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Author's Chapter Notes:

The second and last part of the prologue. I hope you like it so far.

Prologue (Part 2)

Nicole sighed. “Of course. I get the bathroom.” She then took out a bathroom cleaner bottle and started spraying it on the floor. This liquid alone was enough to cause serious damage in the kingdom of Latrinia. To the Latrinians, the smell alone was more than they could bear, and some even passed out. The giant waves of the cleaner washed a few buildings and people aside as Nicole sprayed it.

After a few seconds, the giantess stopped sprayed and placed the cleaner down and picked up a bathroom scrubber. She then crouched and used it to start scrubbing the bathroom floor. The tinies, still trying to recover from the cleaner attack, now faced a different attack. The giantess had produced a different weapon, and was now sweeping the kingdom with it.

The army quickly responded to the attack, although at first they wasted some time and efforts attacking the weapon itself, rather than the giantess herself. However, after the huge weapon brushed a big chunk of the army, they quickly changed their strategy and decided to attack the giantess, or rather her feet, as it was the only thing they could reach.

Fortunately for them, the giantess didn’t even feel the puny attacks against her feet, so she didn’t mind them and instead kept scrubbing the floor. Unfortunately for the rest of the kingdom, though, the giantess continued her attack, destroying the larger structures and the biggest crowds.

“Almost done”, she said to herself, drying the sweat in her forehead. “Now just the details.”

With that, she dropped the scrubber and grabbed a bathroom sponge. She then got down on hands and knees and started wiping the last areas on the floor. The simple position shift of her body caused enough flutter for the tinies. Her knees landing on the ground created a big tremor, while also crushing everything that was in their place. Her left hand also was placed on the floor, flattening everything that occupied the area, which was as wide as her palm. Finally, the sponge landed too, but it then started to move from one side of the kingdom to the other, in a devastating motion that cleaned the rest of Latrinia from there.

The tiny army, which was still there, watched in disbelief at the colossal woman as she ended the existence of their hometown. However, they didn’t have much time to mourn it, as the giantess stood back up to full height after finishing her job. Every single soldier craned his neck up in awe, as the woman towered above them all.

“Oh! Looks like I forgot this little spot.”, Nicole said. As soon as they heard it, the soldiers started running in random directions as fast as they could, knowing what she could easily do to all of them. Noticing their sudden movement, she yelped.

“Eeek! They’re ants!”, she said, and without losing a second, she lifted her foot and stamped on them all. Their tiny legs weren’t fast enough to let them spread in a wider area, and one step alone was enough to get them all. Tiny as they were, the sole of her shoe covered much more ground than they all did together. That’s how small they were compared to her.

“Stupid ants.”, was the last thing the emperor Leon heard before the royal mosquito left the bathroom, while Nicole just cleaned the flattened army with her sponge.

“This place isn’t safe anymore. We need to get out of here!”, he said, and the mosquito rider directed the flying insect towards an open window, leading them right into the back garden, which also had a pool in the center.

“Those giants may have conquered the inside areas, but they can’t possibly have reached the outside kingdoms. There we will be safe.”, and with that, they got out of the house and into the garden, just to find yet another giant doing what they did best.

“This is just disgusting”, said Iris, as she stood next to the large pool. “This pool looks more like a swamp to me. But, oh well, I’m not swimming, anyway.”

She then grabbed the pool net and introduced it into the water, and using both hands she moved it across the surface, picking up as many tiny bugs, leaves and twigs as possible. Considering the size of the pool, she had to walk around its border to be able to reach every corner.

The kingdom of Lagoonia’s queen, Isabella, couldn’t believe her eyes. A gigantic woman was walking right towards her palace. Before she could order her army to attack, or even try to hide, the enormous giantess stopped in her tracks, right in front of Lagoonia. Ready for the worst, Isabella saw in relief that the invader turned towards the Great Sea, giving her kingdom the back while she used a strange item to poke the surface of the water.

“Oh, no!”, the queen shouted, worried. “She’s attacking our fleet!”

Lagoonia’s fleet had already noticed this, and every single ship was doing its best to try and escape from the huge net. Of course, they weren’t nearly as fast as their captor, and one by one they were easily caught by the net. The battle ships attacked the strange item, firing arrows and cannon balls at it. Naturally, it didn’t work, and more ships were captured.

Desperately, many ship crew members jumped off the deck and tried to swim away. But the net was too big, and they were just trapped in it like the rest. Some even drowned, as the fast movement of the net made it very difficult for them to swim and stay on the surface.

