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Story Notes:
Request for a friend.
Sometimes fate can have a genuinely bizarre sense of humor. Katherine Beaumont is your average young girl. She goes to high school like any other girl her age, and tries her best to pass all the classes she takes. She's a little shorter than most of her classmates, lending her a bit of a shy personality when near others who are a little taller than she is.

Of course, the cruel irony of this is Kat's home life. Still being young, Kat lives with her mother, Mildred Beaumont, though she goes by Millie, and she would do anything for her daughter. She's also got an older sister, Melissa, who moved out of the house recently to study abroad. Kat never knew who her father was, or if she even really had one. She often wishes she did have a father around though, because then she'd have someone to relate too.

You see, Katherine is a bit of an oddity. She blends into normal society, not standing out in a crowd at all. For a normal teenage girl, this is to be expected, and most parents would be worried if this were not the case.

However, in Kat's case, not being unusual is exactly what's unusual about her.

You see, Katherine is the youngest daughter of the Beaumont family, a name synonymous with one thing in the area, Giantesses. However, in some strange twist of genetics and fate, Kat was born as a human sized girl. Small even for a human, but positively puny to her mother, Kat lives in an enormous home built to scale for her mother.

Constantly being around an enormous woman doesn't help Kat's squeamishness around those bigger than her too. Though Millie is as kind a mother as you could have, the ground quaking beneath her feet is enough to put Kat on edge.

Such was Kat's life. Though she lived well because her mother was the small towns appointed guardian and head of government, she always had a small thread of anxiousness within her heart given her home.


It was a bright and sunny Friday afternoon at Central High School.

Kat sat in her desk, pretending to pay attention to a huge textbook she held up, but stole glances at the clock every couple of seconds. It was almost time to get out of school, and she always got to hangout with her normal sized friends over the weekend. Anything to get away from her mother, at least for a little bit.

Kat gripped her textbook intently as the seconds hand of the clock continued it's slow spin around.

Time seemed to slow as it made it's way around a final time. Just when Kat thought she would go mad with impatience, the loud school bell rang through her ears, breaking her concentration on the hands of the clock.

Almost jumping for joy, Kat quickly stood and shoved her textbook and other school materials into her backpack.

Running through the halls Kat quickly made it outside and took in a deep breath of fresh air. It was now officially the weekend, and she was ready to enjoy her time off of school.

Looking in the distance, Kat could see her mother walking about and her heart instantly sank as the ground beneath her trembled ever so slightly.

Millie gingerly stepped through the thin streets of the town as she made her way to Central High. She had some news for her daughter about the weekends plans that she simply couldn't wait to share.

Kat felt the color drain from her face as her body's natural fear mechanisms activated. She knew she shouldn't be scared of her own mother, but the size difference was too much to be comfortable. Though Kat was clearly nervous over her approaching her, the students around her merely pointed at Millie, if they even did that much.

Arriving at the high school, Millie looked over the sea of tiny people until she spotted the one dot with a smaller white dot in it's center. Millie always told Kat to wear a bright white bow to make herself more noticeable among crowds, and she was glad that Kat listened in that regard.

Bending over, she lowered a cupped palm to the ground as the students near Kat scattered away.

"Come on Kat, we have something important to do for right now!" Millie happily said, unaware that she was embarrassing Kat on top of scaring her.

Finally forcing the feeling back into her legs, Kat blushed intensely as the students around her snickered at her having to be picked up from school by her mom. She stepped onto Millie's enormous palm and found herself forced to her knees as the force of the palm being lifted suddenly pressed into her back.

Satisfied that Kat was safely in her palm, Millie stood to her full height once more and waded through the crowded streets again to return home.

While it took Kat close to half an hour to make it to school on foot, her mothers size turned the trip back into what would have been little more than a stroll to the mailbox and back were she normal sized.

Arriving at home, Millie placed Kat safely onto the huge table in their living room before explaining the news.

Kat was grateful to be on solid ground again, even if the solid ground was an incredibly huge table and she was still at a great height from the floor. Falling to her knees, Kat took deep breaths as her mother spoke above her.

"And so she's going to be paying us a visit for the weekend!" she said excitedly, as Kat calmed down enough to listen.

