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Author's Chapter Notes:
Rewrite of Chelgi's 'Amazon Cousin'
Copyright by Newmark 2/15/2006

[slightly edited original opener by Chelgi]

I stared at the most awesome woman I had ever seen, and she was standing in my doorway looking down at me with beautiful dark blue eyes..Staring down from above the top of the doorway........way above.......! I barely came up to her waist! She looked more than ten feet tall.............a giantess! But in spite of her tremendous size, the thing that really captured my eyes were the gigantic mountains protruding from her chest. She looked like she was smuggling basketballs in the sheer white blouse she was wearing. I developed an instant hard-on.

"Zach....?" She had a hesitant smile on her plush red lips, but I had to tear my eyes away from those mountainous mammaries to look up and see it.

"Yeah.......I'm Zach.....Helen.......? You're my cousin Helen? Oh, my God!"

"It's all right isn't it? I mean.........Aunt Patty said, that you said I could stay here for a few days until I got my own place."

"Oh, God......yes, yes....sure. I mean Mom didn't tell me.....I mean........I was expecting a teen-ager.................I mean.....Oh, God....come on in."

I stared at her some more, then moved back from the door so she could come in. I wasn't sure she could make her way inside, the top of the frame was barely above her magnificent chest, and her hips seemed nearly as wide as the door. Crouching slightly she bent from the waist, and slipped inside with a grace and ease I would never have believed possible from such a huge person.

The massiveness of her gigantic body seemed to fill the room completely. I stood there awestruck as I gazed up at her. She was gorgeous, yet it was like standing right up against the side of an elephant, or swimming alongside a whale. There is a feeling of awe, a terrific combination of terror mixed with desire for such a beautiful woman. There is a feeling of love for this magnificently huge animal, and yet there is nervousness and fear of her sheer size. You want to be friends, and yet you feel so small, so tiny and vulnerable beside such a tremendous animal.

Looking down on me she grinned, "Well, I am only eighteen, and we might as well get over the rest of the stupid questions, and make friends. I'm eight feet eleven inches tall, weigh four hundred thirty five pounds, and wear special ordered shoes too big to have a size..............and the air up here is fine."

I responded, "I'm twenty five, five feet nine, a hundred sixty five pounds, and wear size eight shoes that come right off the shelf. The view from down here is terrific, and I make it a point not to ask stupid questions like those, particularly from a girl as beautiful as you."

She was enormous......and I don't mean fat, robust at the most, a solid muscular outdoor type girl. She looked like a girl that would be in a beach scene in a James Bond movie......if she were half her height. The top of my head barely came up to her beautifully rounded bosom, and when she straightened up her's soared up level with the balcony in my A-frame cabin. If I wasn't living in an A-frame she couldn't have stood up at all. Her legs were beautifully shaped pillars of muscle that seemed nearly as tall as I was. Lovely tan legs with a tight skirt that didn't come half way down those sleek powerful looking thighs, and then those boobs. I simply couldn't get over the size of her gigantic tits. They were absolutely titanic! I had seen women with huge tits before, but when the tits look that big, and the woman carrying them is nine feet tall.... they are absolutely gargantuan. They stood out from her chest in youthful defiance of gravity, straining the seams of her blouse. It was all I could do to keep from simply reaching up and grabbing one of those gigantic melons to see if a tit that big was real.

Any question of reaching up and grabbing those mammoth globes was held in check by one look at the size of her arms and hands. Her massive biceps were as big around as my thighs, and her arms looked as long as my legs. Every part of her was huge, and I was completely entranced by the sheer massiveness of her gigantic body. Even the titanic tits I was staring at were well above my head. I looked up at the beautiful face smiling down at me and thought, this was how a midget must feel with a big gorgeous woman.

"Zach, you're all right! Mom said you were terrific, and a great guy, I guess she was right. Thanks for taking me in."

"Mom," was my aunt Leta, and she was my favorite aunt. I'll say favorite, she had introduced me to sex when I was sixteen, and has been fucking me every since, with my full cooperation. Fortunatly not a blood relative, she had divorced my mother's brother years back, but still kept in touch with me. After the divorce she was a bit of a wild child, and I knew she had a daughter during the short time she was married to some big trucker. However, I had never seen Helen, or even heard anything about her. Leta was six feet eight and the trucker was over six and a half feet tall, I expected a big girl, but nothing like this; this giantess was impossible. And, if Helen was anything like her mother I was in for one hell of a time.

