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Author's Chapter Notes:

he guys, ive been out of writing for a while so this chapter is a little short and rusty, but, it mainly outlines what has happened to our little guy and ho he got where he is.

I woke, my head pounding and a black spots floating in front of me. It was like refreshing blacking out. I tried to stand but quickly realised the futility in even that. I had been securely strapped to a hard object. The spots began to clear and I could see the world around me properly. I was in a girl’s room that much was apparent. Pink was everywhere, even a hello kitty cushion. I swallowed hard. I recognised this place. That's when it hit me, everything looked huge. Impossibly big.
"You awake yet Luke?" Came her voice. A voice I had begun to love over the past few weeks. Then the impossible. Her face popped up in front of me. Imagine standing in a field. And then, out of no where, a Boeing 747 decides to materialise out of nothing. That was the shock I received from the enormity of her face. It caused me to once again, pass out.

In the world of dreams my mind had turned back time. Sent me back to the beginning. I was sitting in my room, on skype, as per usual. I was talking to Julie, in my element, my zone, talking to the girl of my dreams. Her beautiful pink hair travelling to just below her shoulders, her plump red lips, her smoky grey-green eyes. She was my form of perfection.
"Luke, wanna try something I've been working on?" She asked. Julie had always been one for kinky ventures, so, like the natural 15 year old boy I was I grinned back at her and said
"Sure." That was mistake number one.
"Okay, touch your hand to the screen" she said. I complied, mistake number two. "Good, now one more thing, repeat after me, I give myself to thee, wholly and completely." She said, I repeated her words. That was my final mistake. The screen of my laptop seemed to bubble out ward and enclose around my finger. At first I just stared at it, still trusting my girlfriend. But, the screen seemed to slowly pull up my fingers, slowly encompassing my hand and swallowing my arm. I opened my mouth to try to say something, to plea for help, to ask to be saved. But the screen seemed to sense it and react, launching a silicon tentacle over my lips and pulling me into its electronic embrace head first. My body was slowly devoured by the demonic laptop and, as I blacked out, the final words I heard were.
" See you real soon honey."

I woke once again with a start. The dull ache in my head had dissipated but fear was its immediate replacement as I realised that I was still in Julie’s room and it hadn't all been a sick dream. Julies form lay on her bed, a book in hand.
"Julie" I called out "Julie please help me" my voice sounded quieter and sort of squeaky.
Her colossal form stirred and took a glance toward me. Her eyes lighting up in glee and her plump lips spreading into a menacing smile. I swallowed, a sharp shiver of fear spreading right through me.
"Awwww" she cooed, "you look even cuter at this size. She stuck her tongue out at me and I realised that it was even bigger than I was. I took another loud gulp. "We're gonna have so much fun together little guy" she continued, bringing her face close to me. " I have such brilliant plans." She grinned, stuck out her tongue again and pushed it into me hard. The pink muscle covered me completely with about an inch of tongue left on each side of me. Causing me to deduce I was only around three inches tall. She slowly moved her tongue over me, taking a large and long lick. Her taste buds pushed into my skin and I could practically feel the alkaline loving enzymes latch onto me and begin to soften my skin. The tip of her tongue raced up my body, stopping at my face and pushing hard into it, licking it fiercely. When she stopped I was covered from head to toe in her saliva. "Such amazing plans"

She moved in closer again, puckering her lips, but stopped about and inch away. Her lips quivering with joy. I could here some muffled words from outside her room.
"Awww too bad cutie, I'll be back in about 10 minuets, my dinners ready." She flashed me a grin that showed off all of her teeth. Huge porcelain looking white boulders of destruction. The titaness turned quickly and practically skipped away. My mind was in tatters, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I didn't know what her 'amazing plans' were yet. But as I hung to a hard, unknown object, a large way off the ground, I figured the clever thing to do would be to play along, for now.

Chapter End Notes:

okay guys, there you go, chapter one, i hope youve enjoyed it, leave a comment on what you think Julie will do to Luke, Keep in mind she still loves him :)

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