Cupping her hands, Kat shouted up at her mother, "Who is? I'm sorry, I didn't hear!"

Millie frowned at Kat. "I don't see how you wouldn't have heard me, but anyway, I said your Aunt Faye is going to be coming to visit us. You remember Faye don't you?" Millie asked.

Kat stopped to think for a moment, but nothing immediately came to mind.

"Yeah! I remember Aunt Faye." Kat lied. "So when is she coming anyw-"

A horrible pounding sound filled Kat's eardrums in the middle of her sentence, shattering her concentration. She had never heard anyone knock on the door to her memory, the only one big enough to do so was her mom, and she never locked the doors.

Kat tensed up a little as the enormous doorknob began to turn. Having a huge mother around was nerve wracking, but she wouldn't know how to react to two giantesses at once.

The door swung open slowly.

Kat felt a nervous tick begin in her arm as in walked another enormous woman.

Faye was Millie's older sister, and was still just a bit taller than her too. She had a huge smile on her face as she examined the room looking for her younger sibling.

Kat watched as Faye entered the room and placed a bag down on the floor. Kat's heart skipped several beats as her hips swayed while walking past the table, inadvertently bumping it and bringing Kat to her knees once more.

Quickly growing impatient, Faye yelled, "MILLIE! WHY AREN'T YOU HERE TO GREET YOUR GOOD OLD SISTER?".

Though she wasn't facing Kat and actually stood a good distance away, the sheer volume of Faye's voice made Kat's ears ring and vibrate the table she stood on.

"I'm here I'm here!" Millie responded from another room as she went to greet her older sister.

"There you are!" Faye happily said as she hugged her sister tightly.

"So, how was your trip? Run into any trouble along the way?" Millie asked with a small grin.

"Oh you know, a couple of traffic jams here and there, nothing my big feet couldn't clear the road from though!" Faye responded with a great smile.

"You're so bad!" Millie laughed. "But, please come in, you have to meet Kat, she's really grown a lot since you last saw her."

"I highly doubt that!" Faye snorted. "But I'd love to meet the little girl anyway, maybe she can help me out a little, I'm pretty sure my feet got a bit dusty from the walk over here." she continued with the glee evident in her expression.

Kat could feel the color drain from her face as the twin giantesses voices boomed overhead. Surely they were joking, right? I mean, Aunt Faye couldn't be serious about it, all giantesses are nice and kind just like her mother, after all!

Though she was trying to convince herself she was right, Kat couldn't help but feel uneasy anyway. Something about the way Faye presented herself made her seem a bit less caring and maternal than the only other giantess she had ever come into contact with.

"And there she is, almost forgot where she was for a second." Millie smiled as she bent over to more closely look at Kat. "Katherine, say hello to your Aunt Faye!" Millie whispered.

Swallowing hard, Kat looked up at the towering giantess who claimed to be her aunt before meekly putting her arm up and giving an uninspired wave.

"That's the spirit little Katherine! I wasn't sure you remembered me!" Faye laughed. "And who knows maybe you don't remember me as a person, but as a giant pair of feet! You did spend a lot of time on the floor when you were young." Faye laughed as she lifted her sandal clad foot to the small table and stamped a good few feet away from where Kat stood.

Kat shut her eyes and clenched her teeth in anticipation of the stomp as Faye's foot slammed into the table. The entire structure shook with the stomp and Kat opened a single eye to take in her new surroundings. Faye's foot towered over Kat, but it was thankfully far away enough that it posed no danger.

"Get your foot off there Faye!" Millie ordered.

"Oh come on sis, I'm just having a little bit of fun, you remember how to have fun don't you?" Faye asked with a wry grin.

"Yes I do, but now is not the time for such things!" Millie said sternly.

"Oh fine fine" Faye replied, never once losing her smile. "But can little Katherine Beaumont here stick around? I haven't seen my little niece in years and I think now would be a good time to catch up." Faye added.

Kat looked up pleadingly at her mother. She always got to spend Friday afternoons in the city with her normal sized friends, and the thought of spending that time with her mother and aunt was far from appealing.

"I don't see any problem with that, I'm sure Katherine would love to spend the day with you Faye!" Millie said happily without even  checking for Kat's feelings on the matter.

