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This was the headline on the front page of the newspaper Alexander Cabot III had bought at the gas station where they had just refueled.

Police Think Criminal History
May Have Been Primary Motive."

The coin had been a rare two-headed piece from ancient Egypt. With a full-face image of the cat-goddess Bast on either side. According to the news story, it had originally belonged to an ex-stage hypnotist, who had tried to use it in a convoluted plot to drive a certain circus into bankruptcy.

"Hey!" exclaimed Alex: "Get this, gang. He was thwarted by our old friends, the Scooby Gang! And, following the hypnotist's conviction, the cops gave it to them as a reward. But, they donated it to the Gotham City Museum of Natural History, where it safely remained...right up until last night."

"Do they have any suspects?" asked Alan Mayberry, from the busdriver's seat.

"Yeah, two. According to the local police commissioner, it's either Catwoman or Two-face."

* * * * *


"Personally," said Batman: "I think the two of them probably teamed up to steal it."

"Holy Unholy Alliance!" exclaimed Robin.

"Exactly, chum. Now's let program the Batcomputer to analyze what Gotham locations might have a sufficient feline or binary orientation to serve as a rendezvous for them. Individually or jointly."

There was only such place that fit both parameters.

"There's a fish cannery on Pier 2 that was recently closed by the EPA," read Batman: "....after toxic levels of mercury were found in some of their canned catfish!"

"Holy Beginners' Luck!" exclaimed Robin: "What are we waiting for? Let's go!!"

A minute later, they were headed for the Gotham City waterfront in the Batmobile.

* * * * *

As luck would have it, Two-face and his latest band of musclemen were on the second floor of the cannery. The Dynamic Duo had parked the Batmobile two blocks away. After which, they had approached the cannery over the rooftops of the neighboring buildings. And, they only had to peer through two skylights before they got lucky, again.

It was on the count of three, however, that they crashed down through that skylight to take out the musclemen.


By the time Two-face got over his startlement, and reached for the double-action pistols he kept holstered beneath his double-breasted suit, Batarangs were already airborne.

"ARRRRRRRGH!" screamed the man formerly known as D.A. Harvey Dent, as the Batarangs struck his trigger fingers, dead on, numbing the nerve endings throughout his hand.

This was followed by two sets of "one-two" knock-out punches being utilized in the subduing of Two-face, preparatory to tying him up with Batrope. When the musclemen were similarly bound, Batman applied some smelling salts to the criminal mastermind's nose.

"Blecch! Pah-tooey! Get that stuff away from me," said the latter on regaining consciousness.

"Never mind that!" demanded the Dark Knight: "We know you and Catwoman joined forces to steal the Golden Coin of Bast. Where are they?"

"How should I know?" growled Two-face: "That Feline Floozy double-crossed me! She said only I had the resources to scout out the museum's security in half the time it would take her. And, that, on completion of the robbery, she'd meet me back here, at 2:00 AM, so we could brainstorm how best to fence it. Only, she obviously never showed!"

* * * * *


...a short and stocky man with gray hair was brought into the warden's office.

"You sent for me, Warden?" he asked (in a voice slightly reminiscent of Peter Lorre).

"Yes, Dr. Gulliver. I'd like you to meet..."

"...Selina Kyle," finished the bespectacled blonde: "Pet therapist."

Chapter End Notes:
Re: characters and concepts. If you recognize them, I don't own or profit from them.
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