She bent down, and reached out to me, as if to kiss me hello. I reached up over my head to put my hands on her shoulders, and her big hands grasp my sides snatching me off the ground like I was a little child. Wrapping her huge arms around me she hugged me to her massive body as though I was her favorite stuffed toy. Her tremendous arms were as powerful as steel cables. My back popped and cracked as she squeezed me in her Amazonian arms with such force that couldn't inhale. Yet it felt terrific, I don't know when had enjoyed a hug as much. I thought my ribs would break as she crushed me against the youthful firmness of her gigantic tits. They were real all right, and so huge and cushiony
wanted her to hold me against them forever.

[ rewrite begins ]

A moment later she set me back down and turned to close the door behind her. As she moved I couldn't help but stare at her, in awe of her incredible size. She reached her right arm down to the corner of the door and stepped back towards me as she swung it around. As I inched back to make space, my back now against the coat rack, her rear end loomed uncomfortably large in front of me. I was left with the feeling that my entryway was simply too small for us both.

As she bent over to reach for the handle and gently latch it, her butt came towards me and I had nowhere to go. Attempting not to fall, I instinctively wrapped my arms around her to catch myself, my hands barely clasping eachother around her waist. She obviously felt herself bump me over as she let out a short "oops" sound. She braced her hand on top of mine as she stood back up, briefly lifting me off the ground, and my body colliding with the back of her legs as as my grip around her waist held. As I let my grip go, my arms slid a few inches down her hips and I felt her hand bracing my back as my feet reconnected with the floor. I looked up to a view of her twisting around while she steadied me. "I'm sorry, I try hard not to bump into things, but it's not easy." I was simply still stunned by her body. As she turned, with her hand still steadying me against her, my head pressed firmly up into her right breast. I could not see her face as she spoke. "You okay down there?"

The way I was still grasping around her waist was embarassing, "Yes. I'm sorry, I just lost my footing. I didn't mean to grab you." I steaded myself against her, removing my hands from around her and placing them on the waistline of her skirt. As we both stepped away from eachother, the feeling of her clothed breast dragging against me and slipping down my forehead had my undivided attention. Her hands took mine as she squatted down to make eye contact, her head now just above mine.

With her head at my level, she spoke quietly and her words felt more intimate. "No no, I'm sorry. I'll be more careful." Her eyes scanned around behind me to take in the rest of my house. "Thanks again for letting me stay. Where do you want me?"

"I had planned for you to stay in the guest room, but that was before I realized the circumstances." I stepped into the living room and ran the options through my head. The entryway and living room were plenty tall enough for her, as they were vauled to the top of the a-frame. However, the guest room sat on the first floor and would be quite a squeeze. "Let me give you the quick tour and we'll figure it out. Leave your things there."

I led her over to the main floor hallway and into the guest room. The typically generous seven and a half foot ceilings were more than a foot to short for her. However, she was quiet adept at navigating standard size houses, and effortlessly made it into the room and squeezed by me. This is when I realized the real challenge. Even sitting on the bed with her back to the wall, her feet reached to the very end of the bed. "You don't need to go out of your way for me, this is great." She wiggled her toes. "As you can imagine, I'm pretty used to fitting where I have to."

With her eyes now at the same level as mine, I struggled to stay focused on them. "Besides, I need to get used to this," she turned to peer around the room. "Soon I'll be off at college where I'll be sharinga room this size." She placed her hands in her lap and looked back at me. "Can you imagine stepping into your dorm for the first time and seeing me there to greet you?" Accentuating "me", she squeezed her arms together, creating a distracting view of cleavage down her v-neck tshirt. It was obviously intended as simply a cute gesture, but having just had her breast pressed against me, I was immediately distracted and stared down at her. At this point all I could imagine was how it would feel to lift her massive breasts.

A moment later I tried to cover by moving towards the closet to explain the room. "While it's hard to imagine, I can see what it will be like." I opened the closet doors. "You're welcome to use this room however you like." I slipped open each one of the dresser drawers to assure they were empty. There was a single t-shirt left in one of the drawers which I removed to empty it for Helen.

