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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks for the nice reviews. Here is the second chapter before i go to bed

The ride to Brittany's house in her panties was not a pleasent experience at all. If she was a bit older and maybe even Rachel I would have enjoyed it but since she wasn't even a teen yet it was a terrible experience. First she was sweaty because of the hot afternoon all day long. My face was pressing up against her soft sweaty skin and i could taste her sweat against my tongue. She obviously liked that because I felt her push her finger against my body in her panties more into her skin like she was ordering me to lick. I felt like I had no choice and you guys have to believe me on this one. I mean what would you do if you were trapped by a giant eight year old? You would do what you had to do to survive and didn't want to piss them off. I began to lick against her skin and her sweat was terrible but I continued anyways. This must have pleased her as she began to stroke my body against her finger.

"That's right Slave. Lick that sweat off my body. I'm so hot." She whispered to me and I did what she told me too

"What did you say dear?" Her mother asked and Brittany panicked some.

"Um just playing mom. Talking to myself." She commented and her mom must have bought it because she said nothing else. Brittany continued to stroke my body as i licked her sweat some more and she grinned. "Hm wait until we get back to the house." She commented and I gulped.

"I can hardly wait." I mutter with Sarcasim. Rachel's sister was always a brat.
I don't know how long it laster on the way to Rachel's house but it couldn't have been more then ten minutes but it felt like a life time of licking Brittany's sweaty skin. Before I knew it light flashed inside of her panties and the giant hand once again came down for me and plucked me up like i was nothing and she kept me in her hands like I was a pet. She ran to her room excited to play with her new play thing. Kicking off her little flip flops she jumped up on her bed and she giggled looking down at me opening up her hand.

"SLAVE."  She yelled mearly jumping me out of my skin and i turned around facing the new giantess and she now laughed at me. "Oh Mark I always had this small crush on you. But you were always older me and paid more attention to my bigger sister then me. Well guess who is big now?" She asked and I gulped not liking this,

"Brittany. I am sorry I never paid attention to you. I should have. I should have been more nicer. Please let me go and i will take you anywhere you want. To the movies or buy new stuff." I pleaed with her but the brat stared at me and chuckled.

"Your right Mark." She said and my eyes lit up in excitement.

"Really? You will change me back?" He asked and she chuckled

"Hell no. But you are right that you will pay more attention to me from now on. I am the only thing you will think about." She said picking me up with her fingers dangling me like i was a puppet. She chuckled poking me with her finger teasing me as i struggled and she laughed.

"Look at you. So cute and everything. Like a puppet on a string. Hey that gives me an idea." She said and I looked up at her taking a string from her desk where her nail polish was and cut it with some scissors. She tied the string around my waist gently and then tied it to her finger and she laughed as I hanged from her like a puppet on a string. "Come on Mark do a little dance." She laughed and poked me in the butt with her finger and i began to do the best dance i could for her.

"This is priceless." She said and then licked her lips. I didn't like the look she was giving. It was like a tiger looking at her prey. "Now let's set some ground rules." She told me lowering me on her bed she pushed her sweaty toe against my body and I screamed out. I tried to move under her toe but I couldn't. She held me down good and her toe stunk of sweat it almost made me puke.

"Now your going to do exacually what I say from now on. You will treat me like a queen. A princess. And you will obey every one of my commands." She told me as she pressed more down on my body with her toe and i couldn't help but get a little bit turned on as it shocked me. By body was betraying my better senses and i felt like I had no other choice.

"What about my family? What about Rachel? They will come looking for me." I say staring up at the brat. Excuse me my new queen

"Oh don't worry. I am not that worried, I don't think the police will be looking for a boy in a little girls pantie drawyer." She said with a slight laugh and i gulped. "Hm i am going to keep you forever's. It will be great. In my baby teens you can paint my nails every morning and come with me to school. You can help me with my homework. And You can also teech me about boy stuff in high school." She laughed

"How would i do that?" I asked and i saw her evil look and immidiatly regretted asking her that.

"Well for starters I have never kissed or sucked on a boy." She told me and grinned. "You will be that. But for right now i want you to be a good slave and clean my feet. There so sweaty from this afternoon. And afterwords." She took off her little dress. She hadn't even got breasts yet. "You can lick every inch of my body. Lick the sweat off and i will give you a reward." She said as she picked me up and squeezed me together. I yelled feeling her breaking my ribs with her hand. It was that moment i realized she can break me just like that. I felt like i had no other choice. "Now submit to me. Call me your queen." She said

"Yes. I will serve you my queen." I say submitting to her. She fully broke me and she smiled petting my head with her finger.

"Good boy little Marky." She laughed and put me on top of her huge foot and i smelled her auroma and i almost threw up once again.

"Get to it." She yelled and i began to lick my tongue over her feet and she smiled as I continued to lick. This is going to be a long night.

Back at the high school:

Rachel just got done taking a shower from her long soccer tournament in the girls locker room and she smiled and waved at some of the team mates. "By girls see you at the dance." She said and saw Troy waiting for her and she smiled putting her arms around him.

"Hey thanks for waiting." She said

"Hey no problem i got nothing else to do." Troy said and he put his arm around her waist and walked with her to the parking lot. On the way there Rachel felt something hit her sandle and it made a loud crunch.

"What the hell?" Rachel said and bent down and gasped. "Troy please tell me you see what I see and i am not going crazy." She said picking up the tiny car in the parking lot staring at him.

"It must be some toy car a kid left behind." Troy commented. "I use to have them when i was little." He said and Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Yes but it looks like Mark's. It's way similar to his." She commented and Troy looked at it.

"Your tired baby. It's been a long day. It must be your imagination." Troy said and Rachel smiled at him and put the car in her purse.

"I guess your right about that. I can't wait to show this to Mark later tonight." She said and walked off. But something in her mind was still bugging her. She just didn't know what. Something was not right.

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