The queen Isabella was about to command her armed forces to counter attack the giantess, but she decided against it. The enemy seemed too powerful for them, and it was better to just avoid confrontation. The giantess had already faced them, and she didn’t seem to notice they were right there, by her feet. This meant that somehow they were almost invisible to her, as long as they remained in the grass area, without moving.

“Everyone just stay calm! No one move!”, she ordered, feeling bad for the fleet she was leaving at the giant’s mercy, but she had no other choice. She had to make this sacrifice to save the rest of Lagoonia, and so she did. In just a few more minutes, every single sailor and ship in the Great Sea had disappeared into her net, helplessly trapped in it.

“Phew! At last.”, said Iris, looking down at the net in her hand. “The pool is finally clean of these things. Now I just have to get rid of them.”

And saying that, she reached into the net with a gloved hand to avoid touching the icky bugs. She then grabbed a handful of them and dropped them into a plastic bag. The tiny people trapped in her net stared up in terror and screamed while her massive hand descended towards them. Her grip alone was enough to crush most ships in her hand and squish the sailors in them. The few survivors found themselves trapped in a plastic bag with no chance of escape.

The emperor Leon couldn’t endure the sight anymore, and the royal steed turned around, leaving the Great Sea and Lagoonia behind. Iris simply finished placing the rest of the ships and people into the plastic bag and walked back into the house, leaving the kingdom alone. Queen Isabella couldn’t believe her and her kingdom’s luck, as she saw the giantess leave the area.

“We still have one last chance.”, he said to his family, as they flew towards the front of the house. “The kingdom of Sward. Connor, their king, is a good friend of mine. We can stay there while all this ends.”

With the hope that their last option was still safe, they flew towards the front lawn, where Sward was. But, as fate would have it, it was also being attacked by one of the giants. This made the royal family’s hopes all disappear, as they watched the last hiding spot being assaulted.

Molly was standing right in the middle of the lawn with her hands on her hips.

“I don’t think I can mow the lawn as it is. There’s a lot of weed in it. I don’t want the mower to get jammed.”, and saying that, she crouched, reaching for the closer weeds and tearing them off with her bare hands.

Connor, the king of Sward, stared in awe as the giantess used her hands to tear some of the largest plants in the area. Of course, many small towns and villages were built under or nearby these plants, so each time the giantess tore a weed off the soil, she also took several villages  (along with the villagers) in her hand. Closing her fist, she crushed everything inside her palm and then dropped it in one of those big, trash black bags.

Knowing what was coming, the king Connor immediately ordered his people to retreat into the bushes. Every single one of the kingdom’s inhabitants, even the soldiers, obeyed his kind, and ran as fast as they could towards the small bushes surrounding the lawn. But, obviously, it was very hard for them to get there fast, as walking around the huge blades of grass didn’t make it any easier. Plus, considering her tiny size, they couldn’t run very fast, which made it even more difficult.

Molly keeps tearing weed, snatching the closest towns and the slowest villagers as well, crushing them all casually into her fist and dropping them in the garbage bag. After a few minutes, the lawn was free of weed, although a big percent of the kingdom of Sward’s citizens have already disappeared into the mysterious, dark bag. The rest of them, though, are now safe and hiding in the deep bushes surrounding Sward, hoping the giantess wouldn’t find them there.

And they were right. Molly stands back up and grabs the mower, and starts mowing the overgrown lawn. The villages and towns remaining are too tiny to be reached by the blades of the mower, but Molly’s feet crush a few dozens of them every now and then as she walks around the lawn.

The tiny people hiding in the bushes watch, powerless, at how this enormous woman flattens chunks of their kingdom. They’re still very grateful to have made it alive out of there, but they can’t help but think about the amount of work it will take to rebuild the areas she destroyed.

Molly finally finishes mowing, and just as everyone thought she’d leave them alone, she instead started walking towards the bushes. No one knew why she was doing it, but they all expected the end. To their relief, though, the giantess produced a pair of huge scissors and started trimming the bush. Huge leaves started falling around them, but other than that, nothing major happened.

After that, the giantess finally left, leaving the tinies still alive in peace.  The emperor Leon, though, was flying to high above the lawn to notice the hiding people, so he thought everyone was gone.

“This is it. There’s nowhere else to go”, he says, sadly, looking at his family. They all look down, wondering what to do next. Suddenly, something comes up in Leon’s mind.

“Wait…there’s still places to go!”, he says, smiling again. “The north and the south kingdoms! The giants can’t possibly have found them!”

