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The walk down the hall to the bathroom was a haze to Foxxy; the afterglow of her orgasm clouding her mind as she placed one foot in front of the other. She hadn’t had an orgasm so strong in ages! She could still feel the aftershocks of pleasure coursing through her body, but she didn’t know what could have caused such a strong reaction. Could it have been something she’d ate?


Pushing the door to the bathroom open, cool linoleum clattered beneath Foxxy’s heels. Nothing felt quite as good as a hot shower after an orgasm. Foxxy eagerly pulled off her heels, tearing off the single strap top she wore before stripping off her shorts and thong. The tail accessory she usually wore clattered to the floor.


Foxxy could still feel the fluids of her passion slowly dribbling down her legs, as she hurried over to the shower and began to finish with the knobs. The chill of cold tile kissed the soles of her feet, and moments later, hot water drizzled over her body.




Suddenly, a violent coughing fit ripped through you and consciousness returned. Salty, sour fluids shot from your mouth as you struggled to haunch over, only to discover that flesh clutched your body firmly from all sides. The slow, rhythmic sound of a heartbeat filled your head, pulsing past your body and reminding you of where you were.


The tight, soft flesh of Foxxy’s pussy clutched at your body, no longer the yawning tunnel of arousal or the clenched tube of an orgasm. Instead, it was the tight, relaxed flesh of an unstimulated vagina. You were still trapped within the ebony sex saint.


However, judging by the blood rushing to your head, Foxxy was likely standing. That meant she was awake. However, that raised the question of why you were still within her smoldering depths. Wouldn’t she have taken you out by now if she had known where you were? That is unless she didn’t know where you were. Quickly, your mind went through the possibilities.


If Foxxy really wasn’t aware of your location, or had otherwise forgotten your existence, there were both good and bad possibilities. On the plus side, you had a chance to escape. You could slip away unnoticed and find a hiding location and wait out the remaining time on the challenge. However, that required that you escape your fleshy prison.


This was where things got dicey. You see, when the Foxxy’s vagina was aroused and not orgasming it extended and relaxed enough to allow someone of your size easy passage. However, unaroused even the easiest whore’s depths were tight. Not only that, but she was definitely drier now that her cum had been allowed to drain. Coupled with the rumors of lost toys deep within Foxxy’s depths, filled you with a growing dread.


Of course, you could still feel the bottom of her passage pressing against the bottom of your bare feet. Unless her toys had found their way past her cervix unlikely as that was, the rumors of lost toys were apparently false. Perhaps she wasn’t as deep as you had thought?


However, as you opened your eyes to look around only darkness greeted you. As deep as you were or weren’t, light was still incapable of reaching you. Experimentally, you tugged at the flesh that clung to you, trying to make a little progress towards the exit you knew to be somewhere beneath you, but the flesh clung tightly to you.




As Foxxy was standing in the shower, enjoying the heat as it penetrated her body, a sudden jolt went through her. The dull ache which always followed an especially powerful orgasm was making itself apparent all of a sudden; a constant reminder of the fun she had just experienced. The memory alone was enough to arouse her once more.




Perhaps moving hadn’t been the best of ideas. Mere moments had passed since you had tested your fleshy prison, but already you could feel it loosening. Now familiar fluids were starting to be secreted as Foxxy became aroused once more. You could feel the grip on your body loosening, and slowly you were starting to slide downward towards the opening of her vagina.


Granted, you weren’t moving very fast. Foxxy’s passage was still mostly relaxed; the swelling which would have widened your passage woefully absent. However, the darkness, the sounds, and the smells were starting to get to you. This was the place where you had nearly drowned. Panic was starting to itch at the inside of your skull. You wanted out.


Your growing claustrophobia must have weighed heavily on your mind, because it wasn’t long before you decided that arousing her was probably the best way to escape. In a calmer state of mind you might have reconsidered, but fear pushed you towards irrational thoughts. She hadn’t noticed your presence earlier, despite your struggles for life. Why should she notice now? Not only that, but Foxxy was a sex fiend. If you remained within her, she was bound to masturbate sooner or later and you’d end up drowning again anyways.


Tiredly, you wriggled your body, tossing and turning as you might in sleep. The flesh around you clutched at you loosely like a hammock. It was an odd sensation, the damp flesh sticking to your skin as you pushed and pulled against it, but the fruits of your efforts soon became apparent. With a grim satisfaction, you noted an increase in moisture as well as a swelling of the walls around you.




Foxxy couldn’t explain the feelings growing inside her as she stood in the shower, enjoying her growing arousal. She wasn’t even touching herself, but even now her vagina ached; a slow wave of pleasure tickling inside her. The black sex god’s eyes rolled back in her head, her hands absentmindedly finding their way to her breasts. She wanted to masturbate again, even after having just blown the largest load in years not even ten minutes ago.


Something was up, something she couldn’t explain, but at the moment she didn’t care. Slowly, she pulled a hand away from a breast, lazily dragging her finger along her neck until it reached her lips. Ivory teeth nibbled at the tip. She wanted to shower, but she wanted to fuck as well. Why not do both?




