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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

The women's gymnastics team resorts to drastic measures when the rebalancing arrives and their boyfriends disappear.

Chapter One

"Where are all the dudes?", Jason thought to himself. This morning, it seemed that the campus was almost entirely devoid of men.

The mystery began when he got up. Jason was one of the few residents on his dorm floor who wasn't on the men's gymnastics team. His roommate Steve was, and the whole team had been in a tournament three hours away the previous night. They should have returned around 1 a.m. But when Jason's alarm went off, his roommate wasn't around. Neither were any of his teammates. The two other residents who weren't on the gymnastics team were also AWOL. Jason cracked open their doors and peered into their rooms. In one, he walked in and pulled the blanket off the bed. There was a familiar stain on the sheets, and indications that someone had been there. It seemed as though he had left rather suddenly. Jason thought, sex for one, until he saw what was clearly a bra in a corner of the bed.

Walking to his first class, he saw only females walking by him. Some of them had a strange look, their faces all scrunched up. All of them seemed to have bedroom eyes. One girl was looking up at the sky, passing her fingers along her throat. Her mouth was shaped in an "O", as though she were being pleasured by an invisible lover, right there on the quad.

When he got to class, he heard murmurs about the "Goddess of Love", and heard occasional soft moans from the seats around him. Several girls wanted to sit next to him. Really wanted to sit next to him. They were obviously coming on to him. Jason was amazed. Pleased, but amazed. What had he done to suddenly become a sex magnet? Why did the whole room smell like honey, and where were all the other guys?

When he got back to his room, Jason absentmindedly locked the door. Then he went on line and searched news for "Goddess of Love." He found videos and articles quoting her talk about"rebalancing the sexes." It would be a mad dream, if not for all the stories appearing on the web. Jason began reading about what was happening to men. They weren't disappearing.  They were shrinking, apparently because of something in their wives' and girlfriends' vaginal fluids. Some shrank as small as one inch high. None bigger than a foot. Men without wives and girlfriends were being attacked by sex-crazed women, and getting shrunk down to size before they knew enough to put up any resistance. Women tasting like honey. Men tasting like chocolate. It all looked crazy to Jason.

A chill raced up Jason's spine as he realized he was in danger of losing his freedom to a girl. He started thinking about how to get off campus. Where to hide. How long he could go without sex. 50 years? Maybe 60?

Jason was trying to figure it out, when he heard voices down the hall of the dorm. They were female voices, and they were shouting. "Where are the guys?"

Another voice shouted. "Forget it. The men's team's all gone. The girls from State must have claimed them after the meet."

"Uh-UH. There's at least one guy on this floor who isn't on the gymnastics team. There's his room, right there!"

Jason heard footsteps, then a thud. Someone was hurling themselves against his locked door. Then several thuds. It became clear that those girls who had been chatting down the hall were trying to break into his room.

He backed a chair against the doorknob. It held at first. But the pounding got louder and more insistent. Finally, the door gave way and four girls tumbled in, all a couple of inches in height each side of 5'3", almost a foot shorter than his 6'1". All of them had heavily dilated eyes. Looking at their tight, curvy forms, Jason knew immediately that they were from the college women's gymnastics team. One of them was Jessica, his roommate's red-haired girlfriend. Another was Jessica's friend and teammate Amber. The scent of honey that had permeated his classes now filled his room, though it seemed to vary slightly, depending on which girl was closest.

Jason didn't wait to find out what they wanted. He dove for the window. But two of the gymnasts cartwheeled across the room and blocked his only escape. They formed a circle and began to close in around him. He picked up his laptop -- the only possible weapon close at hand.

"Stay back!", he yelled, more out of panic than anything else. Part of him couldn't believe what he was doing; fighting off four hotties who wanted him more than anything.

"Just let us fuck you!" yelled the tallest, a 5'6" blonde named April.

"Yeah," Jason replied, "one time and then I'm a chew toy!"

Several of the girls laughed. Jessica responded. "No, I swear we wouldn't eat you. The Goddess of Love wouldn't let us."

Amber piped up. "Are you gay? The Goddess of Love won't let us harm gay guys. Just tell us you're gay and we'll leave you alone."

"I'm not gay!" Jason shouted.

"Then let us have sex with you!" shouted Jessica.

"Let us fuck you!" said Amber.

"Let us SHRINK you!" said Carmen, a caramel-skinned Latina girl with a prominent rear end.

While two of the girls were keeping Jason's attention, the others climbed up on a table above him. One of them leapt onto Jason's back, and the others gathered in a scrum. In sort of a mass movement, the girls pummeled Jason and forced him onto the bed. The four of them pinned him by the shoulders and got him horizontal. One of them sat down on his shoulders. her glistening womanhood in front of his face. Then they started ripping his clothes off. In about 20 seconds the girls had him naked. They used Jason's clothes to tie him to the bedposts. Then Jessica held him down while the other three removed their clothes. Those three then climbed Jason's body. Amber, her face flushed red, looked him in the eyes and pulled his cheeks toward her, for a deep, passionate kiss. Jason looked into her eyes. They were incredibly dilated, as though she had just come from the optometrist. Even though he knew what was coming, Jason couldn't break his gaze into those bedroom eyes.

"He's mine, Amber!" shouted Jessica, now naked herself. She shoved Amber aside, breaking the moment. "After all, he's Steve's roommate!"

