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Author's Chapter Notes:

The Story begins. Did you make some pop-corn and put on a diaper? Well, ok I shouldn't be bragging about my work just yet. Just be sure to enjoy the story!

Back to School… As an Ant.
Claire was awakened by the sudden throbbing in her head. She groaned, she didn’t want to wake up just yet. Today was a “special” day. She had to endure yet another year of being in the most boring and irritating place known in the history of those under the age of 20. School. And it was the first day of it. She sighed. At least she was in 12th grade now. This is the last year she had to put up with snobby and overbearing popular girls, Jerky, piggish and macho jocks, crabby teachers and all of the endless amount of class and homework. Thank God this was the last year, wait- why was her bed so hard? And where was her comforter?

Claire opened her eyes and saw that her bed was in fact hard linoleum floor. But this wasn’t her bed and this wasn’t the floor of her bedroom. Claire looked around. She saw huge objects as tall if not taller than the world trade center towers. She saw a board with sheets of paper on it high above her. She was in a school. But it didn’t look like the one she went to. She looked back up on the over-sized board and saw a paper that said “Welcome back to Poppy Flower High School for Girls! Students of 2489.”

Claire gasped. She was in a different School. And she came to a startling realization that she was no bigger then an ant. Suddenly, the bell rang. It was deafening. Like being in a belfry filled with many huge bells. And the next thing Claire heard was many faint voices. Suddenly an earthquake hit and as quickly as it came, it stopped. Then another one came, but now the ground kept shaking and rumbling. Claire struggled to keep her balance. She shook her head vigorously to snap out of what crazy hallucination she was having.

Claire: Come on! Snap out of it damn it!

Just then, Claire gasped when she saw a huge shadow looming over her for many miles. And then she saw something incomprehensible to human eyes and thought to be only seen or read about in a story. She saw what looked like a human being towering over her. Claire gasped shakily. She slowly traced the lines of the leg towering into the sky. The Giant before her was wearing knee length socks and shiny black shoes. It had to be the biggest shoe she’d ever seen in her life. She slowly looked up to see a towering leg, a bare white leg of what anyone would classify as shapely, sexy, beautiful, etcetera. She looked up more to see the huge white panty clad crotch many miles above her. A navy blue skirt wrapped around her pelvis. The girl’s crotch alone had to be as high and as thick as a building. This would be a big turn on for Claire right now if she wasn’t a heterosexual.
Chapter End Notes:

Are you enjoying it yet? If you're not, don't worry! Thing's will get more exciting!

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