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Helen had only been around for a week, but we had already settled into an incredibly satisfying and comfortable situation. Before coming home tonight I jokingly pinched myself to make sure I was awake before coming in through the front door. "Hi Zach!" She strolled up to me to welcome me back home wearing another outfit stretched tight to her body. She had explained that being so big, even slightly loose clothing made her look simply fat, so she kept things tasteful but trim. This time it was a cute red sweater and mid-length skirt.

I reached my hands around her waist and hugged her back as she pulled me close to her. Even her friendly hugs felt sexual, due to the various ways her breasts pressed againt me, and she seemed to always play it up. However, this time was different, my head came to rest on her tummy, and she seemed even taller than before. I felt my chin slip into her belly button and looked up a little disoriented. "Are you suddenly taller?"

She smiled down at me. "No silly, I'm just wearing heels." I looked down at her heels, which looked well proportioned but must have been 6 inches tall and were obviously custom made. I looked back up at her and felt further dwarfed by her. I must have given her a wry look, "ohh, if you like I can take them off. I know I'm plenty tall enough already."

"No, no. They're very sexy, it was just a bit disorienting." I guess I still had some disappointment in my voice and she wasn't going to let it slide.

"Great!" She took my hand and led me over to the couch. "Then at least let me give you a _proper_ hug." She lifted me up to stand on the couch, and wrapped her arms around me, pulling the side of my face against one breast, while I stared at the other. As she rocked me back and forth, the weave of her sweater was open enough to see that she was wearing a sexy nearly demi-cup bra underneath. "Better?"

"Yes, much better." I nodded against her. She could hear my discontent drift away. She pulled me tighter and my chin rested on her chestbone as I looked up at her.

"I can see you just needed one of our special hugs as much as I did." Her arms gently squeezed her breasts around my face for a moment before letting go and setting me back on ground level. She walked over to the kitchen and picked up a couple DVD boxes from the counter. "I rented a couple DVDs, I figured we could have a nice relaxing night upstairs."

"Sounds great, what did you pick up?" I headed back for the door to drop my shoes at the door, and take my work gear to my desk.

"I'm in the mood for some camp. I have the remake of 'Attack of the 50ft woman' with Daryl Hannah, and 'Striptease' with Demi Moore." I shot back a playfully disapproving glare at her for her obviously situational movie picks. "Which are you more in the mood for?" She had a saucy look about her, although she often had a saucy look about her.

"Demi is not much of a stripper, let's watch Daryl Hannah." I headed for my room. "I'm going to quickly change first."

I heard her call to me from the other room. "Sounds good, I'm going to start watching the previews."

By the time I was walking up the stairs, the loft was already dark and a movie trailer for 'War of the Worlds' was raging. I could see her dimly lit by the bright flashes on the screen, and she was no longer wearing her sweater and skirt. She had moved the coffee table, was sitting on the floor, and had propped some cushions up behind her against the couch. I made my way over to the couch and was about to sit down next to her when her arm blocked me.

"No no, down here sweetie." She patted between her legs where she had laid down a few blankets for cushion on the floor. So close to her, I could see that she had stripped down to black french cut underwear and some kind of black silk top which barely covered her breasts. I stepped in front of her, and as I sat down I felt her scoot me tight into her crotch. I slipped my arms around her bare legs, and felt myself settle back into her. My head slipped onto her chest, and I could feel my shoulders leaning onto her breasts. "Comfy?" I heard her whisper to me? I scooted back and forth to slip back against her and felt the bottoms of her bare breasts up on my shoulders.

"Very." I slipped my hand up into her silk top and pulled her breast towards me to kiss it. Her nipple was already hard, and I caressed her breast for a minute or so enjoying her response. The opening credits for the movie started and we both diverted our attention to the screen.

The first half of the movie was a bit slow. Drama and dialog set up the themes of the movie. About mid-way through is where Daryl Hannah starts growing. "Ohh here is the good part." She's clearly seen this movie before. "Is that what I look like?" She asked as Daryl Hannah's character becomes 8 feet tall.

"Yes, but more sexy, and with bigger breasts." I again became acutely aware of her breasts resting on my shoulders. I reached one hand behind my back and began to slid my fingers back and forth across her panties. She took my que and started stroking me through my pajamas.

Daryl's character was now outside and growing more rapidly, but I couldn't pay much attention. The feeling of Helen stroking me was demanding all my focus. What little I had left went into attempting to excite her with my hand. "Do you think most men are turned on by the idea of a 50 foot woman?"

I took a look back at the screen. Her breasts were now depicted as nearly a story high. "It's pretty hot seeing breasts as big as I am, but it's just a movie." Helen used her free hand to expose one breast from her silk top. She began to caress her fingers down the curve of her breast, onto my chest, and then back up onto her breast. Each time she urged her breast slightly closer to me.

