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Story Notes:

This story takes place through three viewpoints and shall be told as such. Any helpful criticism is greatly appreciated. 


As I walked home from school I couldn't help but think of her once more. Brittany was the perfect teenage girl. She was short, wide hipped, and busty. And her face resembled that of  goddess. I often dreamed about what it would be like to feel her sweet pussy, or gentle lips, though I would never had the chance. She was the most sought after girl in scool, and rumor had it that she has a huge crush on Mark. Mark was a typical high school jock, and he hated my guts. About a year ago I had gotten him into some big trouble by telling a teacher he had marijuana. He swore to me that he would get me back for it, but he had yet to do so. Nevertheless I let my mind drift in dream mode, thinking of Brittany's smooth curves, as I often did. Throughout the dayI masturbated three times thinking of her, and I went to bed with her on my mind. I drifted of to sleep wishing I could just feel the soft, supple touch of her pussy just once. 

Chapter End Notes:


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