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Author's Chapter Notes:

This was originally uploaded as my story Sex On the City, but I decided to make that one, this one, and Cara's Closet into one story because they really should have been all along.

It had been three days since the Goddess and her friend had destroyed the city and it and its residents had been left mercifully untouched in that time.  There had been ample time for the unfortunate souls living there to be resurrected and for the buildings to repair and replace themselves.  The numerous religions that worshipped the Goddess had had time to realize they had to come to terms with the existence of at least one other being of her size and power and perhaps many more. 

                Little did they know they were about to be thrown into a world far more horrific than the one they already existed in…

                Becca and Cara entered Becca’s bedroom holding hands and quickly undressed each other.  Both of them had been looking forward to repeating the antics of a few days ago ever since Cara had left that wonderful night.  The two jumped naked onto Becca’s bed and kissed long and hard and Becca let out a moan as Cara’s hand moved to her clit and began to rub the little knob of flesh.  Cara was enjoying herself greatly.   She found her friend incredibly attractive and she supposed it had always been that way, although she had only admitted it to herself when she had seen Becca lying naked on the floor of her bedroom and th girl had invited her to try something new.  Now that she thought about it, she found many girls attractive.  There was Kaylee…but she was gone now, digested and no doubt shat or pissed out long ago.  For some reason she couldn’t identify this thought aroused her, and she went at Becca’s clit with greater vigor than before. 

                Becca pulled away from Cara, eliciting a questioning “Hm?” from the blonde.  In response, Becca put a finger to her lips and winked at Cara.  She walked over to the dresser, showing off her perfect ass as she did, and pulled the city out.  She carried it over to Cara, not bothering with the hovering bit this time, and held it out to her.

                “This is a gift,” she said.  “I want you to have it.  I’ve kinda gotten tired of it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I have.  I’ll show you how to work the controls for size.”  She placed the little city in between Cara’s spread legs, granting the people in it a wonderful view of the girl’s enormous pussy and breasts…

                Rachel was in the section of the city closest to the blonde.  She stared in awe at the enormous lips before her, wondering if she would be fortunate enough to go inside them someday.  This second goddess was a sight to behold just as much as the first one.  Hell, Rachel thought, getting eaten by HER might even be enjoyable!  And then she felt herself start to change…

                “So you just choose if you want a male or female,” said Becca, “and specify the type-like hair color, boob size, all that-and then hit this button and you can control the size of the one that the city picked for you.  It’s really great.  I’ve fucked a whole lot of the people in this city and they really know what they’re doing.”  She breathed a shaky sigh in remembrance of those times.  “Anyway, let’s say I want a brunette with good-sized tits, about five and a half feet tall, a nice ass…and we press this button…and there she is!”  Becca reached down and grabbed a quickly growing figure that had begun to rise out of the city when the button had been pressed.  She put the figure down on the bed next to Cara.  It grew quickly from the size of Becca’s fingernail to the size of Cara’s arm to the size of Cara.  The girl that it turned out to be looked around at her two captors in fear and awe.  She sat completely still, waiting for something to happen.  Cara giggled. 

                “I like that,” she said.  “I like that quite a bit.  What’s your name?” she asked the newcomer.

                “R…Rachel,” she replied. 

                “I’m Cara, in case you didn’t know.   And you are about to have quite a bit of fun.”  With that she reached into the city between her legs.  She scooped up a good sized handful and lifted it to eye level.  The inhabitants stared up at the enormous blonde face before them.  Wihout warning, they were shoved downward toward a pair of lips much like the one their city and they themselves, until recently, had been in front of.  But this was not Cara’s pussy they stared at; this was Rachel’s. 

                Cara rubbed the city she had in her hand vigorously around Rachel’s lips.  Many people ended up inside the giant girl and got quite a shock when Cara started to finger her.  Many drowned in Rachel’s juices as Cara’s finger pushed in and pulled out.  Those that did not slowly died after the fingering was done.  All but one unfortunate soul…

                Meghan was stuck to the tip of Cara’s finger upon its ultimate removal.  She couldn’t pull herself away from the sticky juices of Rachel’s sex that held her strong to the enormous red plane beneath her.  She stared up as the finger moved through the air toward an enormous pair of lips, stopping just outside of them.  They opened, seeming to do so in slow motion, and an enormous tongue emerged to lick them just as slowly.  The finger Meghan was stuck to entered the cavernous mouth, and she felt herself pulled off by the tongue inside.  She was swished around before being swallowed.  The journey into Cara’s stomach was relatively quick in comparison to the agonizing death at the end of the journey….

                Cara swallowed and smiled at the terrified Rachel.  “You know, I’m not actually all that attracted tothis one,” she said.  “Can we shrink her back down?”

                Becca laughed.  “Duh,” she said.  “Just gimme a second.”  She pressed some buttons and Rachel began to shrink.  When she was about an inch tall, she stopped shrinking.  Cara scooped her up in one hand.  She brought her up to Becca’s face, past the girl’s wet pussy and through the valley between her tits.  “Open up,” said Cara.  Becca smiled, displaying her shining white teeth for a second before opening her mouth all the way.  Cara stuck Rachel in the open mouth and watched as Becca smiled.  She traced the line of her descent down Becca’s throat, to her belly, and beyond.  She stuck her finger in Becca’s pussy, and the two had sex for the second time on that bed, devastating the city once again. 

                When they were done, and everyone in the city had perished in some horrible way, Becca turned to Cara.  “Enjoy the city,” she said.  “I’m sure you’ll have  a lot of fun with it.”  Cara smiled.  “Thanks,” she said.  “I’m sure I will, too.”  They fell asleep in each other’s arms.  Cara departed the next morning.  The city made its way to her room over the street between their houses on its hoverpads in the night.  When its inhabitants next came to life, they stared in awe at the nude blonde goddess before them. 

                Cara smiled a wicked grin down on her new subjects.  “Welcome to hell,” she said.  The people in the city took a moment to register this, and then all started to scream. 

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