Desperate for an opening, Jason tried to distract his roommate's girlfriend. "Jessica", Jason shouted, "Why are you cheating on Steve?"

Jessica's mouth dropped open. She was so caught up in her own passions that she forgot she was cheating on her boyfriend. "It's not cheating! The Goddess of Love gave us these powerful needs and we have to take care of them! Besides, he didn't come back from the men's gymnastics meet at State last night. I bet he's cheating with one of the girls over there."

"Yeah, did you stop to think maybe she shrank him and he didn't have any say about it?"

"How would that --", Jessica stopped to think but then the passion hit her hard again, and she lunged for a kiss.  Jason tried to take advantage of her momentary confusion by making a break for the door. But the bonds held, and the scrum closed around him, shutting down any escape notions. Utterly naked, the redhead ground her pelvis into Jason's tummy, and was preparing to mount his manhood and take him down to size once and for all, when a series of shouts of "Coach!" interrupted her reverie.

A dark haired woman of about 30, just 4'11", with olive skin and a curvy yet athletic figure, wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt with the university logo, entered the room and pushed through the throng of girls to stand aside Jason. Arms akimbo, she looked down at Jason.

"I think I should introduce myself. I'm Deborah Probus, coach of the women's gymnastics team." She spoke through ragged gasps, and her eyes were also dilated.

"I'm Jason", he answered.

Coach Probus turned to the assembled gymnasts. "Ladies!" she shouted. "I have an announcement from the university provost, Dr. Alicia Mendelsohn!" She then read from her smartphone. "'Due to the emergency situation created by the large-scale rebalancing of the sexes, all rules regarding sexual harassment between students or involving students and instructors are suspended indefinitely'!"

The girls stared in silence. One piped up. "What does that mean, coach?"

"It means I GO FIRST!"

Coach Probus threw off her polo shirt, revealing a sports bra, which she then peeled off and hurled to one side, revealing two ample mammaries with dark areolae. Then she removed her shoes and her khaki shorts, revealing a purple pair of panties. When Deborah pulled those away, they revealed a well-trimmed bush with a "landing strip". The coach began to lower herself onto his manhood, engorged and ready in spite of himself.

As soon as she had received the notice from the provost, Coach Probus began searching the dorms for a man she could take. She'd been needing to get her groove back since the afternoon before. All night she had dreamed of taking her husband, the men's gymnastics coach. Then she woke up, to find he hadn't returned from the meet at State. Worry, fear, and anger all swirled inside her. But all were dwarfed by her aching needs. "I need to get a man inside me", Deborah thought to herself, "and keep him there." She would sight eligible men across the campus, but before she could get to them, other girls or professors pulled them aside and rendered them living dildos. Then she got a text from one of her students about the discovery at the men's dorm.

Jason tried one more time to distract the girls, speaking so loudly, he was almost yelling at them.  "Are you going to let her have me first? After all, you're the ones who caught me! Shouldn't one of you get to shrink me?" But none broke ranks.

Deborah was well-lubricated by now, her body radiating heat. She slid almost effortlessly onto Jason's phallus. Her moans were deep and primal, as though she were lifting away all the burdens of women, all the way back to Eve in the garden. When the first drops of honey touched his flesh, Jason felt a tingle sweep all the way up through his body. He thought he saw the bed and the coach beginning to grow.

But just at that moment, Coach Probus and the girls seemed to slow down and stop in time. Finally they stopped. Behind the girls to his right, he saw a shimmering light. Gradually it assumed the shape of an incredibly beautiful woman. Jason recognized it as the woman he'd seen on You Tube.

The shimmering figure called his name. "Jason... I am the Goddess of Love."

"I know", Jason answered. Through the heavy breathing accompanying his erection, he forced out a question. "Why are you making all the men small and the women horny?"

"Because for women to grow, men must shrink", she answered. "The world will be a nicer place, once all the efforts and strivings of men are confined within a woman's underwear. A woman's sexual pleasure is dependent in part, on the caressing of very small places. Soon you will be able to touch them with all the tenderness they deserve. "

"But what about men's freedoms?", Jason gasped. "We're never going to be more than one-sixth the height of a woman, and she can make us smaller than that anytime she wants! We'll have no rights!"

"Neither, in the legal sense, did women for most of your history. But through their control of intimacy, they gained an advantage of sorts. I call this a 'rebalancing' of sexes for more reasons than one. I've given the women a serious case of what you men would call 'blue balls.'  They will rule the world, but their nurturing instincts, not to mention their aching need for a man, will keep them from becoming violent oppressors. If all else fails, I shall be there to enforce decency toward men. Believe me, Jason, you and all men can look up at the stars for eternity, but the most sacred place of a woman's flesh is a much more beautiful sight, and so much more attainable. Take your place at their feet, in their panties, in their bras, and beneath the hems of their dresses."

The goddess shimmered and faded away, and a warm glow engulfed Jason. He began to shrink again, and to slide out of his bonds. Not that it mattered, because he couldn't move. The woman straddling his cock and the younger women surrounding his bed seemed to grow taller and taller. More and more, the petite gymnastics coach began to resemble a skyscraper. Jason realized that he was falling out of a world defined by trees, houses, dormitories, roads and hills, and entering a world defined by eyelashes, lips, tongues, shoulders, feet, calves, thighs, vaginas, vulvae, labiae, breasts, and buttocks.

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