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Author's Chapter Notes:

wrote this one on impulse, lemme know what you think.

Summer days ahead, sun shines brightly in the middle of the day. The cicada noises decorate the sizzling heat in this countryside area. Simplistic homes with most of them made of woods, sea breeze letting the wind carries the smell of salty ocean throughout the small town. Sure, the town doesn’t offer much when compared to any big cities, but it had enough for everyone’s needs. It’s definitely hot today, the town itself almost too quiet in the middle of the day, everybody probably just decided to stay home and laying down as lazy as possible in front of their fan or air conditioner.

Among the peaceful houses separated by small roads fits for probably one and half a car, there’s this one small house with well-maintained backyard. Various kinds of potted plant with delicious fruits ready to be harvested anytime soon across the grass patch from the patio. On the patio itself… above the wooden floor and beneath the roof, there lies an ordinary yellow plastic bowl.

Inside the yellow plastic bowl contains cold water filled up the whole thing. On top of it, something floats… what looked like a human being but probably only the size of a gummy bear candy. A girl, neck length black hair, blue bikini covered her modest chest with blue string visible beneath her dark green short jeans, just lazily floats around using toy donut-shaped buoy enjoying the cool sensation in the middle of the summer heat. Despite her tiny size, her lightly tanned skin and a bit of abs on her gave an impression of someone who routinely exercise to keep her own body stay healthy and firm. Chill, quiet, peaceful. Bright blue clear sky combined with cicada noises relaxes every inch of her mind and muscle, letting the gentle clear water below sways her into afternoon nap…


…until a light booming sound entered her ear, snapping her out from the comfortable nap. The booming sound grew louder with each passing second, ripples started to form inside the yellow bowl, shaken the tiny girl a little. Then a shadow engulfed the entire plastic bowl. The tiny girl looked up to see… a giant, tanned face staring down at her with a smile complete with her black ponytail hair.

“Hi there big sis!” the loud voice of the giant girl fortunately filtered through the tiny’s ear thanks to the earpiece that she wore.

“You finally awake, Athena?” the tiny girl opened her eyes while lifting her head further back to see the giant face up above as she spoke through her earpiece. “Still a sleepyhead as usual, I see,”

“Meanie!” Athena’s right hand still busy browsing through her phone. “By the way, I just read this earlier; ‘Melly Callum took first place in regional tiny women’s triathlon representing National Athletic University.’ You actually won!?”

“How dare you doubting your own big sis,” Melly just scoffs.

“Gimme a break! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I just wanna surprise you later today… but turns out my win becoming a headline, huh?”

“Then congrats, sis!” Athena claps her hands for her tiny big sister still floating inside the plastic bowl below her. “How are you? How’s your first year in there?”

“Oh it’s so much fun! I’m glad everyone in there being kind to each other, even they treated tinies really well,”

“NA University, Tiny Women’s Triathlon. Impressive that you could won a race in just one year,”

“Never stop training, young lady. College athletics in our country here is not for the weak,” Melly swings her right index finger into the air. “By the way, did you join that swimming club in your school?”

“Sure I did!” Athena answered proudly.

“May I see the result?” Melly twists herself around, now her body facing right in front of Athena’s face. “Stand up,”

“Um…” clearly there’s a hesitation in Athena’s response.

“Stand up, come on. I wanna see the result of your swimming activity,”

The mountain rises up slowly in front of Melly, revealing the white tanktop covering the D cup size beneath it which never fail giving Melly a slight spark of jealousy whenever she saw it. Then below it… a little bit of her plump belly sticks out. While not egregious to be noticed by people, not to Melly’s eye that has been very critical when it comes in keeping the body in shape for intense sports activity. Melly continues to stare downward into her short black bicycle tights covering half of her pretty thick tanned thighs until finally her shins because of the plastic bowl pool blocking the sight of her barefoot.

