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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This prologue actually is the first chapter of the story. I named it "Prologue" because it pretty much introduces the setting and the plot, so it made more sense to me.

Prologue (Part 1)

The cleaning house team from the Sweepy Sweep Company arrived at Reign Street # 129 at the scheduled time. As soon as they rang the bell, Miss Helen Gibson opened the door.

“Oh, hello, girls.” she said, letting the whole cleaning team inside the house. “OK, here’s the thing. No one has lived in this house for a long time, and we need it to look shiny and pretty for potentially new buyers. We know you’re the best, so I’ll let you girls do what you do best.”

One of the girls, the one who seemed to be in charge, approached Miss Gibson.

“Don’t worry; this place will be so nice that you’ll want to keep it as soon as you see it.” She said, smiling.

“I’m counting on it.” said Miss Gibson. “I have to go run a few errands, so the house is all yours, ladies.” And with that, she walked out the door and closed it behind her.

“OK, girls. Let’s get started already. This is a big house, so it might take a while”, the woman in charge said. And with that, they all spread around the house in order to make it much more presentable for selling.

Meanwhile, in the 1 millimeter tall people empire, Parlia, which was located in the house’s living room, the new about the suddenly arriving giants had already spread. The first one to be informed was the emperor Leon, who immediately freaked out.

“Are you completely sure?!”, he asked his messenger, who nodded.

“I’m afraid so, Your Highness.”, he answered.

“But how can this be?” The emperor was already pacing around his room, thinking. “There haven’t been any giants in here for years.”

“Well, then, if this is true, we have no other choice but to fight.”, the emperor said, stamping his foot. “Are the other kingdoms informed of this?”

“Yes, Your Highness. They’re already taking their precautions. As should we. We have to get you out of here, immediately. Before the giants attack.”

“Nonsense. This is the largest and most powerful empire in the world. Our army is invincible! Remember all those wars against the other kingdoms? They didn’t stand a chance.”

“Yes, of course I remember, Your Highness. It’s just a preventive move. Just in case.”

“Very well. I guess it has to be done. But I’m not leaving without my family.”

“The royal family is being evacuated as we speak, Your Highness. We’re supposed to meet them at the back of the castle in 5 minutes.”

“Perfect. Let’s go”

And in 5 minutes exactly, they were already gathered outside the castle, and the entire royal family was being helped to get aboard one of the castle’s trained mosquitoes. Soon enough, the emperor, his wife and his kids were ready to escape.

“I’m counting on every single one of my people to fight bravely and drive those giants off. I trust our army to get rid of this menace. I’ll come back after they’re defeated and we’ll all celebrate with a huge feast.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Now go. We’ll take care of them.”

“Farewell”, the emperor finally said, and the mosquito took off flying.

“Farewell, your majesty”, answered one of his subjects, as the huge insect flew away.

As soon as the emperor was out of danger, the rest of the empire of Parlia started to get ready for the giant invaders. Every single soldier got ready for the battle. The foot soldiers grabbed their swords, axes, spears, shields and the like, and donning their armors and helmets. The ranged soldiers took their bows, crossbows and throwing axes, while the mounted ones quickly climbed on their steeds (black ants and mosquitoes).

However, no soon were they ready to fight, the ground started shaking. They knew they were coming. The soldiers stood their ground, bravely, waiting for the giants. But as soon as the enemy appeared, they realized two things. First, that it was only one giant. And second, that she was much bigger than they imagined.

The sight, terrifying as it was, didn’t manage to scare away the soldiers. The civilians, on the other hand, couldn’t handle the sheer size of the invader, and started running in panic, screaming and scattering as fast as they could, in random directions.

“This is it, guys”, said one of the highest ranked soldiers. “If we die, we’ll do it fighting to prevent this giant from taking over our great empire. For Parlia!” The rest of the soldiers cheered back, and without losing another second, they charged towards the giant.

Alta, one of the members of the house cleaning team, walked into the living room, holding a mop in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. As soon as she got there, she noticed that the floor was crowded with diminutive bugs.

“Boy, this house is really infested. Well, I better get to work.”, she said to herself, as she placed the bucket of water on the floor and put the mop in it to moisten it. She then proceeded to take it out and put the bottom end on the floor and started mopping.

The tiny inhabitants of Parlia ran as fast as their legs let them, trying to escape from the wet monster that threatened to sweep them away. Their tiny size, however, prevented them from running fast enough to outrun the huge mop, and many of them were easily swept in a few seconds. The rest kept running, trying to either hide or escape the whole area, although both proved to be bad choices. Hiding was useless, as no house, building or the like could resist the swift motion of the mop, and trying to escape the area was almost impossible, as each step of the massive woman shook the ground so hard that they kept tripping and falling.

