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 The enormous girl turns to look down at her feet as the minuscule sound meets her ears. As we lock eyes, a sense of hope fills my chest as her expression becomes curious. As she reaches down to pluck me from the ground, a deep rumble echoes from her chest.


       “Oops!” Miyano giggles as she pulls me from the ground. “Sorry you had to hear that. Wait, are you the guy who just came in?”


       I nod, now relieved to be safe from the dangerous world on the ground below.


       With me in tow, she rises to her feet and walks back to the counter, only for her stomach once again to rumble.


       “Let me see if I can find some snacks first before we talk.” She explains, setting me on the counter before bending over to search underneath for anything to eat.


       As for me, I’m finally in a safe place and with a relieved sigh, I sit down on the laminated instruction sign, slumping against the coin tray in an exhausted heap. After a few moments of digging, the girl once again looms over the counter.


       “Nothing, unfortunately. Well, while I was down there, I was thinking. I was going to ask your name, but I do think I might have a purpose for you. Hungry as I am, I could probably use something in my mouth as a distraction, and well, you would work well. Do a good enough job as my mint and we can figure something out.”


       Before I even have enough time to consider her words, I’m lifted into the sky. With one swift mood, my shrunken clothes are torn from my body, leaving me naked and exposed before my captress. Miyano’s tongue darts from her mouth, slamming me with the might of the slimy, hot muscle as she licks across my entire body, coating me in saliva. Without any more fanfare, she tosses me into her mouth.


       Miyano’s mouth is a dark, humid and slimy cave, dripping with slimy saliva and pungent odor over every conceivable part of her cavernous maw. Once again, her tongue grabs ahold of me, enveloping me in the bumpy, slimy pink muscle as it probes my body. My feelings and desires become secondary as Miyano toys with me, shoving me around, or rubbing me against the hard surface of her powerful teeth. She presses me against her lips before pushing me partially through, exposing myself to the light of the outside world. The ambient temperature chills against my soaked skin before I’m once again sucked into the hot, muggy cavern.


       Within her mouth, time becomes meaningless, as seconds drag on like hours and hours blur into seconds. After an unknown period of time, the incessant bullying by the giant girl’s mouth ceases to a halt and she leans forward, letting me once again slip between her lips, this time, falling from her mouth into a napkin with a wet splat.


       “Hmm, I don’t think I was satisfied by your performance.” Miyano booms down at me, frowning with her comments. “I guess I’ll just have to just cut to the chase and see if eating you satisfies me. Bye little guy, you were cute.”


       Running away is futile, as the moment I clamber to my feet, her fingers rush out and grab ahold of me, lifting me back towards her mouth. As she tosses me in, I look out the window to a pre dawn sunrise I’ll never see, only for it to all go black as I’m launched back into her mouth. Lightly humming to herself, I hear the sound of a bottle cracking open before she tilts her head back to allow a river of ice-cold water to sweep me from her tongue it the back of her mouth, where a single gulp washes me down her esophagus.


       A few moments of free fall sends me plummeting into the boiling, foul furnace of her stomach. Hungry as she was, my hope of a safe landing was dashed at the realization there was no food to land on as I plunge into the churning vat of acid. The acidic liquid quickly sets to work, flooding my mind with blinding pain as the burning liquid envelops and melts my body. Mercifully, my nerve endings quickly burn out, leaving me to fade out as her stomach becomes my death chamber.




       Miyano frowns, as the tiny person provided little in the way of sustenance. As she pondered her options, her phone buzzed.


       “Ah, time to put the chicken on, maybe one or two pieces could accidentally fall out or something.” She giggled to herself as she headed into the back room to start the process of preparing chicken for the morning ahead.

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