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Author's Chapter Notes:

(We all know this is what you've been waiting for. Enjoy)

Panic shot through your mind as you lay there, wrapped to lower abdomen by the gaping maw before you. You wanted nothing more than to scream, to cry, to fight, to bite, anything to avoid the horrible fate which lay before you. Granted, at normal size, under different circumstances, or even with a different person this fate wouldn’t be so bad, but at present you couldn’t think of a more horrible fate.


Though Foxxy was attractive, she was also a sex fiend. Her vagina was a hungry maw, waiting to devour anything unfortunate enough to pass between its lips. Who knew if she’d even realize you were in there, what with all the craziness which usually went on below the waist. You may very well spend the rest of the challenge stuffed deep in this ebony sex fiend’s cunt.


The idea sent a shiver down your spine. If you had any hope of surviving long enough to get out of this god forsaken house, it wouldn’t be by holing away inside Foxxy. However, struggling was definitely not the way to get out of this mess. The rippling muscle which now entombed your legs was most likely far stronger than your miniscule form, tired as you were. The best course of action was to wait and pray that the absence of stimulation would still the beast.


A minute went by, then two, and then five without any more contractions. You were saved. The way you lay now, you would be able to hold this position until Foxxy awoke. It looked like you wouldn’t be eaten today.


A rippling spasm tugged you into Foxxy up to your navel, turning you hopes to ash. Regardless, you held still and prayed that it was merely a fluke, or that Foxxy would awaken before you were pulled in deeper. Another spasm squeezed your legs, dragging you in up to the base of your chest cavity.


Foxxy’s snores were interrupted momentarily by a low moan as she pulled you in up to your nipples. Her moan turned into a name, a name you dreaded to hear. “Denzel.” Foxxy was having a wet dream, and it looked like you were going to be mere food for thought.


You immediately changed tactic, struggling with as much strength and ferocity as you could manage. You couldn’t and wouldn’t let Foxxy’s pussy gobble you. It was unthinkable. You had to wake her before it was too late. In panic, you clutched at the thong string above you and bit the side of her lip, filling your mouth with the taste of her feminine juices. A shudder ran through her and your legs were nearly crushed by the intensity of the spasm.


“Oh Denzel, you so bad.”


After a few seconds, the pressure thankfully let up. What would it take to wake this crazy bitch? You kicked against her walls, trying to push yourself out, but the contractions only became stronger. The caramel skin above you dripped droplets of sweat which often splashed against you. The heat and stink of her was so overwhelming that it threatened to cause you to heave. All that stood between you and a sweaty, lusty tomb was a single band of cloth no thicker than your wrist. Another moan broke Foxxy’s heated pants and another contraction threatened to drag you deeper.


Over the course of a minute or so, the panting grew more heated. Foxxy’s legs began to shift as she unknowingly tormented you, and she began to gyrate her hips in a circular, grinding motion. Fluids now coated your body, flowing past your body and dribbling down to the ebony pucker beneath. The rippling of the fleshy tunnel was nearly continuous now as you felt your arms weaken from the continuous strain. How long would you last? Would she ever finish? You got your answer sooner than you expected.


With an explosive torrent of fluid, Foxxy climaxed. Her back arched and she twisted and turned, clinging tightly to the sheets blankets beneath her. Her legs strained, pressing firmly against the footboard of the bed. She bit her lip and unconsciously rolled her eyes, and even in her heated, wet dreams she voiced the name of her imagined lover. “Denzeeeel!”


The spasms nearly crushed you, so intense were they. Your legs  groaned and ached as the iron grip of her pussy sought to devour you whole. The angle of her pelvis set gravity against you as well, only adding to your distress. White hot fluids shot across your face, filling your mouth and causing you to sputter.


For a full minute you managed to cling on to the slick fabric of the thong, praying for your torment to end. Your muscles ached from the constant strain, your lungs burned from inhaled juices, your legs cried out in agony, and yet you held. However, where you had been exhausted before, you were now dead tired. Helpless, you watched as your fingers failed you. They slowly slid apart, burning with fatigue and ignoring any commands to resist. You were so close, she couldn’t climax forever. It didn’t matter.


With a sickening squelch Foxxy’s pussy swallowed you, pulling you deep inside of her with each powerful pulse.


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