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Author's Chapter Notes:

Finally an update! Some info on the City and the society in it, not too much action in this chapter. But there should be something in the next chapter.

Cara eyed the little people before her hungrily, her blonde hair streaming down

to her shoulders. The hunger disappeared when a phone rang somewhere else

in their new Goddess' house.

Cara frowned, turning away from the city, and walked out the door, her shapely

ass waving tantalizingly at them. Meanwhile, in the city below, a conference of

the High Priestesses of the Aleis Borem Order had been called, a theological

summit to deal with the philosophical implications of the new controller of the

lives of the millions living in the City...

Mome Chavi Octen surveyed the assembled clergy, all of them performing the

breast-clutch salute. A thousand priests, ninety bishops, seven archbishops. The

most powerful people in the City and, as far as it mattered to those trapped in

it, the world. No theological conference had been held since the first Goddess

had first opened up their skies years ago. Life had settled into a routine that

was tolerable for the many and comfortable for the few, namely the holy women

assembled in the Temple of the Goddess.

Like much of the city's post-Opening architecture, the Temple was noticeably

vaginal, an ornate slit carved into the ground, modeled to perfectly resemble a

vagina that belonged to the Goddess who was no longer their owner. It could

hold tewenty thousand faithful on the canyon walls for a High Mass or an

important announcement by the Mome. The assembled thousand or so barely

filled up the first few rows.

The Aleis Borem had cemented their control over the City's power structure early

in the hours following the Apokalypse, as the Day of the Opening had come to

be called. They had been the first to recognize the Goddess as their Sole

Protectress and Master, had encouraged lesbianism and misandry, the

emergence of the Hard Matriarchy and the demotion of men to second-class

citizenship. They had attempted to appease the Goddess through worship, and

it seemed to work, and so the people had turned to them to lessen the

suffering that came with every single death. They had turned the resurrection

and reconstruction of the city and its inhabitants into religious mysteries and

had constructed a mystique around the High Priestess based on her ability to

communicate with the Goddess.  

Now, the priestesses had to address the concerns shared by many of a schism

within the Order and the rest of the City between those who still worshipped the

Old Goddess and those who wished to worship the New Goddess. 


Chavi Octem, Mome and High Priestess and Second to the Goddess, stared up

at their new surroundings. The sky was pink. The walls were white. It was a

strange sight, after so long in the blue-walled confines of the Old Goddess'

room. She stepped up to the podium and prepared to speak.


'Yeah, you can come over tonight. I've got condoms,' Cara said into the phone.

'And something...a little different.' She smiled at something the person on the

other end said. 'No, not handcuffs. You'll see. Bye bye.' She hung up the phone

and laughed, her hand moving down to her crotch. She had been wet ever since

she picked up the phone.

Chapter End Notes:

Not sure when the next chapter will be up, hopefully it'll be soon.

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