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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is still yet to see any real Giantess action but I promise in the next things will speed up. 

The clock slowly ticked towards lunch, Tanya was starting to feel nervous and apprehensive about her meeting with Charles - in truth she also really liked him. Charles was also equally anxious about how the meeting would go. He knew that Tanya did indeed deserve a promotion, she was hard-working, enthusiastic and never really complained - yet there were other also who were worthy of recognition.

Tanya pondered over why the small ‘potion’ as it where had ended up on her desk. Perhaps there had been a reason? Surely it had to be someone working within the company? The big hand on the clock passed one - lunch time. She got up from her desk, placing the small test tube inside her bra, and walked off to the bathroom.

Applying last minute make-up and making sure everything was in check, she checked to make sure enough cleavage was on show, yet she couldn’t be deemed tarty - a familiar tactic in winning over clients. Satisfied, she departed from the bathroom and headed towards Charles’ office, along with the shrinking potion. Tanya knocked on the office of Charles’ door and waited for a response.

Charles popped open a bottle of brandy, his nerves were ecstatic. He had always had a thing for Tanya. She was tall, had dark curled black hair, and her Hispanic complexion set her in a class of her own. There were even times he was considering asking her on a date, yet he never had the courage to say it. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, it must be her.

“Come in,” Charles called from inside his office. Tanya, slowly turned the door handle and walked inside. She noticed a bottle of brandy was open, with papers all over the desk. Straight ahead, was Charles sitting in his large black leather chair, overlooking the city.

“Hello there Mr Croft,” Charles turned around.

“Ahh hello there Tanya, please take a seat,” he said calmingly, “would you like a drink?”

Not wanting to upset the apple cart Tanya accepted his offer and was given a small glass of brandy.

“So you believe you deserve a promotion Miss Sanchez?”

“Yes sir, I have served this company for over 4 years now and I believe that should I be promoted in a position where I can conduct more and more of my own work, it will only boost the company and it’s credentials.”

“Hmm,” said Charles skeptically, Tanya began to get nervous, what if he said no? “I’m going to have to think about it. As you know there are many other people all fighting for this position and at this moment in time, I’m afraid I can’t promote you just yet.”

Tanya was in utter shock. She truly believed that perhaps this could’ve been her chance, but no, it was not to be. Charles stood up and spoke softly, but with great authority, despite having to crane his neck back to look into Tanya’s eyes.

“I know this result isn’t precisely what you wanted, but I don’t want it to jeporadise our friendship. So, I was just wondering if you were free tonight perhaps you could come back to my place and we could have dinner or something?”

Tanya couldn’t believe it. The man she liked, more than a friend, had just rejected her proposal of promotion, but had then gone and offered her to come round to his house for dinner tonight. Her perception of Charles was gradually beginning to change, and she was starting to actually really like him. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as he was made out to be. “Yeah sure that sounds great Mr Croft -” she was cut off.

“Please, call me Charles, here’s my address, if you fancy coming over at around 7ish, that would be fine.”

“Excellent, I’ll see you later Charles.” Smiling seductively, she turned round and left his office. The rest of the day, seemed to drag by, she didn’t even see Charles after their meeting. All Tanya wanted was for the evening to hurry up. She was eager to get to Charles, primarily to get to know him better, but also to perhaps seal her promotion, there was clearly something between them.

Chapter End Notes:

Excitement building. 

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