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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warning: contains some giant animal vore.
* * * * *

The S.W.A.T. team exited from the warp in what they initially took to be a forest. That is; until their biometric scans revealed the "trees" to actually be pansies!

"Dubrovnik?" said the team leader: "You take point. The rest of you? Spearhead formation, behind me. Safeties off!"

The men (following strict protocols for minimal noise in unfamiliar territory) gave a curt nod of affirmation, in perfect unison. Dubrovnik, however, did not remain quiet for long.


* * * * *

Oralia had originally purchased her "dear, sweet Poopsie" to protect the carrots, in her vegetable garden, from wild rabbits. Right now, though, the lovably hyperactive ferret was proving quite invaluable in tracking down the two little men who had escaped from her!

"Good girl, Poopsie. Good girl! You find those naughty little men. And, we'll dine on them, both!"

No sooner had she said this, than the ferret suddenly stopped in its tracks.

"Ooooh! Do you have their scent? Huh? Does My Precious Poopsie have their scent?"

As if in reply, the ferret suddenly lunged forward with an ear-splitting growl. Followed two seconds later by a blood-curdling scream!


Oralia tried to reel her pet back in. But, it was all she could do just to hang on to the leash with both hands! Consequently, she did not get a good look at what Poopsie had been mauling with her teeth before hurling it away, to her right.

"Adjutant! Look out!!" shouted the S.W.A.T. team leader. Yet, to no avail. Dubrovnik's body came flying toward them too fast to avoid it. With half his men being bowled over, like the proverbial ten pins, as a result.

"Open fire! Fire at will," he ordered those still standing. And, they swiftly obeyed. Their bullets, however, merely bounced off this mega-mustelid! So, the team leader saw no other choice.

"Visors up! Fangs OUT!"

The other sizevamps complied; preparing to _literally_ go for the jugular. Before they could be ordered into action, however, their team leader wound up having his molecules disrupted!

And, Ray Venn grinned as he proceeded to similarly disintegrate the team's adjutant. Thereby disrupting the chain of command even further.

"Hello, boys! Looking for this?" he rhetorically asked, pointing at the tube-shaped weapon in his right hand.

"You good-for-nothing sizehu!" swore the team's top sergeant: "I'm gonna..."

"...regret ever using that turn of phrase!!!"

The sizevamp sergeant looked up, and gasped. As did the rest of his subordinates. For, there, stood Dana Schorr-Geraghty...approximately one hundred fifty feet tall! With each of her shoes looking as long as a railroad box car.

It was the shoe on her right foot that crushed the sizevamps into one vast bloody pulp. And Agent 678, observing this from her right shoulder, could not resist commenting:

"Now, _that_ is what I call 'stamping out the opposition.' "

Chapter End Notes:
Mostly for Asukafan: no giant ferrets were really/truly hurt in the posting of this chapter.
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