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Author's Chapter Notes:

This was originally Cara's Closet but I merged that story, chapter one of this one, and Sex On the City into one.  They should have been that way all along.

        Cara walked naked across her bedroom, looking out the window and across the Street toward Becca’s house.  The two had made a real connection that day and she looked forward to what would happen between the two of them in the future.  She was sure it would be very interesting.  But for now the two were separated, at least for a little while.  It was time for Cara to give in to her own carnal instints, the ones she wasn’t ready to share with Becca.  At least not yet.

                She walked over to her closet and looked into the box she had hidden there.  Inside it were several of her classmates from school.  She had shrunk them down to only a few inches in height and kept them for her own amusement.  The artificial peple that were sold in stores for this sort of thing were all right, but Cara liked the feeling of power that she felt when she was in complete control of someone she had known, when she knew that their life had once had meaning but they now existed only to pleasure her. 

                She reached a hand into the box and pulled out Katie.  Katie was a brunette with a very nice figure.  She had C-cup breasts and a good-sized ass when she had been her normal height.  Now she was two inches tall and about to be Transformed. 

                Cara put Katie in the machine she kept above the box of people.  The machine could turn something-or someone-put into it into pretty much anything.  Ice cream, a dildo, a pencil, you name it you got it.  Cara set the machine to make a dildo out of its contents and pressed a button.  As she watched what happened, she rubbed her clit, enjoying the sensation and anticipating the penetration that she was about to inflict upon herself…

                Katie fell into the machine and landed on her ass.  She knew escape was impossible, but she tried to escape from the frictionless bowl she was in anyway.  She clawed at the sides, but it was impossible to gain a handhold.  She gave up after a few seconds, slumped down in the middle of the bowl, and began to cry. 

                Her tears did not fall for long.  After a minute or so, she felt her body growing and changing.  Her body grew long and thick and hardened.  She found herself stuck in a standing position, hands by her sides, legs straight down, breasts jutting out, head somehow molded to her body so that her neck seemed to stretch out around and behind her head.  She could still feel everything that happened to her, and that was what she was most scared of. 

                When the hardening was complete, a bell chimed and the enormous hand that had put her in the bowl returned.  It did not seem so large now; she was longer than it was wide and it held her upright.  The world was a blur as Cara moved toward her bed, preparing to pleasure herself with the plasticized Katie…

                Cara jumped into bed, landing on her back.  She opened her mouth and slid the Katie-dildo in, covering it in spit and wrapping her tongue around it.  As she did this, her nipples grew hard and firm.  When the dildo was nice and lubed up, she removed it from her mouth and moved it slowly down her body, passing it between her breasts and rubbing it against her skin the whole way to her lips.  When it arrived at last at the portal to her womanhood, she spread her legs wide to receive it.  She worked it in slowly, savoring every second of the penetration…

                Katie would have cried if she could.  The tongue was all over her.  She was covered head to waist in saliva, and it was not a pleasant feeling.  She was shoved in and out of Cara’s mouth, being treated just like the piece of the male anatomy whose place she knew she would soon be taking.  Most men would have killed to have a part of them in Katie’s position.  Maybe they would have thought differently if they could have been there themselves. 

                After what felt like forever, she was removed from Cara’s mouth.  She could see the girl looking at her, her mouth open, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, her nipples hard.  Katie knew what was about to happen and she was terrified.  She was plunged downward, between massive breasts, over a tight, thin belly (perhaps her greatest fear was ending up inside of it, as ome of her companions had when Cara had been in a particularly frisky mood one night), and over the girl’s moist lips.  She stayed there for a moment, waiting for the inevitable plunge, and felt herself shoved in.  She would have screamed if she could as layers of flesh opened up around her.  It was not a gradual thing; she was plunged in all at once, and within a couple seconds she was stuck from her head to her waist in the giant girl’s vagina. 

                She was pulled in and out, in and out, for what seemed like hours.  She felt the walls expand and contract around her, felt the rhythm of the giant girl’s heart, heard her moans of pleasure, and wanted nothing more than to be out of the hell of flesh that she had been plunged into.  She would have screamed, had her entirety not been made of plastic. 