"Great! I'm sure Kat and I will get along just fine." Faye replied. "But do you think you can get the townspeople to make us something to eat? I'm starved." she finished.

"You? Hungry? The terrible Faye Beaumont is hungry? What's wrong, were there no buildings inbetween your town and mine?" Millie asked while clearly holding back laughter.

"Now you know I don't eat like that at random anymore! This isn't the 80's all over again, I have standards now, and only the finest gourmet meals going through a Macrosizer will cut it now." Faye gloated.

"Macrosizer?" Millie asked. "I didn't think Macrosizing had been perfected yet, last I heard anything run through it would have it's internal heat raised so much anything living would be eradicated."

"Oh it still does that. Makes an awful mess when they decide to use living test subjects." Faye recounted with a grin. "But of course normal food isn't living, a quick run through of some raw meat makes a steak big enough for even a giantess of my size to enjoy!" Faye recounted, almost drooling.

"Ah, I was hoping I'd get to look Katherine face to face with some advancements in technology I didn't already know." Millie responded sarcastically. "But fine I'll go have the town make us something, will you two be ok alone" Millie asked, concerned.

Faye gave an almost indiscernible grin at Millie's suggestion but quickly erased the look from her face. "Oh it's no problem, we can bond like aunt and niece until you return. Take as much time as you like."

"Ok then, just be careful with her Faye, she's very fragile." Millie chided. "I shouldn't be all that long, just do what your aunt says, ok Katherine?"

Kat was brought back to reality after hearing her name boom high above. She had been in shock ever since Faye implied she used to eat people her size. This alone was a shocking revelation but her own mother bringing it up so casually was enough to cause her to zone out for a bit.

"Katherine?" Millie asked again, worried over Kat's lack of response.

Clearing her head, Kat quickly looked at her mothers huge face and nodded in agreement, though she wasn't sure what exactly she was agreeing to.

"Alright then, I'll be back later!" Millie happily said as she ponderously walked out of the living room, leaving Faye and Kat alone.

The enormous door opened.

Millie carefully stepped outside, sighing at the careless footprints Faye had clearly left when arriving to the home.

The door closed.

"Well Katherine, now that your mother has stepped out we have something serious to discuss." Faye said grimly.

Kat looked up as all her seemingly irrational fears seemed to be coming to fruition.

Faye's face lowered until it was level with Kat's comparatively tiny frame.

"You. Are. Far. Too. Thin." Faye said slowly. "You need a good workout, and I have just the thing." She added unexpectedly.

Faye's hands disappeared and she could hear them moving about below the table where she couldn't see. Kat's hand was in a knot the entire time in anticipation of what was about to happen with her and Faye.

Smiling down at her tiny niece, Faye pulled a small bottle of nail polish from her pocket and placed it before Kat. As Kat took in the size of the bottle, Faye lifted her now bare feet up to the table and slammed them both down near the minuscule girl.

"Now, from what I've learned based off my own towns citizens, painting the nails on my big beautiful feet is some of the best exercise around.!" Faye stated with a huge grin. "As you can see, right now my nail polish is a little, well, chipped. Sooo..."

Laying her feet flat on the table, Faye motioned Kat to the bottle of nail polish.

"I'm sure your mother will appreciate me helping you get some exercise in a way I'm sure she's not ever done." Faye laughed as she wiggled her toes before her tiny niece.

Gulping, Kat grabbed the cap to the nail polish bottle and lifted with all her might. To her great surprise, it came off easily and she almost fell over with the effort.

"I had that bottle specially made so it can be easy for someone of your size to carry." Faye said casually as she stretched her legs. "It's the kind of thing that comes natural when you're big." She added nonchalantly.

Kat blushed, a little embarrassed over her aunts directness with her orders.

"Now now, you may be family, but an order is an order."  Faye said with a bit more authority in her voice.

With a quick jump, Kat hoisted the large brush over her head and set to work painting the enormous toes before her, careful to only paint the nails and avoid the skin.

Faye watched from above with a careful eye and was pleased at how careful Kat was being.