"Thanks so much Zach." She reached her arm out inviting a hug, nearly reaching me in this small room. I moved towards her and set the tshirt on her to free my arms up. I reached my arm around her neck, and before I knew it she had swept me up and I was sitting on her lap. "I know how close you and my mother are, and she insisted I should be very appreciative..." She squeezed me tight, landing her breasts acros my legs in the process. I couldn't help stare down the opening in her shirt. This, and the feeling of her breasts on me, one of them right in my lap, was causing quite a reaction. I felt myself harden and poke up into her breast. On the one hand, I was starting to feel self-concious, on the other hand, my mind was fixated on the size of the breast pressing down into my lap. My arm was stretched across her, and as I softended the grip on her neck, I enjoyed the feeling of my elbow resting on her chest. It was obvious now that it would barely cup one of her huge breasts. Her finger lifted my face so our eyes could meet. "I told her I'd be sure you never wanted me to leave. If there is anything I can do for you while I'm here, you let me know." She had a look in her eye that meant trouble.

Her saucy response caught me off guard and snapped me out of my trance. She looked to expect a response. I was not sure what she meant, and I doubted she really knew how closer her mother and I had been. Visions of my Aunt Patty and I in inappropriately sexual situations sent my mind spinning, but this was her 18 year old daugter. "Okay... sure."

I was cradled in her arm, and as she brought her other hand to my shoulder to give me another squeeze, she pinned my left arm against her breast. "That wasn't very convincing. I mean it," she stared down at her own cleavage and squeezed it together in her arms, and then looked back up at me, "anything at all. Promise?" I felt myself stiffen further against her. She had caught me in a funny position, and I was poking right up into her breast in a way she had to notice. I was deeply aroused. Although involuntary, in this position I my left arm was cradling her breast into my lap, and I felt myself loosing composure.

"Yes, I promise." I thought this would bring on a release, but she held firm. As I contined to harden, I started to become physically uncomfortable. Her breast and my pants kept me poking straight up into her. She held me there, making it painfully obvious to both of us that I needed to adjust.

She intently looked down towards our situation for a moment, "need something?"

I didn't want to go anywhere, but I obviously needed to be freed from her grasp. "Yes, I do." I thought for a moment about how to phrase my request. "I'm a little uncomfortable." Apparently she didn't need any more information.

"Let's see what I can do." She slipped her left hand under her breast and adjusted me so I was no longer poking up into her. Then, she left it there, gently moving her fingers back and forth on me. "Better?" I was staring down at her breast, moving slightly from her hand underneath. She tipped my head back up to meet her eyes. I stared at her for a moment with no response, completedly fixed on the feeling of her continued stroking. Then she moved her fingers around me in a way which caused waves of pleasure and I involuntarily rolled my eyes up away from her. She could tell I enjoyed it as she did it a few more times before settling back to a simpler stroking. When I retained my composure I looked her back in the eye and saw a look of satisfaction. "Better?" I shook my head yes, somewhat at a loss for words. She whispered to me, "Ooh, I've been wanting to get my hands on you since I walked in, but mother didn't tell me how big you are."

I let out a giggle at the irony of her statement and looked her in the eye. "Mother didn't tell you how big _I_ was?" I slipped my arm around her breast and pulled it against me. "Ever since you walked in...." I felt her nipple harden through her bra and tshirt and started to knead it. "I've been aching to feel you. Especially since I felt your breast drag against me in our hug."

"Ohh, did you think that was unintentional?" She said coyly. "I was just playing. Mother warned me that you like the tall girls with large breasts, so I knew we'd hit it off." She was still stroking me underneath her breast, and I pulled her mouth to mine and we smothered eachother in a passionate kiss. As we freed ourselves, her hand took mine and traced it in very deliberate circles over each of her breasts, which I continued on my own. "I meant what I said, whatever you need while I'm here, you let me know. Which would you like to finish first, you or the tour?"

I was deeply aroused but decided to continue the game. "Your offer is very generous, and before I take you up on it, you'll need the full tour." She let up on me, and a few moments later I realized I was still staring at and tracing circular patterns around her huge breasts, and she was still stroking me.

"You sure?" She repeated the motion which had earlier driven me crazy and I again felt waves of pleasure running through me. This time she kept it up, and the more she continued the more my entire body stiffened and spasmed. I couldn't bring myself to stop her, but it was clear this motion was not going to bring me to climax. In another few minutes I was making soft shreking noises and realized she was just playing with me. I broke free of her and slipped off the bed, taking a moment to adjust myself. "Hmm. For a moment there I thought you might want a tour of something else. You tell me if you want more," she smirked. She reached down for the tshirt I left on her, and held it over herself. It was a men's tech tshirt with the title, "powerful things come in big packages", depicting a refridgerator sized server. It looked like it would barely cover her breasts. "Ooh, perfect."

