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While the frantic muscles violently drug you deeper and deeper within Foxxy’s snatch, you struggled not to drown, your eyes clenched tightly shut lest the secretions around you get in your eyes. Fully relaxed, the wet tunnel might have been half again as wide as your shoulders, but the sweltering flesh surrounding you was anything but relaxed. Instead, it was a monstrous gullet, swallowing greedily at your body. The smells of earthy musk, sweat, and sex mingled into a hot, itchy scent which threatened to choke you. The frantic thump of a heat beat could be heard despite the cacophonous squelches all around you.


With each contraction, Foxxy’s vagina clenched down violently upon your exhausted form, forcing the vaginal fluids at the bottom of her canal upwards and past you. The fluids often splashed over your face, and when they weren’t, the ribbed flesh was often threatening to suffocate you as the pressed painfully down upon your face. Excited as Foxxy was, her vagina only mildly relaxed between spasms, releasing the crushing grip upon your ribs just enough to allow you to grab a breath.


“Oh God!”


Her unconscious moans rippled through the walls around you, and you felt the world tilt as Foxxy lifted her hips to buck. How long could she orgasm for? It was already approaching two minutes and the slut’s muscles still struggled to crush you. You could feel yourself sliding down the fleshy tunnel, its sloped angle sharper for her raised hips and aiding in your descent. As you struggled to catch a breath in the small window between clenches, the vaginal muscles around you spasmed unexpectedly, forcing the air from your lungs and replacing it with the salty, sour taste of feminine ecstasy.


Perhaps, were you not drowning, shrunken, and crammed inside of one of television’s most infamous whores, you might of enjoyed yourself; the rippling sensation along your body pleasurable as you were bathed in the juices of an orgasming woman. However, it was terror which presently clawed at your mind. You choked and coughed weakly within Foxxy’s womanhood, slowly being drawn deeper with every passing second.


In your panic, you instinctively struggled to force the walls apart, trying to forge some air pocket in which to seek a quick breath. However, you found yourself too weak. The previous struggles to remain outside of this dark pit had robbed you of strength, leaving you relatively helpless. Consciousness began to slip as air deprivation set in.


This was it, you thought. You were about to be extinguished by some black chic’s throbbing, wet womanhood and she wasn’t even awake to enjoy it. Of all the ways to go, as a sex toy had been pretty low on the list. A sudden jolt went through you as your bare feet struck a wall of flesh.


Horror filled you as you realized you had reached the end of Foxxy’s vagina. You had heard rumors about the depth of her “love tunnel” as she liked to call it, but how far were you really? Spots danced across your vision as you continued to fail to catch a breath, and despair filled you as you realized that even in between spasms the vaginal fluids no longer receded beneath your head. Foxxy’s slit was so full of secretions that they completely submerged you, even when her muscles momentarily relaxed.


Suddenly, the great, throbbing tunnel around you went into over drive. All the muscle around you suddenly bit down, crushing in its grip. Your fluid filled lungs were emptied as your ribs were forced inwards against your lungs. Your shoulders creaked and your body cried out in pain at the pressure which should have by all rights crushed you into a red stain.




The cry deafened you, reverberating through the flesh around you, yet at the same time it seemed very far away. Your vision was tunneling, even with your eyes closed in the pitch black of Foxxy’s snatch. Your lungs, which had burned not too long ago, currently felt numb along with the rest of your body. Your last thoughts were to wonder if your corpse would ever see the light of day again before unconsciousness claimed you.




Foxxy was having the best dream. It was an old one, the one in which she was tied to a bondage horse and left in a room full of Denzel Washingtons, but it still got her juices flowing. In her sleep, Foxxy tossed and turned, having forgotten the tiny prisoner housed within her panties, but even if she had, it wouldn’t have mattered in the face of her dreamy ecstasy. That is, of course, until she began to orgasm.


Even as your exhausted form was being claimed by her wet pit and Foxxy’s orgasm began to subside, Foxxy’s eyes shot open. Quickly, her slender hand snaked its way downward towards her crotch, unbuttoning her pants in a heartbeat on her way towards her snatch.  Her other hand slid neatly beneath her black thong, beginning to spin a slow circle around the tight knot that was her clit.


