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Author's Chapter Notes:
Semi-needless disclaimer: this story, like volume 1, is a piece of crossover fanfiction based on the canonical stories of Mr_G and DX Machina. Most of the concepts are the intellectual properties of same. And, they are used herein with only the utmost respect intended.
Mandatory recap: two operatives for the Inter-Dimensional Exploration and Enforcement Agency detected a violation of the Treaty of Harrisburg involving the parallel-world designated Earth-DXM. Specifically; the presence of contraband weapons technology. In confronting one of their leads, they panicked him into revealing himself to be a Morpher. One of a race of xenophobic beings that can shapeshift between solid and liquid states of matter, at will.

At the same time, the Growth Triumphant Society has liberated a shrunken man named Barney from the Pentagon. Their main reason for doing so? He first materialized on their world as a mega-giantess named Buffy!

Meanwhile, the owner/operator of an Internet website for conspiracy buffs ("Theparanoidsareright.com") has become targeted for termination by the Sitmobtia; a crime syndicate from a parallel-world called Sizeloa. And, his only hope is Raymond Venn. A private investigator who is also a Sizeloan-in-exile!

Venn has managed to find a temporary refuge for his client. But, now, the Sitmobtia is after both him and an old "show-biz" acquaintance of his. While the two I.D.E.E.A. men were lured into a trap that has left them stranded on a world with an unusual boarding school. One where both the students and faculty are apparently man-eating giantesses!

* * * * *

Dana Schorr-Geraghty looked at the plant life surrounding them.

"Wow! These have got to be the tallest sunflowers I've ever seen!!"

Agent 679 smiled: "Incorrect, miss. These are not Helianthus annuus. They're Rudbeckia hirta; black-eyed Susans!"

Ray Venn ruefully smiled back: "So, in addition to everything else, you guys are botanists, now, too?"

Dana arched her eyebrows, quizzically: "You three know each other?"

Ray nodded: "We first met while I was working on a marine insurance case...involving the Bermuda Triangle! It cost me a pretty hefty bonus to officially declare that case 'unsolvable.' "

"My apologies, Mr. Venn," replied Agent 678: "But, the Brobdignagian pygmy octopus is still an endangered species on Earth-10261726. And, the relocation of all stray specimens is still on-going."

* * * * *


"And, that is how matters stand, at present, Milord," concluded Etag Thron.

The silhouette on the TV screen was silent for a few moments. Then, its electronically distorted voice finally deigned to reply.

"Continue with the duties already assigned you. I shall contact the Secret Police, on Gromania, and see if they can loan us one of their S.W.A.T teams to eradicate this interloper. And, in the process, retrieve your disruptor."

"What of the human he protects?" inquired Thron.

"Leave that one to me. Just do as I say!"

"Always, Milord. Always!"

And, with that, the screen on the replicated Predicta went dark.

Twenty-four hours later, a dozen sizevamp mercenaries exited through a crosstime warp in Arcadia, California (Earth-MRG). Each one wore a black uniform with a matching helmet and visor. And, each one carried a Steyr AUG in nine millimeter, with a silencer over the mouth of the gun barrel. And, a biometric scanner built into the telescopic sight.

The object of their hunt had been traced here by the disruptor he had confiscated from Thron. And, their orders were specific.

"Kill this Raymond Venn...and anyone else between you and the disruptor."

What they had not anticipated, however, is that Venn would be able to sense their presence and warp his way out! As a result, all they accomplished was to turn Dana's camper into the semblance of a hollowed-out Swiss cheese...and attract the attention of temperamental Sizeloan director, Rontor Drohaw.

"Hey! Who are you you? And, what the blazes...?"

He never lived to finish his indignant statement. Instigating a chorus of panic-stricken screams and shouts from the cast and crew of the CHERUB pilot!

"Adjutant!" exclaimed the sizevamp leader, yelling in order to be heard over that commotion: "What's the reading on the disruptor's transponder, now?"

His second-in-command showed him, using a device that resembled a palm-pilot. The sizevamp leader smiled and nodded.

"Prepare to warp after them on my command. Activate crosstime warp...NOW!!!"

By the time Arcadia's Finest arrived on the scene, all twelve sizevamps were gone.

* * * * *


"So, this isn't Mega-world?" inquired Dana.

"Not the one currently occupied by warring factions of GTS-goddesses," replied Agent 678: "That one, we designate Earth-09082009."

"As opposed to Earth-03312008," added his junior partner: "The mega-hating world decimated by your people, in revenge."

"Skip the geography lessons!" yelled Ray, from atop one of the giant black-eyed Susans: "We've got company coming."

He was referring to Oralia Crammet-Downs, who was heading straight for the garden. With a giant pet ferret on a leash!

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