                After a few minutes, Cara cried out in a sudden burst of pleasure and pulled Katie loose in a torrent of fluid.  Katie was glad it was over at last.  She felt her body changing from hard plastic to soft flesh.  She felt her breasts regain their original shape, her hair flow down around her shoulders again, her entire body changing back to its blood and bone form.  She felt herself shrinking, as well; she stared up from between the titaness’ legs as she was once again reduced to only an inch or so in height.  The enormous pair of lips before her seemed to move in rhythm with the giant girl’s breathing. 

                Suddenly, a hand reached down and grabbed Katie from between the enormous legs stretching out for what seemed like miles behind her.  She was lifted up and carried over the landscape of Cara’s body, past the mountainous breasts and the skin covering what she knew to be a cavernous stomach, and came to rest directly over Cara’s face.  The giant girl smiled.  She looked like she was about to pass out; she was, indeed, very tired from her earlier sexual activities with Becca and this had only tired her out even more. 

                She opened her mouth to speak and words like thunder poured out over Katie.  “You’ve been a fun toy,” she said, “but right now I feel like a little snack before bed and you look just cute enough to eat.”  With that said, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue, and slowly lowered Katie onto the behemoth pink snake that resided behind her lips. 

                Katie screamed as she had never screamed before, but it was no good.  She tried to pry the titanic fingers off of her and felt them release.  After a brief instant of triumphant joy over what she hoped was a successful attempt at escape, she realized that she had not fought off the hydra that was Cara’s hand; the girl had simply let go of her, allowing her to fall the remaining inch or so on her own.

                She landed on the tongue, still screaming.  She looked up and saw the blue ceiling of Cara’s room outlined by the white of her teeth and the pink of her lips.  Then she was thrust into darkness as the mouth closed suddenly.  She prayed that Cara would chew her and spare her the long, painful death that would otherwise await her in her stomach.  But she would have no such luck; as soon as the lips were closed, she felt herself being tossed around the cavern of flesh by the pink worm beneath her.  Her breasts rubbed against the roof of Cara’s mouth, and she felt the girl tilt her head backward.  She screamed one last muffled cry before she was washed down Cara’s throat with thousands of gallons of saliva. 

                All the way down Cara’s throat, she was crushed against the walls around her.  She felt her breasts crushed against her body and nearly drowned in the saliva that had been swallowed with her.  After what felt like forever, she came to a brief stop and then felt herself squeezed one last time out a fleshy valve before falling into the cavernous stomach beneath her.  Her last few minutes were agony as she was burned alive by the gastric juices contained within Becca’s stomach.  She screamed until her lungs melted and then felt no more.

                As she played with the girl in he rmouth, Cara walked over to the box again.  She took out a pair of her “toys” and brought them over to her bed.  Placing them on her stomach, she swallowed the contents of her mouth and smiled.  “Stay right there,” she said to the little people on her belly, “and listen.”  They did as they were told; they knew exactly what had happened to Katie and they di not want her fate to befall them as well.

                Kaylee stood still in terror and a strange sort of arousal.  Before long, she heard muffled cries coming from the belly beneath her feet.  Her stomach dropped and she felt like crying.  Katie had been a good friend of hers.  It was all over now for her, though.  No use crying over it.  She was sure that someday they would all end up in Cara’s stomach and that was fine.  She’d given up all hope of escape long ago.

                Samantha had similar feelings.  She couldn’t fathom how someone like Cara could be as heartless as she was.  It was a terrible way to go, the way Katie had, and Sam felt that someday she would die in just the same way.  Oh well.  She, too, had decided that escape was impossible. 

                When the screaming from beneath them turned to gurgling, and finally stopped, and was replaced with terrifying rumblings, the two girls grew scared.  They looked up at the giant girl’s face, wondering what would happen next.  She smiled down at them and grabbed them both.  As she did so, they felt themselves shrinking even more.  The both of them were now about half an inch tall.  She popped them into her mouth and swallowed right away, smiling the whole time.  Before they knew what had happened, the two girls were in the stomach they had stood above not long ago, screaming for help to no avail.  They died just as Katie had. 

                Cara slept soundly that night, falling asleep to the gentle cries coming from her belly.  After a little while, her stomach fell silent, waiting to be fed in the morning.

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