"I take the utmost care of my feet you know Katherine. I figure that it's the part the tiny people will be seeing most often, so they should look good. I'm sure it's not the kind of thing someone like you ever has to worry about, but for people like me, keeping everything below the knees beautiful is key." Faye taunted as Kat carefully applied the nail polish

Kat tried to focus on the task at hand but could definitely see how, even as close as she was, the toes were in remarkably good shape, save for the chipped nail polish she was currently fixing herself. If anything, it made her a little envious of Faye for both her size and how well kept her toes were.

Stopping for a second Kat thought over what had just passed through her mind. She had never really cared for the immense size her mother and sister had, but she had also usually kept her distance from them too. Being this close was making Kat feel uncomfortable, and she quickly doubled her efforts, clearly pleasing Faye given how her soles tapped up and down a little in response.

Several minutes later, Kat felt she had finished her task and placed the brush back into the bottle. Leaning against the bottle, she wiped the sweat from her brow as the big toe of Faye's left foot approached and brushed against her face roughly.

"That was a very good job Kat, I'm sure you're feeling the burn now!" Faye laughed while crudely petting Kat with her big toe. "I may just have to try and convince your mother to let me keep you." She concluded with a mischievous grin spread on her lips.

Kat's head jerked up suddenly at the thought. Sure, painting the toes had been a much less stressful task than she originally feared, but a lifetime of this was probably the least appealing thing she could have ever heard.

Faye laughed as Kat shook her head back and forth violently at her last statement. "I'm not sure if you would get a say in the matter Katherine, but don't worry, I'm fairly certain your mother would never agree to such a thing." she reassured Kat.

"Not yet at least." She chirped, disappointed at how quickly Kat had calmed down.

Just as Kat was afraid she'd have a heart attack from the constant mood swings Faye brought, the enormous door opened again, bringing with it Millie holding two very large plates of food.

After the immense workout painting Faye's toes had provided, Kat realized just how hungry she was. Her stomach rumbled and she approached the side of the table her mother was walking past, ready to be picked up and delivered to her food.

Her plan was cut short however, as Faye shifted her mountainous bare foot overhead and lightly slapped it onto Kat, smothering her completely beneath it's soft mass.

"Fresh outta the Macrosizer!" Millie announced, placing the two plates at the opposite end of the table. "Really fresh, careful, it's still hot!" She warned Faye.

"Careful shmareful." Faye answered sarcastically.

Millie sighed as she examined the table for a moment. "And where's Katherine?" She asked quizzically.

"Oh, she begged and pleaded to go hang out with her friends so I let her go, I figure you would've done the same?" Faye replied rather matter-of-factly.

"Oh, well she does always hang out with the citizens on the weekends." she said. "But oh well, more food for me!" She replied as she lifted an extremely tiny plate off the corner of her own plate and tossed it into her mouth, swallowing it whole.

Faye burst out laughing at the scene. "Was that Katherine's food? It was so tiny!" She laughed and slapped her knee at the very idea.

"Yeah yeah yeah, just eat already!" Millie said in a raised voice, annoyed at Faye's reaction.

"Well fine, I will!" Faye almost yelled back and they both began to eat quietly as Faye removed her feet from the table and rolled the exhausted Kat from the table and into her palm.

Approaching Millie's plate, Faye looked at the assortment of mashed potatoes and vegetables that were spread around the plate.

"So." Faye said bluntly. "You eatin'?" she added.

Millie looked at Faye, annoyed. "Yes." She said. "Do you mind?"

"Alright, alright." Faye replied looking Millie face to face as she slipped her hand over the pile of potatoes and let the Kat fall into it with a tiny splat.

Keeping her eye on Faye to make sure she didn't try anything funny, Millie was satisfied when Faye sat down again and began resuming her meal.

"You know what I love about mashed potatoes?" Faye asked Millie as she held a spoonful of it up to her own face.

"What do you love about mashed potatoes?" Millie asked.

"How soft they are. You don't have to chew them to eat them, which makes them a great food to stick.... you know... in." Faye answered almost sheepishly.

"Little people? Yeah I guess." Millie thought. "Though I was never really into the eating of the little people scene, not like you at least!" She laughed.

"Ah yes, way back when." Faye said nostalgically. "Why I remember  getting drunk once in High School and flattening most of a town beneath my soles!" Faye giggled slightly, remembering the memory. "The police were so mad, but I also ended up eating most of them for interrupting me when I was trying to sleep it off!"