"So you like the real thing better?" She slipped her other hand down into my pants to free me, and began to stroke my bare skin. "I know you like how tall I am. I wonder if you would like me bigger." I turned my head to watch her caress herself. "Look there, do you see those little men not quite reaching up to her knee?" The attack was on, and Daryl's character was about 40 feet tall already. "If I was that tall, I could slip all of you between my huge full-story tall breasts." Her stroking me was now preventing me from thinking straight. "However, I saw how disappointed you were at our first hug tonight." She slipped her silk top up over her head. "When we hug and my breasts brush against you.." She pressed her bare breast against my face while temporarily quickening her stroking pace. "..it is never accidental." She took my hand and pulled it up to her mouth, taking in and sucking on a couple of my fingers. She then held my hand to her neck, my arm resting against her breast. "When you touch my neck your arm lays on my breast. You think it's casual enough that I don't notice." Her fingers followed my arm down, tracing where it lay on her breast. "...but I always notice." Her other hand was now kneading my cock between her fingers. "Would you like to see another advantage of my height?" She had my interest peaked, but I couldn't imagine having her stop.

"Yes, but please don't stop yet." She slipped her other hand down to my shaft and quickly alternated brushing me lightly one after the other.

"Ohh, you like this, do you?" I nodded, and used both of my hands to press her breasts in around my head. She started moving faster, and I stared to whimper and moan. I desparately wanted to climax, but what she was doing was obviously designed only to tease. She brought one of my hands to her mouth. "I know how much you like this, but if you let me show you, I promise you'll enjoy it." She took two fingers into her mouth and began to suck on them as she stroked me in unison. After several strokes she drew me out. "However, I'm here to give you anything you need. We can save the new lesson for later if you like."

So far, if I've learned one thing, it's to trust her when she wants to pleasure me. "I'd like to see another advantage to your height, please show me." I experienced momentary regret as she stopped stroking me and gently pushed me forward to free me out from under her breasts.

She held her hand out in front of me. "Stand up." I pushed up from her legs, and immediately felt her turn me around. "We'll need these off." She slipped my pajamas down to my ankles and motioned for me to step out of them. She tossed them aside and straighted up her sitting posture. She hugged me close to her, and my cock slipped alongside her neck. She looked up at me seductively and kissed right above my belly button. She took my cock in one hand and slipped the other behind my lower back to steady me, and tilted her head down. I could feel her first blow gently on me, and then extend her tongue to twirl it around my exposed head. I rested my hands on her shoulders, and looked down to watch this sexy amazon take me fully into her mouth. Then she slipped me out and rubbed me against her neck. "What do you think?"

"I want some more." She kept me rubbing against her neck for a moment, and then gave me another small set of licks before looking back up at me.

"There is plenty more." She placed my hand on her head, and I rubbed my fingers through her hair. "See, I like that when I sit comfortably on the floor," she started to playfully lick me like a lollypop, "you come to just," another lick, "the right," another lick, "height." She again pressed me against her neck, and began kneading me with her fingers. "I think I could be comfortable here for hours, how about you, are you comfortable?"

"Yes, very." The thought of me lasting for hours in her mouth was fairly unimaginable, but I'd love every minute of it. She started to play with me and flick me back and forth across her chin. I tried to push her head down to get back in her mouth, but she calmly resisted.

She continued to stare up at me. "I could get a little bored though, is there anything you'd like me to do while we're here?" She was obviously just playing with me, and I loved every minute of it.

"Yes Helen, please tease me as long as I can take it and then make me come in your mouth."

"Alright, but you asked for it." She became somewhat vigerous and started to twist and twirl herself around me. She alternated between taking me fully inside her, and just issuing short strokes on the tip. Every time I thought she was going to bring me to climax, she would slow down slightly to stop me. After about 20 minutes, she turned me sideways so she could again get a view of the screen and briefly took me out of her mouth. "Enjoying yourself?" I could hardly speak and managed to get a nod in. "Good, mind if I watch a little TV?" She looked up for an answer as she returned to licking me, and I shook my head to confirm.

"You can do whatever you like as long as you keep doing this." She adeptly channel surfed while alternating between stroking patterns. She settled on some type of tv drama which I couldn't possibly pay attention to. Occasionally she took me out of her mouth to stroke me with her fingers, and after about an hour had passed, her motions were much more subtle, and every touch of hers was causing me to convulse. "Please, Please." I pressed my hand to her head to reinforce that I wanted more.

She looked up at me villanously. "Please what? Are you enjoying your tease?" She made several quick strokes, and had to apply pressure to my back to keep me from stumbling.

"Yes, please, make me come." She again slid me into and out of her mouth, and twirled me around until I felt like I was about to burst, stopping just before. My legs were not consistantly shaking, having trouble holding me up.

She began to stroke me with the fingers of both hands. "Are you sure? You said tease you as long as you can take it, and it looks like you can still take it."

I really wanted to climax now, and began to buck and convulse gently. "Yes, please Helen......... I need ....... to ...... I can't ..... take ...... more....." I was whimpering and moaning.S

"Alright, but only because you asked." She took me in her mouth and after a few moments more teasing, started smooth long rythmic strokes. It didn't take long for me to start to reach climax, as she could tell from my sounds. I could feel the vibration of her humming along with my climax, and another minute later I burst into her. After she finished a few more strokes, I involunarily collapsed, and she slid me down into her lap.

"Helen, you're so amazing." I was panting to catch my breath. "I want to pleasure you, tell me what I can do."

"Thank you for the offer. I'll absolutly take you up on it, but right now it looks like you need a little rest." She held me against her body and I quickly drifted off to sleep.
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