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“…five! Six! Seven!...”

The two sisters are inside the living room, doing some sit-up on the mat. Melly, clad in her yoga pants and black tanktop, currently on her fifth set on her twelve-sit-up program. Her younger sister meanwhile, moving like a living mountain beside her wearing the same white tanktop and black bicycle shorts.

“…Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twe-uuuugh!”

Despite being the bigger one, when it comes to physical endurance Athena surprisingly just a bit below her older sister. Now she’s struggle to lift herself back up while Melly beside her still keep going like nothing happened. Then that’s it, Athena collapsed as the pain on her abdomen quicky caught up to her.

“Three sets and you’re done already?” Melly taunts her younger sister a little as she continues the sit-up.

“My belly… feels like somebody wringing me like a wet towel…” Athena gasps for air while laying down still on the mat.

“You won’t make it if you can’t endure all this, lemme tell ya that,” Melly is already on her fifth set of sit-up. “Oh well, let’s move to the next one then, yeah? Do some push-ups!”

“Right!” Athena drinks some cold water from her water bottle before shifting her position into the push-up position. Arms stretched wide, fingers firmly planted into the mat below, Athena positioned herself upon the floor. Same with her tiny older sister beside her, both ready to take on the trial of the day.

“One! Two! Three!”

The two sisters continue their grueling training as their body fights the weight of gravity with each press of their arms into the mat below. For tiny Melly though, it’s always a sight to behold whenever her sister lowered her body. To see those humongous boobs brushed the mat with each descend kind of a fascinating sight to see, Melly could only imagine should Athena done this on a tiny settlement her boobs would easily flatten a bunch of houses all at once probably…

Three sets of pushups had passed, now the two sisters entered the fourth set of this arduous training.

“…five! Six!... Agh!”

Athena’s arms began to buckle, imaginary boulder appeared on top of her back, pushing her down while Athena trying her best to fight her own sore arms just for that satisfaction in accomplishing things according to the target that she’s wanting to achieve.

“Push hard, sis!” Melly still goes on, currently had just entering her fifth set.

“I’m… trying!” Athena’s speed slowed down significantly, sweats trickling down her face, her eyes closed trying to muster up the strength she needed to push through. Failure is inviting her to just rest and take a break, yet she’s still refused to give in to that easy way out of that inviting comfort. But of course, her arms say otherwise as Athena just drops her own entire body to the mat, tremor vibrates through Melly’s position as she loses balance a little bit caused by the gust of wind from Athena’s humongous body landed on the mat.

“Fourth set, huh… at least that’s an improvement,” Melly quickly gets back to her pushup once again while her sister just lay limp on the mat. Athena’s face turns to the left side, letting her right cheek rests on the mat as her eyes observing tiny Melly still going strong on her sixth set of pushups. It never fails to amaze her how her older sister has such huge amount of resilience and perseverance inside that tiny body…

Tiny body… if it’s not for her being born small, she would probably already decimate her little sister in everything. No one is born perfect and that’s a fact. Trying to justify her own intrusive thought, Athena lazily lifts her left hand into the air and sticks out her left thumb…

“UGH!!” suddenly, a large mass pinned Melly from above, knocking the wind out from her body. Heavy yet it felt familiar to Melly, she’s already known it’s her little sister messing with her once again. “ATHENAAAA!!”

“You’re already strong enough to do many pushups in one day, but can you do it like this?” Athena put her thumb right on top of Melly’s back, pinning her down like a trapped insect.

“I swear I’m gonna…!” despite her annoyance, Melly tried to free herself by pressing both of her hands down to the mat, trying her best lifting the insurmountable weight that pinned her down from above. Sweats flowing through her body like waterfall as the humongous thumb above her didn’t let up, Athena didn’t even put much strength on her finger, she simply put it on top of her older sister like nothing. Just seconds later, Melly’s arms gave away and her body fell flat to the ground with her sister’s thumb resting on top of her form spreading out from her thighs to her head.

“So in the end I’m still the stronger one, eh?” Athena giggles as she lifts her right hand back up.

“Oh shut up… I bet you couldn’t scale a whole mountain like I do with your whole body just like yesterday,” Melly won’t stand down that easily.

“Well… uh…” Athena seems to got caught off guard with that one. “Hey! My body is still safer than a mountain at least! I could save you if you fell off!”

“So you’re saying you are better than a whole mountain? Is that it?”

“Y-yeah…” now it’s just a silly conversation for both sisters. “But you won’t, that’s for sure,”

“Oi, nothing is impossible, young lady. Even if it took years to scale a whole mountain for someone like me, I’ll do it!” Melly with her stubborn remark once again.

“What about the insects? The animals? They’ll devour you!”

“Patience, Athena. Why should I fight them if I could learn to hide from them?”

“There are other factors as well, like… rockslide! Or even a tumbling tree! How can you survive that!?”

“I could manage it, no worries,” Melly scoffed at her sister’s worry.

“Oh come on!” Athena just couldn’t stand it; somehow and some way she really wanted to remind her older sister how there’s always a limit to someone’s capability. The larger sister got up and now sitting cross-legged in front of Melly, giving Melly quite a view of that mountainous crotch beneath that bicycle shorts. “There are days where you’ll be forced to confront something like that, are you really sure that you’re prepared for something like that?”