And with that last sparkle of hope, they fly towards the house’s main door, which is still open, as Molly just walked inside. Just then, Helen Gibson, the house shower, walks into the house.

“Hi again, girls. How did everything go? Is the house as good as new?”, she asks, smiling.

“Well, almost.”, says the one in charge. “The house is shiny now, except for the attic and the basement. They were locked, so we couldn’t get inside.”

“Oh! No, no, no.”, says Helen, worried. “Well, I have the keys here, so maybe---”
“Sorry, madame. But we’re not allowed to work overtime.”

“But then what do I do?”

“Just don’t show them those places. People never care about them, anyway.”

“I guess I have no choice, do I?”, says Helen, sighing, when she suddenly spots a mosquito flying in front of her eyes.

“Hey, you missed this one.”, she says, squinting at it.

Leon and his family don’t notice this quite yet. They simply fly as fast as their steed can, trying to get to the attic as soon as possible.

“Hurry! I just heard them say that they couldn’t get to Attica! We’ll be safe there!”, he shouts, as the mosquito flies. Out of nowhere, though, a massive palm appears in their way, blocking their path.

“Oh, no! They spotted us! Turn around!”, Leon commands, and the rider makes the mosquito turn 180°, only to find another palm blocking the other way.

“God helps us…”, Leon manages to say before the two walls close in together at blinding speed, swatting them all in between.

“Hey, I got it!”, says Hilda, looking down at her right hand, seeing a tiny mosquito flattened against her open palm. What she doesn’t quite notice is the diminutive royal family, all flattened too against her skin.

“Ew…”, she then blows all the corpses off her hand into oblivion, before letting the women out of the house and locking the door after getting our herself.




Later that night, the rulers of Attica, Lagoonia, Sward and Nadir gathered together to talk about the future of the world. The first one to speak was Isabella, queen of Lagoonia.

“OK, considering the recent events, we have to decide a course of action from now on to ensure the best outcome of this situation.”

“I agree. And the most important issue at the moment is the annihilation of Parlia, which was the central empire in the world.”, said Charlotte, empress of Attica.

“Parlia was the link between our four kingdoms, so we need to find a way to restore those links, for the good of said kingdoms and the rest of the smaller towns and villages left.”, said Connor, king of Sward.

“And to restore those links, I suggest we establish a new central empire, and Nadir is the best option for that purpose.”, said Edward, emperor or Nadir.

“Wait, hold on a second.”, interrupted Isabella. “Why Nadir, exactly?”

“Let’s face it. After the giants attack, Sward and Lagoonia are no longer in position to be in control.”, answered Edward. “You already have to deal with the destruction they caused to your kingdoms.”

“In that case, Attica is just as qualified to play the same role.”, replied Charlotte.

“Well, then, if you want, we could fight for the position.”, threatened Edward.

“Now, hold on a second, you two.”, interrupted Isabella. “This is no time to fight. We have a big problem now, and we must work together to solve it.”

“Actually, you are the ones who have a problem.”, said Edward, looking at Isabella and Connor. “Nadir is in perfect conditions right now.”

“Well, not for long.”, added Isabella. “Good luck finding reliable water sources if we don’t trade with you, as we did before.”

“Are you threatening me?!”, Edward raised his voice.

“I might as well be!”, answered Isabella, raising her voice too.

“OK, enough of this!”, stopped them Charlotte. “No one’s going to take over. We’ll work together, understood?”

“And you’re going to stop us if we do?”, taunted Edward.

“Well, if we have no other choice, then yes.”, said Charlotte, seriously. “We already have enough problems with giants to be fighting among ourselves.”

“Then, by all means, try to.”, said Edward. “This is the beginning of a new era. The Post-Parlia era, and if you three are too weak or too foolish to accept it, then you’ll suffer the consequences. Nadir is now the most powerful kingdom in the world, and your three kingdoms, along with every other town and village, will soon realize it. The easy or the hard way.”

And with that, Edward left. The three other rulers stayed there a little longer.

“What should we do?”, asked Connor. “Join forces and attack Nadir to prevent a bigger war?”

“Not yet.”, answered Charlotte. “For now, let’s just be wary to Nadir’s actions and see how things go.  Let’s not just rush into battle.”

“Fine.”, said Isabella. “But let’s at least stop trading with them, to weaken them as much as possible without actually attacking them. That’ll make it less likely for them to start a war.”

“Very well.”, said Charlotte. “Let’s hope things don’t get any worse than they already are. See you two soon and good luck.”

And each one of them returned to their respective kingdom, hoping for the best in the close future.

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