She slipped off the bed and set the tshirt on the dresser. Hunched over to keep her head from hitting the ceiling, she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me back into her, my head settling between her breasts. "Ready when you are." She obviously leaned down, pressing the weight of her breasts down onto my head intentionally. As reached my hands above my head to feel her, she took my hands in hers and we pushed both breasts onto my head. She rocked back and forth to slide her breasts against me. "Whenever you want to get started...." She continued rocking back and forth.

I looked up at her staring down at me. "You're amazing. Let's go." I took her hand and led her out of the guest room.

After showing her the bathroom without entering, we reached my room. The bed in there is larger, and the ceilings are vaulted up higher. She was able to stand straight. She immediately sat on the edge of the bed and after an adjustment to her skirt, spread her legs. "This will be nice". She was impossibly sexy, her arms stroking her legs, and her panties clearly showing. On account of my higher bed, her breasts were right in front of me. I walked up to her, and cupped one hand on either side of them and looked up at her. She had a terribly seductive look. "Well?" Just as I started down to take her breast in my mouth, she leaned back on her arms, slipping away from me and exposing her bare tummy. I took the playful hint and after a brief grind into her crotch, I backed away.

"Next room," I reached my hand out for her as if I could help her up off the bed.

Last I showed her the loft, which I used as a theatre room, The center of the loft was plenty tall for her to stand in, but it was iffy near the sides of the house where the ceiling was lower. We sat down next to eachother on the couch, and I gave her a quick demo of the theatre, including surround sound. I could tell she wasn't that interested in the technical details when she started to tease me again. Her arm was around behind me on the couch, and she laid her hand on my shouder and pulled me towards her. "Any more rooms to see?" I started to shake my head no when her other hand came to the back of my head and pulled my face up against her breast. Her hand resisted my head turning away from her, and in a moment my face was pressed against her huge breast. She eased up and looked down at me. "Are you sure? You said the full tour."

In haste I hadn't shown her the master bath, but that could wait. "Yes, that's the full tour." She pulled me back against her breast and I felt smothered for a moment.

"Okay, then it's time for me to take care you." I felt her hand in my crotch, and she gently lifted, bringing my head into her lap. She left her hand there on my crotch, and we could both feel me growing. She stroked the outside of my pants, but I couldn't see her face. "I like how quickly you respond to me." She pressed the stretched area of her shirt between her breasts flat against her chest so we could make eye contact. "Comfy down there?" I shook my head yes, and reached my hand up to pull her breast down towards me. It didn't really work as planned. "Want something?" She could sense what I was doing, and again lifted my head up to press me into her breast. Her eyes were hidden from view by her shirt as she slipped her fingers underneath the waist of my pants. I was still growing, now peaking out of the top of my pants, and she was stroking me bare when she stopped abruptly. "This simply won't do, I need to see you." She quickly pulled her shirt up over her head, allowing us to see eachother in the valley between her huge breasts. I was immediately distracted by the new view offered without her shirt on. I started to massage her nipple, but again couldn't bring her breast to my mouth. She was now unbuttoning my pants and could see my struggles. She cupped her breast and massaged it lightly. "Want something?"

"Yes, please take your bra off?" She reached behind her back and quickly undid the clasps, tossing her bra onto the coffee table. While her breasts are very firm, the lack of support freed them to rest one each on my forehead and mouth.

"Of course, need anything else?" I repositioned to bring one of her nipples into my mouth and heard her make a calm sound of pleasure. She returned her hand to my cock and began to stroke and massage me as she stared down at me. "I'm glad you like big breasts." She dragged her nipple up and down across my face. "But have you ever felt breasts this big?" I started to shake my head as she leaned herself down over me, and I felt a single breast spill over both sides of my face. I felt her nipple across my mouth and sucked hard on it. She straightened up to look at me. "We can't stop with just one." She slipped the other breast over my face. I could feel her nipple on my closed eyes, as the other breast spilled onto my chest. As she again broke free. "Well, have you ever had a girl drag her big breasts in your face?"

Of course I had, but it had never felt this good. I was in extacy, both from being smothered, and from her continued stroking of my cock. "Yes, I have." I reached up to massage her. "But they have never been half the size as one of yours."