"Of course you did, for awhile the name Beaumont was a symbol of destruction and terror thanks to you and your shenanigans. I've really had to work hard to make it not be as feared nowadays!" Millie proudly said as she scooped up Kat into her spoon and held it to her mouth before continuing.

"But I will admit that there used to be a certain appeal to throwing your size around like that. It is sometimes tempting to just go crazy." She boomed into Kat's ears before placing the spoon into her mouth for a moment and pulled it out a second later, completely clean.

Faye had been paying more attention to the struggling dot that stood out from the pale potatoes and decided to wait a few minutes before making her move.

Meanwhile, Kat's world had become the inside of her mother's mouth. It was humid and the entire place was dripping wet, which didn't help her frantic struggles to get out.  The tongue beneath her undulated slightly and Kat was tossed around like a rag doll before ending up at the back of the mouth.

With all her strength, Kat tried to claw her way back up to the relatively safe area of the tongue, but her fingers were not able to get a grip on the tongue and she began sliding downwards, her struggles at least slowing her descent.

Millie's throat eventually claimed it's prize and the tiny girl found herself being pushed downward against muscles many time more powerful than her own. Any slight leeway made was almost instantly canceled out by the next swallow. What felt like hours later had only been mere seconds when Kat dropped a comparatively great distance and landed on a squishy ground.

Kat knew where she was, and the sheer terror she felt of being there, combined with the lack of clean air caused her to pass out.


Opening her eyes slowly, Kat's vision slowly began to clear as she could now make out the giant faces of Millie and Faye above her.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she did a quick examination of her body and found she was still completely intact, which was a great relief. The twin giantesses above smiled at her movement.

"Hey Katherine, you ok?" Millie asked, concerned.

"Oh she's fine." Faye answered for Kat. "I told you what happened already, she knew there wasn't any danger."

Millie glanced over at Faye before returning her attention to Kat. "It's ok Katherine, Aunt Faye told me everything. If you had wanted to get used to being around me you should have just said so instead of risking your life by doing something like this!"

Kat opened her mouth in protest but Millie's enormous pointer finger covered her mouth.

"Shh.. It's ok. I know it must be embarrassing, and it must have taken a lot of courage to tell Aunt Faye the truth. I understand, and I want to help you." Millie almost whispered.

"Starting right now." She added and placed her own enormous bare feet onto the table Kat lay upon.

Kat looked over the new pair of feet presented to her. Like Faye's they were enormous but weren't as well kept and had a slight odor coming off of them. Though she knew she should be repulsed, the back of her mind had been wanting to help both her mother and aunt out again in the same manner she had been forced too earlier.

Kat went over the situation in her mind once more. She could once again find herself before an enormous pair of giant feet and somehow get a stick sense of satisfaction from it, or snitch on Faye and reveal that all Millie was told had been a lie.

Looking skywards, Kat examined her mother's face thoroughly. It seemed sad, almost as if her only desire was to make her daughter happy, no matter what it took. The foot left a slight imprint as it's toes wiggled slightly before Kat, and for the first time in her life she found her heart didn't skip a beat, nor did she cower at the slightest movement of her mother's body.

Sighing to herself, Kat wondered how this could have happened to her as she made her way to the enormous big toe before her and placed her hands on it, pressing firmly to rub the soft skin as best she could.

A huge smile crossed Faye's lips as she faintly saw Kat press her lips into the giant toe.

The doorbell ringing broke the moment. Millie's face was bright red as Kat put all her strength into her task and Faye gave her a pat on the back, telling her she would answer the door.

Leaving the mother daughter bonding scene, Faye opened the door and saw a group of girls on the front porch, who seemed to back up a bit at her appearance.

"Ah, I take it your Katherine's friends! Sorry to say, but she's a bit busy for the moment." Faye said quietly.

The small group of girls nodded and slowly backed away from her and Faye realized that they, like Kat, were intimidated by her size too.

"But hey, before you go, I have a task I'd like you to take care of." She said grinning wryly and advancing her wiggling toes into the crowd of girls before stepping outside and closing the door behind her.
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