The army was the only one that actually faced the giantess instead of trying to flee. They charged fiercely towards her, while doing their best to avoid her lethal weapon. The ones who managed to do so, quickly approached towards her feet, intending to attack with all they got. All they got, however, wasn’t enough to even harm the giantess, as they could only hit the soles of her shoes with their limited reach. Even their arrows and thrown axes couldn’t make it all the way up to her ankle. What this attack did, though, was to get the giantess’s attention.

“What the Hell…?”, Alta said to herself, noticing a big bunch of those bugs surrounding her feet. “Odd. Bugs usually don’t do this. Well, anyways, bugs are bugs.” And with that, she proceeded to lift her feet and step on the tiny specks that surrounded her.

The army by her feet barely had time to react before the massive shoes started to obliterate them by hundreds a step. Some of them dropped their weapons and tried to escape, while others stayed and fought. No matter what they did, though, they were no match for her strength or speed, and in just a few more steps, every single soldier had disappeared under her soles. Only the flying ones remained.

“Eeeek!”, Alta said, startled by the sudden group of mosquitoes flying around her. She started swatting at them with both hands, trying to scare them off. She did manage to fell a few of them with the palms or backs of her hands, but only to push them aside and not actually killing them.

The mosquito riders used bows and crossbows to attack the towering giantess, who had already wiped the entire foot army with her feet. To their dismay, not only were their arrows and bolts harmless, but they didn’t seem to even get the woman’s attention. Compared to her, the missiles were almost microscopic, so her skin nerves didn’t detect them. Their steeds, however, did manage to get her attention, as she soon tried to swat them.

To them, it was as if a pair of massive 5-legged octopuses suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rose to the skies, moving at blinding speed towards them. Being trained mosquitoes, they weren’t as skilled at dodging hands as wild ones are, so they had a much harder time dodging the attacks. Each time one of her hands touched a mosquito, it shook him violently enough to knock down all its riders, who fell thousands of feet to their deaths.

I less than a couple of minutes, every single mosquito-rider had fallen to the floor. Without them, their steeds, confused, simply flew away from the giantess, who quickly stopped the swatting motion of her arms and hands.

“Phew! What was that?”, she said to herself, seeing the mosquitoes disperse. “This place has a much more serious problem with bugs than I thought. Jeez!”

The rest of the people of the kingdom of Paria, seeing their all-powerful army swept aside with ease by the titaness in front of them, lost all hope. Some still tried to leave it all behind and escape the kingdom, but most of them simply hid in their homes, waiting for the end. All shared the same fate, though. Alta took the mop again, dipped it in the water bucket and swept the entire kingdom with it. The last thing the Parlians saw was their streets flooded briefly before a massive monster with dozens of arms brushed each building and person aside, while finally flattened under two gargantuan shoes.

The emperor Leon watched all this from above, aboard the royal mosquito. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. The proudly self-called “most powerful army in the world”, defeated by a single giant. Not only that, but she did it fairly easily. With no place to return, he and his family decided to fly in search of one of the other kingdoms, to see if there was place for them to stay.

Krista walked into the kitchen. The table inside immediately caught her attention. It was covered with a layer of diminutive bugs. Sighing, she produced a wiping cloth from her pocket, the size of her hand, and soaked it in the sink. After that, she placed the cloth on the table and placed her open palm on top of it, covering the cloth almost completely, and started to wipe.

The people of the kingdom of Plateau stared up, startled, as a huge woman suddenly appeared in their view. They could only see the upper half of her body, but it still towered above them all. For a few seconds, the giantess disappeared from sight, just as fast as she had first appeared. However, no soon were they all sighing in relief, the giantess appeared again. This time, though, she dropped a very wide piece of rectangular cloth on them, trapping a big group of people under it. The trapped tinies just had a couple of seconds to try and escape when her massive hand landed right on the cloth, smashing every tiny under it.

This simple event was enough to introduce fear and panic in the rest of the people in the kingdom, and they all started to scatter around the table top. The problem was that the area was limited by a very long fall to the floor, so in the middle of the chaos, a few either ran off the edge accidentally or were pushed by other panicking persons.

Krista noticed the tiny bugs run in random directions as soon as she placed her hand on the table. This didn’t particularly get her attention, as she, like any other person, was used to see ants and other insects panic and scatter as soon as a human being got close to them; so she simply started wiping the table, wanting to get finished as soon as possible.