"Ohh you have, have you." She shot me a playful look. Her stroking stopped as I felt both her hands under me. She lifted me and slowly moved me side to side below her, with her breasts pressed into and dragging on top of me. "Have you ever had a girl drag her big breasts down your entire body?"

"Yes, I have." She slid me up further and let her breast slip between my legs. I involuntarily squeezed my legs around it, and enjoyed the sensation of it dragging slowly back up across my crotch. "But I've never had my body dragged up and down across big breasts."

She stopped with my crotch in her lap and shot me a grin. "Ohh, you have, have you." Her huge hand slipped around my cock and stroked it a few times before pressing it against her tummy with her palm. "Seems you've already been treated quite well by someone." She reached to grab two cushions and slid one under my back and one into her lap under my rear end. The cushions lifted me up high enough that my cock now rested between her breasts, and I could feel it brushing them. She placed one hand on either side of her breasts, pressing inward and trapping me in her cleavage. "Let's make sure you're not missing anything." She proceeded to turn her body back and forth, dragging me around between her breasts. Then she lifted both breasts, pressed them together hard while forcing them down over me until they were firmly in my lap. The feeling of me parting her breasts drove me crazy, and I pressed my hips hard up into her. After repeating this cycle a few more times, she lay her breasts into my lap and I felt her hands massaging my genitals. The head of my cock was still buried deep inside her massive cleavage. "Have you ever had a girl titty fuck you until you came?" She held her breasts squeezed around me with one arm and slipped her other hand between her breasts to massage my head with her fingers. I rhythmically pushed up into her in a crazed state. This was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like having entered someone, while something deep inside massaged me directly. Each thrust I tried to get myself back into her fingers to feel her run patterns around the head of my cock. Then she stopped firm. "Well? Have you ever had a girl titty fuck you?"

I desperately wanted her to continue. "Uhmm... yes, but please don't stop." I gyrated around trying to restart her adeptly massaging me. "Please, please, I want more." She stared massaging me again.

"Ohh you like this do you?" She again lifted her breasts up and pressed them firmly around me as she stroked downward and leaned down onto me. The firm slow stroke was followed by a faster lighter strokes. I started nodding my head and bucking up into her slightly, each time her breasts bouncing on my crotch. I had been placed between breasts before, but never like this. She let them rest and slipped her hand back inside to massage me. "Well, as much as you seem to be enjoying this, I'm looking for a first, so you'll have to wait until later for more."

"No. Please. More." She continued stroking me between her breasts as she let a distracted and puzzled look come over her face. It was not enough to bring me to climax, only to want more. In fact, I wanted more of everything she had done this evening, but especially this. I could see she wanted to try something next, but I desperately wanted more of this. "Please more. I've never had a girl titty fuck me to climax." This renewed her interest and she picked up her massaging me.

"Ohh no? Well in that case, I don't want you missing out." She gave me a little nod and slipped her breasts up and pressed them together around the head. She pushed them back and forth but kept them lifted high so I stayed very shallow. "Want something?" She could see me trying to lift up to press deeper up into her cleavage. I nodded at her, but she kept just shallowly teasing me. "Well, perhaps they just weren't _big_ enough". As she said big, she pressed down and firmly slid herself over me. She resumed stroking me with her fingers. "Do you think I'm big enough? If not, I'm sure I can make you come some other way." She smiled at me playfully.

"Yes, please, you're breasts are huge. Please more." She started more lightely stroking and bouncing her breasts up and down around me. She settled again to massage my head with her fingers.

"I bet they were plenty big enough." She continued massaging me, interspersing motions of her breasts back and forth. "I bet you're just more turned on having an 18 year old love slave..." She returned to bouncing her breasts up and down. "...three feet taller than you..." I could feel myself nearing climax, and I started to whimper. "..with breasts as big as your head." she pressed more firmly, "..who will do _anything_ you ask", I moaned as she slid a few long strokes down and back up, "for as long as you need." With that I came hard into her, and bucked a bit violently before settling back down. "What do you think?" She reached over for some tissues to clean us both up.

"I think I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm glad I did it. You'll need to let me do something for you."

"Zack, that's so nice of you. You're already so generous letting me stay here. Although there is one thing you can do. I worried with all the help you might need around here, I won't have time to find a place as quickly as I thought. Do you think you can let me stay a bit longer than expected?" She glanced over with a devious smile. "If it's too much trouble I'll understand."

"It is absolutly no trouble at all. I'm happy to help."
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