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When I came around, I wasn’t sure if that had all been just some sort of weird nightmare.  I forced myself into full consciousness and looked around.  Something was mighty strange here!   My surroundings were completely alien to me.  I vaguely recognised the wallpaper and the furniture, but it all looked HUGE! Had I shrunk?  Then I felt a rumble and Lorraine suddenly appeared in the doorway.
“Had a nice sleep?” she asked me with a huge grin on her face.
“What did you do to me?” I asked her, still slightly in disbelief.
“I shrunk you down and made you almost indestructible!” she announced proudly, “I can do anything to you now and I can’t hurt you!”
I let this sink into me slowly.  I must have sat there looking blank for a good minute or so because Lorraine spoke again “Are you ok?”
“I just can’t believe you’ve done this!  Why?” I asked her.
“I’m going to fulfil your fantasies!” she replied, “besides which, the spell wouldn’t have worked if you didn’t harbour a secret fantasy for being shrunk by me anyway!”
“What’s your plan?” I asked.
“You’re going to sniff my ass!  From every possible angle gradually getting worse and worse!”I started to stiffen a bit at the thought I was finally going to sniff her ass, but I still didn’t understand fully what she meant, so I asked her to elaborate.“It’s quite simple! You’ll be attached to a cushion for a day and sat on, then you’ll be attached to the inside of my trousers for a day, then you’ll be shoved as far up my anus as I can get you for a day, then I’ve got an extra special treat for you, but you’ll have to wait for that!”Now, I’ll admit I was aroused at the thought of being her seat cushion, and maybe being attached to her trousers, but I didn’t really like the thought of being up her anus, especially for a full day!“You wouldn’t really do that to me would you?” I asked.
“Hey, I’m your friend and you could say I’ve always had the fetish of having a man up my butt! We’re helping each other!” Lorraine picked me up and dropped me into her trouser pocket.  I felt the movement of her as she walked the short distance back to her own home.  She took me out of her pocket and I was placed onto a cushion.“No time like the present to begin” said Lorraine, “Now just lie still while I make sure you’re not going to move.”Lorraine produced a giant needle and thread.  The thread was like rope to me and she stitched me across my chest and legs to make sure I couldn’t move.
“OK, now you’re almost indestructible, so you shouldn’t be crushed!” laughed Lorraine.  She placed the cushion on her couch and turned on the TV.  She backed up to me slowly and lowered her ass.  She was wearing figure-hugging jeans… She was going to do it this time!  At long last I was going to feel and smell her gorgeous butt!  Six inches… Four inches… Two inches… This is it! Loraine sat down slowly on the cushion, making sure that my tiny body was aligned with the crack of her butt.  The pressure of weight was absolutely indescribable, yet I could still breathe and I wasn’t actually being crushed by her!  I couldn’t see anything obviously, as I had tons of butt on top of me, but I inhaled deeply.  I couldn’t really smell anything which was a bit of a disappointment! I’m not sure what I expected to smell, but something! She sat for quite a while.  I heard the theme music to ‘House’ finishing and she stood up.  She never even acknowledged me or looked at me.  It was as if I didn’t exist! She returned a few minutes later and she’d changed into her tracksuit bottoms and top.  She picked me up and carried me over to her exercise bike.
“Time for some calories to be burned up” she said, although not directly to me but I assumed she was talking to me as there was no-one else in the house!
She placed me (the cushion) on the seat of the exercise bike and mounted it.  Her butt came down again and this time I disappeared further up her crack.  I assumed the reason for this was because her jeans were tight and her tracksuit bottoms were very baggy.  Now I could smell something.  It was very faint, and I think it was shit, but it still gave me an erection!  I’d love to know why something like that would turn me on, but nevertheless she sat heavily and started cycling.  After a while, the smell became more pungent, as the sweat from her butt crack was obviously seeping through her underwear and onto her tracksuit.  She cycled for probably another fifteen minutes then abruptly got off and picked up the cushion.  She carried me through to her bedroom.  It was the first time I’d ever been in her bedroom!  It was quite girly and pink. Very strange for someone in her late thirties I thought, but each to their own!  Lorraine laid me on her bed.  She started to undress.  I enjoyed the view of her ample bosoms as she removed her top, then I got my first view of her lower regions naked.  Her pussy was shaven and her ass looked even nicer!
“I can sense you’re still looking at my ass” said Lorraine “So when I’ve been showered, I’ll give you a quick taster of what you can expect later in the week.”She disappeared into a side room and I could hear water running.  After a while, she came out still naked and slowly lowered her butt onto my cushion!  Oh My God! This was incredible!  I slipped right up inside those gorgeous tight butt cheeks and I’m almost sure I kissed her anus during the time I was up there.  It lasted only a few seconds however then she stood up.
“It’ll get worse than that!” she laughed.She unpicked the threads that had been my bonds for the day and placed me into a plastic bowl which contained a tiny bed, table and chair, some food and two tiny buckets. One to wash and the other for waste.Tomorrow would be an interesting day, attached to the inside of her trousers!
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