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I awoke the next morning and began to stretch. As I opened my eyes I realized something was wrong. Everything was dark, and there was a cloth over me, almost like I was under my covers. I tried to lift up the cloth but it was insanely heavy. I was trapped in this cloth prison with no idea how I had gotten here, or where I was for that matter. I should have been slowly suffocating for the air was very thin, but it seemed as though I didnt even need to breathe. After a long while I heard something off in the distance. It sounded as though someone was humming, but something wasnt right. Suddenly there was a deafening creak, and the world around me began to shift. I screamed as loud as I could, but it was to no avail. I was thrust into the cloth and it felt like I was rising into the air. Light blinded me as I struggled to grasp the situation. The humming became much louder, as if it was being projected from some huge speaker.  I was laying on my back paralyzed with fear as my eyes finally adjusted to the light. It seemed as though I was in a valley made of white cloth. Either side of the valley was open, and the edges seemed almost frilly. I was staring straight up when my mouth gaped in disbelief at what approached me. Two giant feet came out of the sky and pierced either side of the valley. I felt the sensation of rising again when I finally realized what was going on. Looking up I saw the face of a goddess, it was Brittany. I was shrunken down to the size of an ant, about an inch big, and she was a giant compared to me. As I looked lower I saw her vagina and ass. She looked as though she had been caved from stone, her proportions so perfect I was instantly aroused. Then it came to me that I was in a pair of her panties and she was currently putting them on! I screamed to get her attention as I approached ever closer to her pussy. My screams were futile as I slammed into her skin. I was pressed tightly against her rippled skin as she pulled her panties on tight. The first thing I noticed was her smell. She had used a Vanilla body wash, and the scent was very pleasent. Secondly I noticed how smooth she was. Maybe she just shaved herself. I then realized where that I was pressed up against her asshole. As I felt around I could feel her sphincter muscle, but she could not feel me. I didnt know whethe to be turned on or grossed out. I turned my head and pressed it into the white cloth. I could see her room through her panties. I looked down to see her putting leggings on. As the leggings were pulled up I was plunged into darkness again. She pulled the leggings on extremely tight, which pushed me up farther in her crotch. I was now resting at the bottom of her vagina, and I was being pressed into her skin so hard that I couldn't even move. When she walked I could feel her massive legs shifting around me. With each step I grazed against her pussy. It felt like I in this position forever before I felt her taking off her leggings. She pulled down her panties and I could see she was peeing in what had to be her bathroom. She was on the phone talking about how she had a date later with Mark. The thought of her being with him made me sick. But there was nothing I could do, so i laid in my cloth prison and awaited the date.

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