A wave of pleasure swept through Foxxy as she gently massaged the small nub above her opening, rekindling the fire in her loins. After a few moments of stimuli and a few excited gasps, the fire inside her began to grow once more, reaching new heights even as she felt another orgasm building. Foxxy hated letting an orgasm go to waste, preferring instead to keep them going until another joined the first; their combined pleasure bringing her to new heights.


Snaking her other hand downward to join the first, Foxxy could feel her panties, soaked with cum and only getting wetter. They clung tightly to her pelvis as she lifted her pelvis to guide her hand around to her back. Sliding her hand between her cheeks, a quick probe of her middle finger confirmed that anus was slick with runoff.


Foxxy had played with all sorts of toys and lotions before, but using her own vaginal juices as lube always felt the best. There was something about the hot juices pouring from her womanhood that set her flesh afire wherever it touched. Even before probing her pucker, it had already felt hot and inflamed. Now, as the ebony sex fiend ran her finger around her own anus, a jolt went up her spine.


Growing impatient, Foxxy moved her hand away from her clit and plunged her middle finger into her pussy up to the knuckle. She was careful to position her thumb so as it gently rested against her clit before she began finger herself, the in and out motion causing her thumb to gently brush her nub. She could feel the little ridges along the edge of her channel, along with the stretched flesh clenching around the intrusion. There was nothing she loved more.


As Foxxy continued to play with herself, building her second orgasm through her careful ministrations, she noticed something different about her climax. She couldn’t quite explain it herself; it was as if something deep inside her was pulling her carnal strings. Deep inside herself, deeper than all but the longest of toys could reach, she felt a stretching sensation. It was driving her wild.


Not remembering the tiny man she had abducted, nor caring to think on anything but the wild wave of pleasure currently coursing through her body, Foxxy popped her pointer finger into her snatch with a wet squelch. Simultaneously, her rearward finger forced itself within her ass, probing at the greasy ringed wall of her rectum as she raised her hips to buck.


“Oh God!”


Instantly, Foxxy’s orgasm intensified, driving her over the edge. She could feel her pleasure starting to mount once more as another orgasm rolled on atop her previous one, increasing her pleasure. It was incredible. It was intense. Those were the last rational thoughts Foxxy had before the intensity of the sensation drove her mind blank.


Stuck in this limbo of sexual intensity, Foxxy thrashed upon her bed. She was on cloud nine as she closed her eyes, continuing the fantasy from before. She rubbed and thrashed, and imagined the dream about Denzel Washington, and before she knew it, she found herself with four fingers inside her twat, another three wedged through her slimy pucker. Another orgasm was mounting.


Suddenly, it hit her. The pleasure of the previous two orgasms, held in place by her vigorous stimulations, was suddenly intensified by a third orgasm. Like a dam cracking, a flood of mind numbing sexual pleasure crashed into Foxxy’s senses, blinding her to the world around her. Mocha toes curled against the bed sheets, a long, sleek back arched harder than ever before, powerful muscles clenched deep inside Foxxy’s abdomen, and a name tore free from pink lips.




When Foxxy awoke from her sexual haze, cum staining her panties was already beginning to cool. She must have languished in her afterglow for some minutes after such a powerful orgasm, though she couldn’t remember a bit of it. In fact, her whole mind was a fog at the moment, everything except for her previous pleasure forgotten.


Foxxy slipped her fingers out of her pussy, a wet popping noise sounding as she did so. Her fingers were soaked with her own ejaculate, and she trailed a little line of the stuff across her belly as she brought her hand upwards, towards her face. Pink lips parted in anticipation as Foxxy gently licked her fingers clean, savoring the salty, sour flavor of her own sex before plunging her hand knuckle deep into her mouth and sucking it clean.


After doing the same for her other hand, Foxxy began to rise. She could feel the juices accumulated in her twat rush out at the shift in gravity, splattering down her thighs and soaking into the sheets beneath. She gazed around her, taking stock of her bed and the large stain upon her sheets. She would need to wash them, but not now. Now, she needed a shower.


The black woman quickly buttoned her pants, woozily got to her feet, and stumbled drunkenly through the girl’s bedroom door and out into the hallway; rivulets of cum running down her legs to stain the carpet as she went.


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