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  Miyano turned her head, and nearly jumps back in shock at what appeared to be a tiny man on the floor. I instinctively cover my head as the sound of her shoes hitting the tile creates a seismic blast.


       “So…sorry! What are you?” Miyano slowly lowers herself to the ground, inching closer to me as she tries to figure out what’s going on.


       “You’re the guy who came in earlier. Are you ok?”


       “Well, you didn’t step on me, so I guess I’m alright.”


       “Can I pick you up? I’d like to take you to the counter so I don’t have to keep laying on the floor, I haven’t cleaned it yet.”


       Miyano gently wraps her fingers around me and lifts me into the sky as she rises to her feet. In just a few seconds, she makes her way behind the counter and gently sets me down on the table.


       “Ok, so what’s your name then? Seems we’ll be spending some time together so let’s start there. You probably saw my name already, Miyano.”


       “Jacob, the name is Jacob.”


       “How did you end up in rural Japan?”


       “I’m an exchange student, but I guess that’s not really applicable anymore.”


       I sigh, quickly growing despondent at my situation.


       “I don’t know what it’s like to be like that, but what I can do is at least help you. I can hang onto you for now until we get to the bottom of this. Don’t give up hope just yet.”


       I sigh, still trying to accept my new reality.


       “So, am I just your pet now?”


       “It’s certainly appealing, I’ve always wanted a tiny boy pet, but if you don’t want to, it can be more like we’re friends!” Miyano cheers, clearly trying to create some kind of levity.


       “I guess that works.” I mutter, thankful that she isn’t going to hurt me.


       “It’s alright, you’re with me. Let a cute girl like me pamper you and care for you. Say, boys like boobs, right? Want to hang out in mine?” Miyano quickly changes the subject, proudly displaying the ample bosom I overlooked during the entire experience.


       “Sure, that would be wonderful.” I reply


       Miyano smiles as she unbuttons her top. The deep valley of her cleavage reveals itself to the world as she gently separates the two orbs.


              “In you go!”

              She slips me into the newly formed opening, and as she lets go, my body immediately sinks into the hot, slightly sweaty tit-flesh. High above, Miyano beamed, gently rubbing her breasts together before quickly buttoning up her top.


              While Miyano returned to her job, I lay adhered to her slightly sweaty breast, my first moment of calm since I shrank. My fears of being shrunk slowly began to melt away, the worrying thoughts replaced by the warm and soothing heartbeat of the enormous girl. The dark, confined space and the soothing heartbeat sound quickly began to weigh down my eyelids, and within a few moments, I dozed off, content and protected in the vast warmth of this former stranger’s bosom.



              A few hours later, I awoke with bright lights illuminating my face. When my eyes adjusted, the beaming face of Miyano filled my view high above the desk I found myself on top of.


              “Morning! You were out cold, hope my boobs provided you with a nice place to sleep.”


              “So that wasn’t a dream?” I sigh, the depressing reality of my situation once again creeping over me.


              “Unfortunately, no. However, I’d like to help figure out what happened, and if there’s a way to possibly undo. I can’t guarantee anything, but for the time being, I would be happy to take care of you for as long as possible. Besides, surely living with a cute girl can’t be all bad.”


              “Well… you are cute.” I admit.


              Miyano blushes slightly while smiling.


              “I guess this is the start to something then. I’ll get some stuff set up for you, but for now, I’m going to get some sleep, and I recommend you get some more sleep too. If you want to do something to help me tonight, I won’t expect it, but it would be nice if I could put you somewhere to make my job a bit easier.”


              “Like your shoe or panties?” I quip.


              “If you would like, but that’s a discussion for tonight. For now, here’s a clean sock for you to sleep in while I sleep. Have a good sleep, cutie.”


              Miyano produces a clean sock, as promised, and gently tucks me inside while she prepares herself to go to sleep. Deep within the warm sock, I once again grow weary as I hear Miyano off in the distance preparing for bed. Although the rustling and sounds she is making confuse me, I pay little attention to as the inky blackness of exhaustion and rest come to reclaim me, spiriting me away to a different reality. As I drift from consciousness, I think to myself that maybe things might not be so bad with Miyano after all.


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