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Story Notes:

This is my first ever GTS story. I recommend that you rate and comment after you finish reading what is here. I'll try to add a chapter or 2 whenever I can. But if I don't, Please don't fret. I won't leave you all hanging in this epic GTS tale!

The Diminutive Situation.





It has been over 350 years since the alien virus named “Amozo” has landed on the planet. Amozo was a strange and mysterious virus that at first didn’t seem to affect those who were infected by the virus, but recent studies have shown that the offspring of the infected have had abnormal growth spurts once they’ve reached the age of 5 or in some cases 10. The Children of the infected grew over 5 feet tall, but otherwise aged normally. Once they reached the ages of 14 through 19, they were up to 10 to 13 feet tall. Since then, the offspring of those infected with the Amozo virus only seemed to give birth to children considered “normal sized” in their perspective.

This pressing issue has been frequently talked about in the United States government. They’ve spoken with various scientists from India, Japan and their homeland about how to eliminate the virus. However, 9 out of 10 say that there is no possible cure to treat such an inhuman and advanced virus unknown to mankind. In fact, scientists predict that the offspring’s grandchildren, currently dubbed Amazons, will be the ancestors of much bigger people. And it could put a strain on those who will forever remain small.

Since the unavoidable and incurable mutations in over 47% of the earth’s population. Strict laws have been enforced by nations all over the world to ensure a safe environment for everyone. However, there were frequent government protests in America and many parts of Europe regarding philosophical views on humanity’s current situation. People started embracing Social Darwinism and began expressing their concerns and thoughts about the situation while others rallied against it, saying it would only put a bigger strain on weaker and smaller people. Soon enough crime was on the rise, and “large on small” crimes were becoming constant until eventually, segregation voluntarily came into effect. This time, the government didn’t get involved.

Time passed and the world changed like it always does, but the tension between the Amazons and the Humans did not. And to make things worse, the Amazons seem to be growing bigger in this current generation. Society now fears the worst. Scientists now speculate that the Amazons of each generation will keep growing bigger and bigger. If this keeps up, not only will they take up more and more of earth’s space. Research shows that the Amazon’s appetite seems to have increased which could effect food supplies all over the world in due time. To make matters worse, the Amozo virus only effects humans. Other scientist have also been predicting other scenarios such as frequent human deaths, famine and even more strain on humanity.

What could become of earth’s future? Could people become the size of sky scrapers? Or much bigger? And given their current relation towards humans, could they abuse the power they would have? Would humans be nothing but pets? Slaves? Playthings? Food? Would they want to rule over humanity as a whole?

Chapter End Notes:

The Story begins in the next chapter. I put myself in the main character's shoes and tried to envision her surroundings and point-of-view the best I could. So don't soak your shorts reading the next chapter. Ok?

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