“Well well…” Melly raised one of her eyebrows, arms crossed below her chest. “For someone who wanted to join college athletics, your belly didn’t convince me that, young lady,”

“I’m sorry!” suddenly, Athena crouches down with her praying hands toward her tiny big sister below. “It’s my friends! They’re always ordering fast food for us in the dorm!”

“Then it’s settled; this whole week of our holiday here, you need to exercise,”

“EH!?” Athena certainly opposed to the idea, she just wanted to be lazy for this whole summer holiday.

“Let’s see… basic cardio, jogging, bicycle ride… oh, that gym is still there in this town, right? We’ll go there as well…” Melly keep listing every possible training that comes to her mind while above her, Athena’s expression slowly transitioned into the annoyed one, puffing her cheeks irritated by her tiny big sister’s commanding attitude right now. Then her mischievous side suddenly took over her mind as Athena lowered her right index finger into the plastic bowl and flicks Melly’s toy donut-shaped buoy from the side, sending her tiny sister splashing down right into the cold water. “WHOA! HEY!”

Slight giggle escaped Athena’s mouth, it never stops to amuse her that despite the age difference and herself being the younger one, the size always comes to play whenever Athena needs to remind Melly who’s the stronger one between the two.

“What’s that for!?” Melly resurfaces herself inside the plastic bowl, hanging into the buoy.

“Sorry, it’s nothing, just…” Athena always felt a little bad toying with her tiny big sister, but she just couldn’t help it. She would feel worse toying with any random tinies that she didn’t even know their names, but with her sister she knows that Melly could handle her mischievousness even if it oftentimes must be embarrassing for her older sister to be whimsically toyed around by her bigger little sister. Besides, this is one of those rare moments where she could interact a lot with her before she gets busier with each passing year.

“Hey, I’m saying all of that for your own good. Our parents have been busy overseas for how long now? If I’m not the one taking care of you, then who? And this is our holiday together, who knew if I’m gonna be busy in the coming years,” Melly still leaning on the floating buoy. “You’re saying it yourself you wanted to get into athletic just like me, then let me help you while I can right now,”

“B-but… this is a short holiday… I just wanna get lazy for once, sis…” now Athena just sheepishly kneeling while looking away, rubbing her cheek.

“Nah nah, if not now, when? When it’s too late? Never procrastinate when it comes to sports!”

“But… what about you?” suddenly, Athena turns her face and lowered it toward Melly, startle the older sister a little. “Have you done some workout today?”

“What? Well I… uh, not yet,” Melly seems to be taken aback by the sudden change of her little sister’s behavior. “Hey, what do you mean by that? Look at my body, it’s still in shape! Unlike-GURG!”

Suddenly, Athena dropped her right index finger from above and pushed her gummy bear-sized older sister down into the water, just giggling as Athena saw her trying to fight back the immovable car-sized index finger that currently drowns her. Seconds later, Athena lifts her finger back up, letting Melly floats back into the surface once again.

“ATHENA CALLUM! What was that all about!?” Melly quickly grabbed the buoy.

“You said that you already felt doing enough workout, yet you couldn’t even move my finger an inch,” Athena just grinning mischievously. “So, you need more then!”

“What’s my motivation here?”

“How about… this?” suddenly, Athena grabbed a watermelon from behind her and lifts it up for Melly to see. “Freshly chilled, the best from that supermarket!”

“Whoa!!” Melly could only look in awe at the building-sized watermelon grabbed firmly in Athena’s hands.

“Win my challenge, then I’ll slice this open from you, how’s that?”

Now that’s smart, Melly thought. Even if her big little sister is clumsy as hell most often, she knows that nobody else here in this house could slice open that big watermelon but her very own sister, Athena.

“Heh… fair. What’s the challenge?”

“Outta the pool, I’ll put this back on the fridge first then we’ll talk about it,” Athena stood up carrying the watermelon back into the kitchen while Melly climbs out the plastic bowl.

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