The panic in Plateau grew as the gargantuan hand started moving across the kingdom, sweeping the surface and wiping anyone and anything in its path. The tiny people ran as fast as they could from her hand, but it was simply too big and fast for them, and the hand kept catching up with them. The caught ones either got stuck to the cloth under Krista’s hand or were swept off the table.

Plateau’s army barely had time to reach to this menace.  Most soldiers didn’t even have time enough to take their weapons when they were wiped by the giantess. The few ones who managed to, though, could only watch in terror as their swords sank in the cloth or their arrows snapped in half harmlessly against the skin of her hand before they were inevitably reached by her.

After just a few more minutes, there was no single Plateaunian on the table. They were all either on the floor, severely injured or death, or stuck to the cloth in Krista’s palm. The enormous woman lifted the cloth from the table and held it in front of her face. She could see hordes of diminutive bugs stuck to it.

“OK, almost done now.”, she said to herself and walked towards the sink to wash all of them off her cloth. She simply held the cloth under the water tap until all the bugs were washed off it and into the drain.  Finally, she was about to leave when she noticed a few bugs on the floor.

“Oops! I must have brushed them off the table”, she said, and simply stepped on them with just a few steps.

The tinies stuck to her cloth saw her gigantic face looming above them as she lifted it to get a closer look. One last glance at the one who vanished the kingdom of Plateau from the face of the Earth. This sight didn’t last long, as a massive waterfall suddenly appeared, washing them all off the surface they were and into a dark hole, big enough to swallow them all. The last few survivors, who were lying down on the floor, really hurt, only survived for a few more seconds, since as soon as Krista washed her cloth off, the last thing they saw was the sole of her shoe going down at them.

The emperor Leon was even more worried as he had been before, not only because the kingdom he planned to escape too was already obliterated, but because he realized that the giant who destroyed his empire wasn’t the only one there.

“Is this the end of the world?”, he said, while the mosquito turned, flying away from the kitchen and into one of the bedrooms. There they might find a place to hide from the huge invaders. Unfortunately for the whole royal family, the giants were there already.

In the bedroom, Lily, a tall woman, was dusting the shelf with a feather duster. In there, too, was Lara, another woman, who was vacuuming the floor. The two of them were mostly just getting rid of the dust accumulated in the bedroom, or so they thought.

“How long has it been since someone cleaned this place?”, asked Lily, while dusting the shelf. “There’s not only dust layers here, but also bugs.”

“I know, right?”, answered Lara. “I hope the vacuum doesn’t get jammed or something.”

The two women did their jobs while the emperor Leon watched them attack the two kingdoms in the bedroom: Juttland and Chamberia. The first one atop of the highest surfaces in the place, while the latter took most of the space on the ground. However, at the time, they both were under attack.

Juttland was assaulted by a strange artifact that seemed to brush everything in its way aside, tossing it off the edge of the surface where the kingdom was built. Juttland’s inhabitants, though, quickly found the attacking tool wielder. A gargantuan woman, whose hand and face were the only thing they could see. They were, however, the only things that the giantess needed to execute her attacks: her face to locate her targets and her hand to operate the weapon and brush people and buildings aside, into the nearby chasm.

Being a smaller kingdom, Juttland didn’t have a powerful army, but they did have a small team of soldiers, in case of an emergency. This emergency was out of their league, though. As far as they tried shooting their arrows and throwing their spears, they weren’t strong enough to manage to even reach her. That meant that all they could do was either try to run or wait for the massive woman to use her feather duster to brush every single remain of the kingdom into the abysm.

Chamberia, on the other hand, was having a somewhat different problem, but with similar results. Instead of being knocked down, they were being pulled up into the sky by an alien suction machine. Of course, they also had to deal with the giant woman’s feet, which crushed dozens of blocks with each step. But the fact that they could see the feet and at least try to escape from them made the enemy a little less scary. The suction machine used an invisible force to lift them off the ground and into an enormous dark hole in the sky.

There was nowhere to run, as they couldn’t even see the pulling force that took them off solid ground. Running or standing, random zones of the kingdom suddenly seemed to fly away from sight. Even the army didn’t have a clear enemy to attack. Some tried attacking her feet, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Most of the attacking soldiers were flattened under the gigantic shoes, while the rest were absorbed by the vacuum force. Soon enough, both kingdoms in the bedroom were no more.

Flying above the two giantesses, the royal family watched in terror as Juttland and Chamberia were vanished in a matter of minutes. Trying to stay as high as possible to avoid them, they travelled past them and flew into the bathroom, knowing that there was one last kingdom in there. But as they imagined, it was also being attacked by a giant.

Chapter End Notes:

This is the end of the first part of the prologue. All comments, criticism and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Thanks in advance and I hope you like it so far.

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