowly awoke. Mom opened her eyes groggily and focused on the tiny figure on her belly.

"Steve? What are you doing?" she asked, surprised.

"Good morning, Mom," I said softly. "I just wanted to thank you for being there for me last night and always."

Mom was touched by my gesture. "You're welcome, sweetheart. But you didn't have to do this," she said, her eyes filling with tears.

"I know I didn't have to. But I wanted to.'' I said, looking at how distant I was from the rest of her body, and how her legs seemed so long and thick, almost like tree logs. ''You look almost like a giant goddess now mommy, and it just felt right," I replied.

We stared at each other for a moment, both trying to process the changes caused by my shrinking, until mom finally spoke up.

"I love you, Steve. No matter how small or big you are, you'll always be my son."

"I love you too, Mom," I whispered, my eyes filling up with tears as well.

As I continued massaging mom's feet, she smiled and decided to get a little playful with me. She looked down at me adoringly and said, "So, I'm a giant goddess now, huh?"

I blushed at the comment but nodded, affirming her goddess-like status in my eyes.

Mom couldn’t help but giggle before teasing me a bit with her foot. She wiggled her toes and gently nudged me, moving me around as I held on. "Well, if I'm a goddess, I should have some fun with my loyal subject," she said playfully.

I felt a mix of intimidation and excitement throughout this interaction. As his mother moved her foot playfully, i couldn't help but feel a thrill at her newfound power over me. It was a strange feeling, but deep down I found comfort in the love and trust I had for my mother now.

Mom continued playing with me, enjoying our bonding moment. And then, with a mischievous glint in her eye, she decided to take the playfulness a step further (pun intended). She gently placed her foot over me and affectionately pressed down, acting as if she was stepping on me for a brief moment.

Surprisingly, I didn't resist. The sensation was both scary and exhilarating but I knew that my mother would never hurt me. Mom lifted her foot and couldn't help but laugh. "So, how did it feel to be under the foot of a goddess?" she asked teasingly. I couldn't help but grin. "It was a bit scary, but I’ll admit I loved it," I confessed, feeling a little embarrassed.

''Oh, you silly little thing'' my mom said, as she suddenly grabbed my head with her toes. I felt powerless as she effortlessly lifted my doll like body on the air. She had more strength on one of her feet than my with my entire body.

''M..mom! What are you doing??'' I screamed, my puny legs dangling into the air. To me I was what seemed  a good 10 feet tall from the ground that was my mom's bed. Even in her age she was very flexible. Seems her yoga lessons were good for something.

''I'm just giving my little explorer a good view from above!'' she said laughing.

''Mo, mommy'' I said weakly, ''put me down please!''

''Sure thing sweety'' she said, grabbing me with just one hand! She then stared at me for a moment, marveled by the size of her tiny son on her hands.

I was scared and tense of what just happened, as I have fear of heights. My mother saw my scared face and with a pout on her mouth, said ''Aww, does mommy scared her little angel? You're so worked up Steve!'' She said in a mocking tone.

And well, it seems you little friend also got a little spooked up'' she said, looking down at me. At first I didn't know what was she talking about, but then I saw. My penis was rock hard! I was not necessarily aroused, but the sheer adrenaline rush from being lifted on a humongous foot should have something to do with it.

My face became red as a tomato, as I tried to cover my genitals with my tiny hands. Seeing my despair, my mom quickly followed: ''Oh sweety, you don't need to feel embarrassed or scared. It's just the good old me, just a little bigger'' she spoke as a way to make me feel comfortable, as I still laid on her palm.

''But you know what should you be scared of?'' she said, her tone and huge face becoming more serious.

''The TICKLE MONSTER'' she yelled! ''Oh no, not again'' I thought as she, still still holding me with one hand, mercilessly attacked me with the other.

''Mo, mom! ahuahahah! Mom, mommy, stop!!'' I tried to beg her. I couldn't move a muscle as she held me with big well manicured hands.

''Tickle monster, tickle monster, tickle monster!'' she said repeatably as I laughed and gasped for air.

As we continued our playful bout, I began to feel strange as if the shrinking process hadn't stopped. I was now shrinking on my very mother's hands! She held as I reached 7 inches in height. I also noticed that also had ejaculated while laughing, making me washed with shame.

"I... I... I shrunk again, mommy," I said quietly, looking up at her with saddened eyes.

Mom frowned. For a moment, her heart ached for her son and his predicament. Then, she remembered the laughter they shared moments before, and she decided there was only one way to bring those smiles back.

"Alright, little guy, I see how it is," mom said in a playful yet concerned tone. “If you're going to shrink further, that means I'm becoming an even bigger goddess, and you have to worship me even more!” she said as she lowered me, this time, to the ground, making her look even bigger compared to my sorry frame.

She placed one foot ever so gently over me, pinning me down as she pretended to exert her power over me. “Now, be a good worshipper and massage this giant goddess’s feet,” she commanded, her voice tinged with teasing.

I played along, my sadness momentarily forgotten. I began to rub her majestic feet again, even though they now seemed overwhelmingly large. Mom felt grateful, having managed to bring some happiness back to her son for a short while.

''Oh Stevie, you feel so sticky!'' She said as she stepped on me. ''We should get you a really nice shower!'' she spoke, grabbing me again with her dexterous, tan skinned toes, and picking me up with her right hand.

Feeling totally like her little doll, we made our way to bathroom.

Current height: 7 inches

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