“We could never know tomorrow, young lady, all we could do is to prepare ourselves as best as we-wait, what are you…?”

Nonchalantly, Athena brought her legs together, surrounding Melly with building-sized thighs on each side, closer and closer as everything suddenly darkens around tiny Melly.

“Let’s say… you’re entering a tight cave,” Athena slowly drags her thighs toward Melly.

“Wait, Athena! What is this!?” the wall of flesh made contact with Melly from both sides. Her tiny hands trying to hold it from engulfing her entire body.

“If the unexpected happened, could you get out?” Athena didn’t stop tightening her thighs together.

“ATHENA-MMMF!” Melly switches her position as her shoulder trying to hold the right thigh while her legs pressed on the left thigh. Despite her best effort, the humongous thighs continue to compress her entire body effortlessly. It didn’t take long until Melly’s strength runs out and her body completely squeezed tight between the thighs…

“See? You’re not that strong, sis…” Athena scoffed. Just to add a little mischievousness, Athena playfully rubbed her thighs up and down, sandwiching her own tiny older sister like trapped bug. Granted, at least her plump thighs isn’t really hardened yet to crush her tiny body, but it’s still firm enough to lock her relatively stronger older sister inside this flesh prison that she’s currently couldn’t move a muscle while Athena’s thighs pancaked her from both direction. Not to mention how humid and sweaty it is, Melly’s body now completely drenched with her little sister’s sweat. A few seconds later, Athena loosened her thighs, letting Melly’s limp body dropped down into the floor.

“How can you conquer an entire mountain if you couldn’t even conquer your own little sister?” Athena asked with a slight hint of taunting her older sister.

“I…” Melly stood back up despite already exhausted from the previous ordeal. “I still wanna try that… someday… you don’t know shit until you try it, that’s what they say… heheh…”

This stubborn little… Athena could only wonder if this is pure determination or simply an ego and pride thing just because she’s the older one. Nevertheless, she cares about her tiny sister so much despite her thick skull and constantly worrying daredevil attitude. Oh well, maybe today’s not the day she could convince Melly about her limit being a tiny yet…

But there’s no harm in trying, right?

Still irritated by her sister’s unwavering attitude, Athena figures there’s only one more thing she could try… Extending her legs backward and planting her hands on the ground with Melly below her, Athena gave her older sister one last glance of annoyance then…

"Now imagine this; what if there's a rolling boulder that suddenly rolled into you..."

“Athena? What are you… WHOA!!”


Before Melly could even react, Athena let herself fell down to the floor. Her mountainous boobs fell to the ground like an earth-shattering meteor, pinning down her older sister completely beneath it. The helpless tiny Melly felt her body compressed deep into the mat below her with that D-cup boobs smushing her without mercy. The white fabric of her sister’s tanktop didn’t even help in softening the impact either, everything is darkness for Melly while all she felt is a planet-sized pillow hugged her entire front but thankfully didn’t completely suffocate her as she could still breathe through the cotton material, even if the air completely filled with the familiar smell of her sweaty little sister.

For Athena though, it’s never stop being amusing how her own body is all she needs to deal with her tiny sister. Many times, it tingles her dominating side without fail, especially given how rare she could do something like this to any tinies. The slight ticklish sensation beneath her left boob turned her on a little while imagining a defenseless tiny that couldn’t fight back her tremendous body no matter how hard they tried. Gently she lifts herself back up and shifts to the side a little just to see a tiny limp body lay down tired inside that boobs-shaped imprint on the mat.

“Maybe I should often do this… so that I could prevent you diving headfirst into danger…” once again, Athena let the gravity do the work as her boobs lands on the mat. This time, her left boob pinned down the entire body of Melly, knocking the entire wind out from her tiny body while leaving only her head and her arms sticking out beneath facing up.

“Athena! Stop this!” Melly bangs her arms on the tanktop-covered flesh meteor. Its softness didn’t make it any less painful whenever the whole thing dropped from above. “I’m older than you! You shouldn’t need to wo-“

“NO!!” the tone changed. The ever-cheerful little sister suddenly had tears rolling down her left cheek, her sudden mood whiplash startled Melly to silence. “I’ve… I’ve seen it too often… many unfortunate tinies out there… the unlucky ones, how they’re easily involved in fatal accidents… how they’re whimsically just becoming playthings to the bigger ones… I… I don’t want to lose you, sis…”


It’s been how long since Melly had a direct talk like this, it made her realize how lonely her younger sister must be ever since she’s enrolling in college. Especially now with their parents so busy working overseas, they’re left to handle their own and with Athena as the youngest in the family… Melly secretly grateful that she has a family that really cared for her. She didn’t even expect that despite the mischievousness of her giant little sister, it’s always a nice reminder that in the end she was the big part of her life, always helping her in what a tiny could never do with their puny little body.

“I thank you…” Melly’s tiny arms trying its best to hug the mountainous flesh that still pinned her body. “We’ll always be strong together, all right?”

Strangely, silence. No response.


A snoring sound could be heard. Looks like the moving mountain fell asleep…

Well, she must be tired, drained… hold on a second.

Melly realized she’s still trapped beneath the d-cup ballistics.

“No! ATHENA!!” Melly goes back to banging her fists on the soft flesh once again…

“Wake up you big dumbo! I’M STILL STUCK DOWN HERE!!”

The hot summer goes on…

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