After a minute or so of wriggling, something changed. You had definitely made progress, both in loosening the fleshy tunnel around you and finding your exit, but never had the evidence been as apparent as this. Although you could sense feel the walls around clenching as they built towards a climax, that wasn’t what had drawn your attention. Before you, for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, light blazed forth. It lanced painfully into your eyes, but you looked on. The light was more than just a painful sensation blazing into your retinas, it was freedom. You had found your way out.


However, as quickly as the light had come, it vanished once more. In its place, a loathsome digit crawled forth, worming its way towards your face and obscuring the light which had meant so much to you. It pushed its way through the cloistered tunnel, pushing against the minuet ridges lining the wall of the vagina. In seconds, it was upon you.




As the hot water cascaded along Foxxy’s soft, brown skin, your horny captor rubbed mindlessly at her vagina; dipping her finger in and out in an almost languid manor. She could already feel that this orgasm would be quick and hard. Not as long lasting as the last one had been, but with the burn already built up in her love box it would be every bit as enjoyable.


Suddenly, as she plunged her finger into her vagina, she hit something. It seemed different from the spongy flesh and ridges which made up her vagina, seeming firmer. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a pat of her. Perhaps it was one of her long lost toys? She’d lost so many inside herself only to rediscover them weeks later that she wasn’t entirely sure when one was stuck in her love pit or not. With casual disregard, she flicked the object out of herself and onto the floor. It was in the way, and she could always reclaim it later.




As the groping finger set upon you, a fit of mad genius struck you. Instead of fighting or struggling against the savage appendage and drawing attention to yourself, you froze, remaining limp as the tip of her finger touched you. The damp finger paused as it reached you, curiously probing behind your back before impatiently flinging you outside of your damp prison. Foxxy was in the heat of passion at the moment. She had no time for lost toys.


 You had only a moment to enjoy your freedom before the floor came crashing upwards into you, a thick layer of water standing on its surface. You opened your mouth to scream, forgetting your resolve to remain unnoticed just as you crashed into the watery surface. Water filled your mouth and a moment later you crashed into the shin deep water, silencing your scream. In an instant, you smashed into the hard tile of the floor, the water having cushioned your fall only a bit. Shock lanced through you in a sudden, cold arc.


However, you somehow retained consciousness, quickly realizing that you were face down in scalding water. The wind had been knocked from you, and once more dots danced across your vision. You were drowning again, you dully realized. Desperately you struggled to reclaim control of your body, seeking to flip over in the shallow water to claim a taste of sweet air.


However, no matter how hard you willed yourself to move; to stand, crawl, to roll over, or even twitch a finger, nothing happened. It was as if your body was that of a stranger, so powerful was the shock of the fall. Had you broken your neck? Were you going to die now after having escaped the depths of Foxxy’s dirty cunt?


No! With a new found intensity, you willed yourself to move, to push yourself onto your back. It was only shin deep water after all. Sluggishly, your arms obeyed, racing against the now familiar onset of darkness that signaled oxygen deprived unconsciousness. With agonizing slowness you felt yourself lift upwards, and with a valiant flop you found yourself lying upon your back. A torrent of water rushed from your mouth in an all too familiar choking fit.


Cool air rushed in and out of your lungs as you gazed sightlessly upwards, the fog clouding your vision slowly retreating. Falling water fell around your still form, cascading down Foxxy’s sleek form to fall about you. However, through some quirk of positioning, the majority of the water missed you. It took only a minute for you to regain your breath and your vision to clear.


However, sight which first met your eyes was jarring. You quickly realized that you were in shadow, a drain noisily guzzling water and cum some distance to your side, but that wasn’t what left you speechless. Instead, it was the brown titan which stood above you, her fingers working the opening of her monstrous slit as she violently massaged a breast far larger than yourself. Her breaths could be heard coming in gasps, a low moan emitting with every exhale. Her eyes were closed. Even as you gazed on, droplets of cum fell from her probing finger.


You were in awe. Sure, it was one thing to be stuffed deep inside the black woman’s womanhood, or even to be pressed against the lusty monstrosity, but to actually watch as this husky nymphomaniac rubbed out her carnal desires on a titanic scale… It was almost too much to consider. The forces at work, the violent slap of flesh on flesh, the rhythmic whirl of her breast, it was hypnotic, exotic, and mind numbingly erotic.


Suddenly, you snapped out of your wonderment. This was no time to be gawking! You needed to escape as soon as possible before you were discovered. However, first you had to find out how damaged you were. With hesitant fear, you began to move your body, fearing to find broken bones and torn flesh.


However, to your great delight, you found no such destruction. Besides being a little sore, you were otherwise unharmed. The Jew producer’s words rang in your head.


“As a side effect of the shrinking process, our little guest can’t be injured or die.”


Those words, so casually delivered, had meant life or death to you. It was the reason you hadn’t drowned within Foxxy’s pussy or been crushed within her pants. It was also the reason you’d survived the fall onto the shower floor. You were immortal! You didn’t know whether to be relieved or horrified.


You stood up gingerly, the water coming about halfway up your shin. Your muscles burned with an agonizing intensity, a parallel to Foxxy’s though the thought made you feel ill. Awkwardly, you slogged your way over to the edge of the shower, the glass panes which arced across the doorway at breast and butt levels towering above you. Refusing to look back at the ebony giantess behind you, you headed towards the door. You body ached with every step and a deep exhaustion could still be felt pounding through you.


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