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Today’s August 1st, 20:12 hours, and everyone’s very excited in the London Aquatics Centre. 8 women are about to give everything they have to get an Olympic medal in the Butterfly style 200m swimming contest. However, one of them gets all of the crowd’s attention. She is Kathleen Hersey, from Athens, Georgia. The reason: she stands at 15’ in height. The other swimmers barely come up to her thighs.

Jemma Lowe, the Great Britain swimmer, stares up at Kathleen as she walks in front of her. In awe, she can’t help but watch, mouth open, as the American “Amazon” passes by. The British swimmer tries to hide her nervousness, but the shaking of her legs gives her away.

“Oh, my God!”, thinks Jemma to herself. “One of her legs must be bigger than my whole body!”

The 8 swimmers then get into position, each one in her respective lane. Of course, the only lane that people pay attention to is the number 4, as the girls climb onto the starting block. The crowd immediately notices that Kathleen is having some troubles getting on it, though. She looks down at the small object, scratching her head.

“Ummm…OK, then. Here goes nothing.”, she says to herself, as she lifts her right foot. Very carefully, she steps on the starting block, trying not to fall, as it’d get her disqualified. She manages to place both feet on it, although it’s still a bit too small for her. Both her feet completely cover the whole surface of the block, and her heels even stick out from the platform, being no more room left for them.

Having made it, she smiles, although her whole body shakes a little bit, as she has to balance herself to avoid falling. Fortunately, the starting signal comes soon, and the women dive into the pool. Kathleen’s huge body causes a much bigger splash than the others. Everyone in the crowd cheers as soon as this happens.

Kathleen quickly starts to get a considerable distance from her rivals. Her powerful legs kick the water violently in a dolphin way, while her big, strong arms emulate a butterfly’s flight and carry her swiftly through the water. In just a few seconds, she reaches the other side’s wall, touching it quickly with both hands, and then plants her soles on it, pushing them against it to get impulse from it.

After a little longer, she had already shattered the world record, and just stands there, waiting for the rest of the competitors to finish. She is able to easily stand there, as the water doesn’t even come up to her shoulders. Proudly, she waves at the crowd, as eventually the Chinese Jiao Liuyang finishes, securing the silver medal, followed by the Spanish Mireia Belmonte García for the bronze.

The three medal winners then climb onto the podium to get their prizes. Kathleen, of course, has to stoop to help them put the gold medal on. Even then, though, her head is too high (and to big) for them to put it on, so she just receives it with her hand. Giggling, she lifts it to her face, gently biting it.

The winners then spend the next minutes posing for the cameras. Kathleen, of course, has to crouch, as otherwise the pictures would only be able to get her feet, legs and waist. After a little while, though, she gets tired of crouching, so she instead sweeps the other two girls off their feet and stands up to full height, placing them on each of her powerful biceps, holding them easily. The cameras start flashing crazily as she does that.

“Sorry, girls! I’ll put you down in a minute!”, the American swimmer says as she chuckles, smiling down for the cameras. The other two girls yelp, startled by the sudden event, but in a few seconds they just laugh, too, and wave down at the cameras, smiling.




The next day, people are back again at the London Aquatics Centre. This time, everyone’s ready for the Freestyle 100m competition. All the Dutch hopes are set on their number 1 swimmer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who is likely to win the gold, according to the experts. However, the 17 year old American star, Missy Franklin, will try to stop her from doing so.

7 of the 8 swimmers are already there, in their positions. Only Missy Franklin is missing. Everyone in the place is wondering where she can be. As if on cue, though, the American swimmer walks into the place, cheered by all the USA spectators. She waves back at them, smiling, while she gets into position, standing between the Aussie swimmer, Melanie Schlanger, and the British one, Francesca Halsall.

Immediately after she does so, everyone in the place see her start to expand in size. At first, no one is too surprised, as they already know the U.S.A. team has the means to do so. However, when they see that she doesn’t stop at 15’, they start to worry. Everyone gasps and just stares, wondering how big she’ll get. Melanie and Francesca even back away a bit from her expanding feet, trying to avoid being bulldozed by them.

When she’s down, Missy stands at 150’, her head almost touching the ceiling. The two swimmers next to her stare up in awe, being not even as tall as her ankles. It takes them a little to get back into positions, as being so close to her feet is rather uncomfortable to them. The American crowd cheers even more as they see this, causing the giantess to giggle.

When everything is ready, the 8 swimmers get ready to start. Missy doesn’t even bother to step on the starting block, as she’d just flatten it. Instead, she just waits behind for the starting signal, which comes a couple of seconds later. The other 7 swimmers immediately dive into the water, swimming as fast as they can.

