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Story Notes:

I will attempt to add a new chapter every week, this is my first attempt at writing a story so any suggestions are more than welcome. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

This first chapter I know is a little short and slow but was neccesary in order to set the scene. 

Tanya strode into work, like any other normal day. This repetition was beginning to become a drag. Frequently she had asked her boss for a pay rise, promotion, you name it but he just wasn’t budging. Charles Croft, a wealthy businessman who owned a large proportion of the oil wells in Northern Canada was one narcissistic human being. Having come from nothing, Charles had made his way in futures and trading, consequently with this increase in financial power he was able to invest large sums into Canada. At an average height of 5’8 he was well built, we neatly cropped dark brown hair with a personality to match.

Many believed he was strict but fair, however Tanya had started to have enough. She had been working in the company for a good few years now and had not once been promoted or received any recognition for her work. In her late twenties, she was tall (around 5’11), with long silky black hair. Her body also could’ve been mistaken for a next top model. Her curvaceous figure, along with her sultry look, won many deals for her, yet she’d never been able to use it to crack her bosses tough exterior.


Walking through the large glass doors of the company she saw Croft on the other side of the foyer, about to take an elevator to the top floor. Tanya for weeks on end had persistently asked for a meeting to be arranged in order to discuss her future in the company. Stumbling forward Tanya caught the elevator just on time. It was just her and Charles inside.

“Hey Tanya, how are you today?” said Charles confidently.

“Good thank you, and yourself?” not willing to be to rash with her proposal.

“I’m great, the companies projections for next year came in today and everything looks very promising indeed,”

“That sounds excellent Mr Croft, I was just wondering if it could be possible, when you have a space in your diary to discuss a possible promotion in the company after the recent deals I have pulled off in the Middle East?”

“Hmm,” said Charles thoughtfully. Tanya was hoping this wouldn’t be the same story as in previous instances, surely he couldn’t keep saying no? “I’ll have a think about it yes, come along to my office this lunchtime and I’m sure we’ll be able to come to a conclusion.”

“Ahhh thank you Sir, I’ll see you then.”

With that the elevator stopped which in turn concluded a very productive conversation with Tanya. Charles said he would consider it! Sheer elation was beaming from her face, as Charles stepped out of the elevator, shortly followed by herself. Wearing 4 inch heels she realised for the first time how tall she was in comparison to her boss, he barely came up to her chin. Walking briskly towards her work desk she found a small parcel addressed to her. Opening it up there was a letter inside and a small vial with a blue liquid inside located at the bottom.Tanya opened the letter,

‘Use on those who are unhelpful and are self centered, don’t use for revenge but purely to strike a balance.’ Utterly bemused, Tanya began to consider who had sent this to her, and why? Picking up the vial between her fingers, a small label was attached to the bung which read ‘Shrinking potion.’ This was incredible, would it even work? And if so how small would it shrink someone? Tanya checked the time - an hour and a half till lunch. “Well then,” she thought, pondering all sorts of scenario’s that could result on use of this vial.

Chapter End Notes:

Any comments and criticisms are welcome, I will be adding more tags as the story develops.

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