Missy looks down, seeing the other girls swimming. She then takes one step into the pool. Her foot is barely narrow enough to stay in her lane. This causes a small wave to spread around her ankle, as she already prepares to take another step. In just 3 strides, she’s already right by the opposite end. Touching it, she prepares to step back. The other swimmers haven’t even reached the wall, when they can feel the water shaking them violently each time Missy steps nearby.

Soon, the swimmers start reaching the goal. Ranomi, the Dutch swimmer, is the first one to get there, only to see Missy already standing out of the pool, having easily bettered the world record by a lot. Aliaksandra Herasimenia, from Belarus, arrives third, and then the rest of the women. All reflectors are on Missy, as cameras don’t stop shooting. She waves down and blows kisses at the tinies around.

The podium ceremony obviously is done in an usual way, as the gold winner is simply too big to even stand on it. She even has to crouch and reach down to get her medal. To take the pictures of the three winners, she lays down inside the pool, her head sticking out from it. The other two swimmers look really tiny, posing next to a face bigger than their whole body. Missy almost swallows her own badge while they do the classic medal biting.




Place: Serpentine River in Hyde Park, London. Date: August 9th. Competition: Women’s 10 km Marathon. The Hungarian swimmer, Eva Risztov, is getting ready for the competition. The crowd enjoys the view of the beautiful scenario while they wait for it to start. Suddenly, the ground shakes. They look around, trying to find the source, when the ground shakes again. The rhythmic tremors get harder and harder, when all of a sudden, people notice a massive woman, clad in a swimsuit, walking towards them.

People start to recognize her, especially the Americans. She is Haley Anderson, the U.S.A. swimmer, who soon arrives to the place, towering above everything around. She even struggles trying to find a spot to place her gigantic feet, trying not to crush anything or anyone. The people around stare up, mouth wide open, while some of them back away, scared, wondering why they grew her so much. But without lanes in this competition, the limit of her height was much greater.

“Oops, sorry, sorry.”, says Haley, looking down by her feet, seeing some people fall because of the tremors her steps cause. But then again, a 300’ tall woman can’t help to be so heavy to even shake the ground with her steps. The other swimmers also struggle to stay on their feet, as they have to stand in their positions, next to Haley’s huge feet, before the competition starts. Each time the massive American shifts her feet, she accidentally knocks some of the other women down.

Finally, they manage to stand all where they’re supposed to be, and soon enough, the starting signal comes. All the swimmers dive into the water, except for Haley. She waits there a little longer, trying to avoid accidents. As soon as she considers that they’re far enough, she hops into the water, landing with both feet. Both of her soles hit the water with a tremendous force, raising a 360° wave that drenches every single spectator in the crowd.

“Sorry!”, she says, giggling, as she starts walking. The water comes up half way up her shin, so it’s very easy for her to wade through the water, trying to catch up with the other swimmers, who actually received a little push from the wave she caused, helping them to speed up for a few seconds.

However, with walking strides of over 100’, it takes her just a few steps to catch up. Eventually, one of her feet lands right next to the swimming group, causing a wave strong enough to wash them all aside. Seeing that, she just chuckles and continues on. Everyone watches amazed as the colossal American crosses the whole route in record time. Not that it was unexpected, but it was still awe inspiring to see.

As soon as she reaches the goal, the American spectators cheer at her, waving their flags. Smiling down at them, Haley crouches to get a closer look. She can’t quite make out what they say, so she decides to just get them even closer. Without warning, she reaches down for them with one of her gigantic hands. Before they can react, they’re all engulfed by her enormous palm and lifted off the ground.

“Hello down there!”, she says, lifting them all to face level. “Thank you for the support. This medal is for all of you.” She then blows a kiss at them and puts them back down on their spot, carefully.

Then, Haley notices that the other swimmers are starting to arrive, and her feet are blocking the path. Yelping, she tries to step aside, letting them pass. Being so many, it’s hard to avoid every single one, so she clumsily moves her feet around, creating little waves that make it hard for them to swim.

The last swimmer is the hardest to dodge, as her footing was really unstable because of all the dodging. She barely manages to land her foot right behind the tiny swimmer, but this causes her to lose her balance.

“Oh, boy…”, she says as she starts to fall. People gasp as they see this, terrified. Haley falls backwards, her huge bottom landing in the water with a powerful impact. The wave this caused was much bigger than the one she first caused with her feet. This time, the wave not only drenches everyone around, but also washes them away, as if it is a minor tsunami.

Haley looks around, blushing, embarrassed. No one is nearby, as the wave brushed them all many feet away. She just sits there, scratching her head, hoping that everyone is OK, as she just utters: “Oops?”

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